Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Four - Honest
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 1,138
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Carefully picking their way over to the overhang was actually a bit more difficult than she was quite willing to admit just yet. Trunks-kun didn't say a word, so she couldn't tell if it hurt him to walk that far, even keeping most of the weight off his leg or not. Somehow she got the feeling that he had had a lot worse than this and still kept moving.

She was inclined to go with her gut on this one, no matter how it sounded when she actually thought it. She had no idea who Trunks-kun was, but everything in her was yelling that she could trust him. So apparently she was. It didn't make a lot of sense to her, but she was going to go with her instincts on this.

If there ended up being a later, once all of this weirdness was done and over with, she would worry about the consequences of blindly trusting someone then.

The second they were under the overhang, though, Trunks-kun sat down hard on a fairly level long block of some sort, and she let go of him to let him do it. It was the closest he had come to admitting that the leg actually hurt. She bit her lip nervously, actually taking the time to think very carefully about what she was going to say before she said it.

"Is there any first aid stuff in your... machine?" she finally asked, floundering on the last word, unsure what to actually say.

"Time machine," he corrected. Okay, that she hadn't actually been expecting, but hey, she could deal with that. She'd traveled through time as well, hadn't she? The so-called coincidences around here just kept adding up, weren't they? "And no, not really. Some bandages, but nothing that's going to help with a broken leg." He offered a tight--and somehow improbably shy--smile. "Thank you, though, Usagi-san."

She pouted slightly, leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest. "Usagi-san sounds so formal. Usagi-chan or Usagi is okay, Trunks-kun."

He shook his head slightly, and if she wasn't mistaken, there was a light flush starting to build on his cheeks. "Sorry, Usagi-san, but my mother would kill me for that."

She relented, offering a grin instead. "Oh, all right." She even pretended to sound reluctant on giving in on the matter. "So what can I do to help then?"

"I can't think of anything."

She frowned in thought. "In the movies, they always tie up a splint or something." Not that she had the faintest idea of what exactly she was supposed to use for one or even how to do them. In truth, she had never really paid too much attention to those types of movies.

"I'll heal up pretty quick," he returned.

It was almost a relief to hear that. It meant she didn't to maybe accidentally hurt him trying to help. She didn't think she could do that. She didn't think that she had it in her. "Okay," she agreed and tried to keep from being weak with relief.

If the Ginzuishou was working, she could have asked it to heal him. True, it had always been easier in the Sailor Senshis' battles to let Saturn do that, but she had found that the Ginzuishou could do it as well in a pinch. It had always left her exhausted, however, and that might not be the best idea right now.

Still, though, she had never enjoyed seeing anyone in pain, especially not her friends. People had always said to her that she made friends too easily, but she didn't think that was a bad thing. Sure it meant that she had been burned a few times, but who hadn't? So too soon or not, she was going to count Trunks-kun as a friend.

A thought occurred to her, and so with a frown, she went ahead and just asked her question, apropos to nothing. "Do you mind me calling you 'Trunks-kun' then? Even if you still call me Usagi-san?"

And there was that small flush again. How cute! No, no, she needed to reign herself in. This was not the time to be mooning over a hot guy.

"No, it's fine, Usagi-san."

"Good." Because it would be hard for her to stop. It wouldn't be impossible, of course, but she really couldn't see herself calling him 'Trunks-san' to save her life. It just didn't seem to fit him quite right somehow.

There was a comfortable silence for several long moments, long enough for her to settle into a spot of her own: on the ground across from him, her knee-length school skirt tucked around her legs. Sure, the ground was uncomfortable as hell and there was something poking her in the small of her back, but there was nothing to do for it really. Anywhere she tried would have been just as uncomfortable. If Trunks-kun's spot happened to be any more comfortable, it would have been a miracle.

The silence stretched until Trunks-kun shifted slightly, moving as if he was about to stand up. "The creature you saw, Usagi-san, which direction was it? And how far?"

Even now, she still had to fight down a shiver at the thought of that thing and what it might have wanted when it had grabbed at her. She pointed in the direction she had gone. "It was about six or so destroyed buildings in that direction. I'm sorry: it's not the best way to judge distance, but it was the best I could come up with under the circumstances."

Trunks-kun shook his head slightly. "No, it's fine. It makes sense."

"Why do you want to know?" Though she already had a sneaking suspicion she might have already known why. A theory that crazy, though, deserved some confirmation.

"We're going to need some kind of supplies: water, food, that sort of thing. I was going to see about finding some," he stated plainly, as if it was just a matter of fact. "I would rather avoid running into your creature right now, if at all possible."

Okay, now that was just crazy, as far as she was concerned, but he did have a point: it did have to be done. Supplies weren't just going to bring themselves here; they were eventually going to have to go get them. Why it hadn't be right now, though, she was uncertain. Oh, she got that it wouldn't be a good idea to wait, but she also knew that Trunks-kun wasn't in the best of shape; waiting a little while until he had had some time to heal should have been a better deal, shouldn't it? He had said that he healed fast, right?

Still, if Trunks-kun was going out there, then... "I'll come with you, Trunks-kun." And she pushed herself to her feet.

24 August 2012

So I'd say this story is coming along nicely. I have certainly been enjoying writing it. As usual, there will be a new chapter on Sunday, August 26. As for me, I'm on Chapter Thirty-Six. I'm running out of prompts, but I'm not yet out of story.

Honestly, when I'm working on something else, I forget how much fun writing Sailor Moon crossovers can be. Not that it isn't fun working on other things, but there's just something special about coming back to your first fandom. This was mine (because there's no way I'm digging out my old notebooks and trying to find my MacGuyver stories. Nope, sorry. It's no loss to the world, though).

See you guys later, and I hope you enjoy!

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