Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Sixteen - Unreciprocated
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 981
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Getting their unexpected guests upstairs had been... interesting. She had stayed with the longer haired one while Trunks-kun had taken the other upstairs then trailed behind when Trunks-kun took the other up. She held no illusions that she would be able to help with something like this. She would find some other way to help later.

"The other bedroom works for now, right?" Trunks-kun asked as they reached the top of the stairs.

She could see into the spare room from where she stood. The short-haired guy was already in there. It was one of the closer rooms, with only Trunks-kun's room being any closer, while her own bedroom and the training room, as well as the bathroom, were on the back part of the floor. She certainly wasn't giving these guys her room, and she wasn't too keen on handing over Trunks-kun's bedroom or training room. So, yeah, that did leave one place.

"Yeah, that works," she confirmed.

With a quiet nod, Trunks-kun started taking his burden in that room. He was limping a lot heavier than he had been since that first day he had arrived. Well, carrying two people up a few flights of stairs had to take it out of a person.

"Why don't you get off that leg for a bit?" she asked softly.

Faintly, she could see him winced slightly; he wasn't exactly turned to face her. "I've been hurt worse than this before and kept going, Usagi-san," he turned just as quietly.

"Yeah, well, I'm a wimp." That at least got a snicker and half a grin, and she smiled broadly in response. "Besides it'll give us a chance to figure out what we're going to do here." She nodded at each of their guests to show what exactly she meant.

"All right." He set the second man down next to the first and then had a seat himself next to the pair of them, stretching his left leg out to the side. She tucked herself down next to him; she was still not used to wearing pants, after so long wearing skirts--to say nothing of fighting in a miniskirt; and made herself comfortable against his side. "So what are you thinking, Usagi-san?"

She couldn't hold back another large grin, and she didn't even try to contain it. After all they had done together earlier, and he was still using '-san' for her. Then again, she was still thinking of him and calling him 'Trunks-kun'. Oh well, there was no point in thinking too much on it too much.

"They're wearing the same uniform," she commented slowly. "I think they're from the same world. That would be a first here, right?"

He nodded. "Tenchi-san certainly made it sound like that."

"I wonder..." On a whim, she leaned forward, patting down their pants pockets and jackets.

"Usagi-san?" Trunks-kun sounded a bit shocked, but she had found what she was looking for.

"Ha!" she cried triumphantly. They weren't carrying wallets, per se, but they did both have ID cards in a wallet with a badge of some sort on the other side of the wallet from them. Unfortunately, they were written completely in English, and she just wasn't too terribly great at that. Instead, she offered them to Trunks-kun. "Can you read them?"

Trunks-kun accepted them and examined each in depth. "It says they belong to a group called the Preventers. He," he nodded at the shorter haired one, "is Heero Yuy. There's some rank and information here, but I guess we don't need that right now. And he is Duo Maxwell. Looks like they're both nineteen." Between her age and Trunks-kun's then. Good to know.

Again, she found herself thinking about commenting on the odd names, and again, she restrained the urge. That was opening up a line of commentary that she didn't think she wanted to go too far down. It wasn't as though she had that much room to talk anyway.

If they stayed unconscious as long as Trunks-kun had and as long as she presumably had, then it could be about half an hour or so before they woke up. She hadn't thought to ask Tenchi-san if that was the normal. It seemed so stupid for her not to have asked that before, but she regrettably hadn't thought that she was going to need to know it again.

"So what are you thinking, Usagi-san?" Trunks-kun asked again.

She no more had an answer now than she had then, but she was more than capable of thinking her thoughts aloud until she came to a solution. "All I've come up with is to let them stay here until they wake up and find their own place. I don't know if there are any places near here that are salvageable, but whatever works, right?"

He nodded. "There is the whole 'strength in numbers' thing, though, Usagi-san."

She too nodded. "True. I'm open there. What do you think?"

"If they want to stay here, they can. If they're the kind of people we want to have around, I mean." He shrugged. "It might not be too bad an idea to have some extra eyes and ears around here, with the Carrions sniffing around the front doorway yesterday."

While they were working on the lobby area, she thought in remembrance. That had been a bit terrifying. She could remember how they had both held their breaths in fear of being found by those creatures. It wasn't a good thought, to say the least.

She nodded. "Sounds like a plan." She turned her attention to the pair before them and commented, "Welcome to the house. Hope you enjoy your stay." When there was, of course, no answer, she made a quiet tsk-ing noise. "Fine. Wonderful conversationalists, you two."

At least her antics had brought a smile to Trunks-kun's face. That was good enough for her for now.

17 September 2012

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