Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Forty-Five - Mystical
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 1,153
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She couldn't remember there ever being a transformation like this. Not even her first one, not transforming into Princess Serenity or Neo Queen Serenity, not transforming into Super Sailor Moon or Eternal Sailor Moon the first times. None of them had felt like this one did.

She could feel everyone in her little ragtag army. More than that, she could see the connections to where they had come from before they all arrived on this crazy world, tracing them back like following a thread connecting two points. She could see the corruption this world had left on them, something she had only been able to sense until now.

More than that, she could see how it wasn't on her, or Trunks-kun, or Duo-kun, or Heero-kun, or Ban-san. If it had ever been on Ginji-chan, it had left with Raitei, another thing she was going to be glad for. She wasn't ready to see Raitei. It was thin on Sylphiel-san and almost appeared to be fading. She wasn't complaining.

But it was blindingly thick on other people, and she found herself wanting to erase it, to just wipe it away to see what they actually looked like without that miasma clinging to them like lichen.

She could see so many things that could happen, so many possibilities, like she was seeing what the Ginzuishou picked up all the time. And maybe she was. It felt like the holy jewel of the White Moon Kingdom was floating into her, diffusing itself throughout her body, imbuing her with all its strength and power, making them two of them into one single being.

Whatever this transformation was, it was likely to be her last. Either she would never be able to come out of the transformation or she would never be able to make the change again; it was impossible without the Ginzuishou.

Given the power flowing through her at the moment, she was more than willing to believe she would stay this version of Sailor Moon the rest of her life.

No. She wasn't becoming Sailor Moon, not this time. The power was too far beyond that. It stretched out, accompanying more and more.

Like Ban-san said, the cosmos...

She was Sailor Cosmos now and for good.

It took less than a split second for all of that to rush through her head. In the next second, she felt the clothes she had gotten from Sylphiel-san fade away, only to replaced with a new fuku: a white dress, almost of a similar style to a sundress with rolled gold cap sleeves, no longer than her fuku as Eternal Sailor Moon. In the front, there was a small decorative flap, emblazoned in her former Senshi's colors, with two white ribbons trailing down nearly to her feet. A white cape extended from beneath the sailor collar to the ground, and she wore a pair of high white heels.

Feathers seemed to protrude from every possible place for them to: from the sleeves, on the back of her shoes, in her hair. Also her moon seemed to be replaced with a six-pointed star, an image that repeated on a disc over her chest and another disc just above the flap on the front of her short skirt, as well as a smaller one on a choker at her throat.

The brooch that had held the Ginzuishou reshaped itself as well, improbably extending itself and reshaping itself, until it was a long staff, slightly taller than she was even in these heels, topped with a ball, set with wings to the side and the star symbol atop it.

And opening her eyes, her hair had changed color. Every bit of blonde had leeched out of her hair, leaving it the same shade of brilliant white as Queen Serenity's had been when she met her former mother years ago in the ruins of the White Moon Kingdom. She wondered what Queen Serenity would think of her now if she could see her.

As the light faded from before her eyes, she could see the battle still going on around her. As Usagi, she hadn't been able to do anything to help the rest of her ragtag army. As Sailor Cosmos, however, there was something she could do right now to even things up a bit. She could do the very thing that Usagi was not capable of doing any longer: she could give everyone their powers back.

It barely took a thought. It felt like it was just a matter of reaching into each person's heart simultaneously and unlocking things that never should have been locked away in the first place. She even made a point of doing the same for people she had been able to help as Usagi, now giving them all their old powers back.

It was beautiful, all the colors and powers and abilities floating around her. She glanced up to see Trunks-kun's hair stand straight up and go bright blond; his ki around him immediately took on the same shade. Even she could feel how much more powerful he was. It was the same for Ginji-chan and Ban-san and everyone else; they all felt so much more powerful, and it was amazing.

"Usagi?" She glanced over her shoulder to see Duo-kun looking at her in nothing less than undisguised shock. "What the hell...?"

She offered him a smile. "I think I mentioned a transformation."

"I wasn't expecting anything like this."

She couldn't help it: a giggle escaped her. It actually seemed to relieve Duo-kun to hear it. Then again, this was most assuredly magic, and none of her boys had been overly comfortable with the thought of it, much less seeing it in practice.

He seemed to recover quickly, though, but that was Duo-kun to a 't'. Nothing kept him down for very long, she had noticed. "Heero says the program's running. We'll know in a few minutes if it works."

"It'll work," she stated plainly. "It will work."

It had to work. Otherwise all of this would have been for nothing.

No, she felt something. She wasn't sure what it was she felt, but it was something tickling just beyond the edges of her senses. If she concentrated on it, it felt a lot like Duo-kun and Heero-kun.

So their new world would be Duo-kun's and Heero-kun's. That was fine. That was more than fine. If this huge mass of people ended up in a world, it would help for it to be one where someone at least had some connections, if she properly understood what the Preventers were.

Besides, it made sense. If the Reapers were trying to make a home for themselves in Duo-kun's and Heero-kun's world, then the distance between there and here must be pretty short.

And it really was, now that she actually looked at it. It was so close that she could almost reach out and touch it. Maybe...

04 November 2012

Only five chapters left to go. I feel oddly relieved and yet a little sad about that.

NaNo is... not going as great as I had hoped. I'm still working on today's chapter, and it's 1 in the morning. I don't even know. I'm too tired to think, really. I liked the idea well enough when I first had it, but it's not panning out that great. I'm going to keep pushing on it, though.

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