Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Eight - Secret
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 984
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She couldn't think of the last time she had been as glad of something as she was to hear Trunks-kun call an end to their little practice session. She hadn't been wearing a watch when she was brought here and neither had Trunks-kun, so there was really no way to tell how long they had been going. It had felt like forever, but judging by the diminishing light, it had probably only been around an hour.

The minute Trunks-kun called time, she fell like a puppet with its strings cut. And she had thought fighting youma was difficult. Clearly, her world and Trunks-kun's world were very different things when it came to fighting. She certainly hoped that she never had to fight anyone like whomever Trunks-kun was used to fighting.

And that had made a lot more sense originally than when she tried to flesh it out.

Once she finally had some breath to spare, she panted out, "So how bad am I?"

Trunks-kun sat down next to her. He, she was a little annoyed to note, didn't seem to be out of breath in the least. "How honest do you want me to be, Usagi-san?"

She winced sharply. That didn't sound good at all. "That bad, huh?"

"It's obvious this isn't your kind of fighting, Usagi-san. Your balance is all over the place--"

"You try fighting monsters in high heels," she shot back, biting back on a grin. It got a lot harder to do when it became immediately obvious that she had completely derailed Trunks-kun's train of thought.

"Wait, what? What was that, Usagi-san?"

And there was the grin, completely bursting past all her intentions to hold it back. She didn't even bother trying to fight back the giggles that came along with it as she sat back up from where she had been collapsed on the hard floor. "I said... you try fighting monsters in high heels." She spread her thumb and forefinger wide apart to give an approximate idea of just how high of heels she was talking about. "It's not easy. Thank goodness for magic. Otherwise I would have been tripping and falling on my face every five minutes."

"...If I asked 'how', would the answer be magic?"

She snickered. "Magic, a lot of running, and never ever fighting alone where possible. The fact that most of the monsters I ever faced were dumb as bricks probably didn't hurt matters in the least."

"So you had other fighters like you to help out, in your world, I mean?" Trunks-kun asked.

She nodded. "There were a few of us." And until she got back, if anything came up, the others were just going to have to handle it.

That was a sobering thought, and the smile slid right off her face. Until and unless she got back, the other Senshi were on their own. There wasn't even any way of telling if ChibiUsa would be back at any point to help them out. After all, if she never made it back, how would there even be a ChibiUsa to come back and help them?

Ugh, time travel hurt her head sometimes. It really, really did. Trunks-kun probably knew something about that himself. After all, hadn't he shown up here in the remains of a time machine?

"What about you, Trunks-kun? Do you have people to be getting back to as well?" she asked.

He shook his head slowly. "I've traveled back and forth between my own time and the past where my father is still alive several times, but there aren't any fighters left in my own time. It's just me and my mother. I just went back to the past one last time to let them know that I had defeated an enemy that had given us problems there--and yes, to fight in a tournament. When I was leaving, I guess that's when the Reapers grabbed my ship."

That was a lot more than she would have expected Trunks-kun to tell her. It was a confession, really, and she had to actually feel a little bad. She was still keeping secrets after all.

"Four years ago, I met a cat who could talk," she said, her eyes locked firmly on the floor. "That same night was the first time I transformed to stop a monster from attacking a friend of mine. The cat, Luna, told me my name was Sailor Moon. I met four other girls who could transform as well, and together we all fought the monsters. That was when I was told I was the reincarnation of that girl from the moon. Later that year, we all died fighting the evil that had brought the monsters to Earth. We all came back, lost our memories, regained them, and started back fighting again, against ever stronger creatures.

"The last one we fought called herself Galaxia. She used to be a soldier like we were, but she had gone evil somehow. I think she got possessed by some kind of evil spirit or something. Everyone died, except me--and I defeated her, so everyone came back again. That was two years ago. I had taken... a friend... back to the airport and was about to leave. That's the last thing I remember, so that must have been when the Reapers grabbed me."

A warm hand closed over one of hers. Startled, she looked up, meeting Trunks-kun's bright blue eyes in surprise. "Thank you, Usagi-san. You didn't have to tell me."

She immediately dropped her eyes, and unless she was very wrong, she was the one blushing now. "I don't know why I haven't. I guess I'm just used to the identity of Sailor Moon having to stay a secret. A lot of people could have gotten hurt if that had gotten out back home."

"Your secret is safe with me, Usagi-san, even if we manage to get out of here."

01 September 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo August ended last night. I ended the month with just over 55,000 words on this story. I finished "descent" and "hell", and I've started on "mystical". In other words, I'm on Chapter Forty-Five.

I do want to thank you guys for proving to me there's still an audience for Sailor Moon Crossovers. Between this and Belladonna, I've gotten better responses than I have in a really, really long time, so thank you for that.

The next chapter of this will be out in two days again, on 03 September.

See you then!

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