Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Thirty - Scramble
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 722
Disclaimers: I own nothing but the idea. All series and characters are copyright to their individual creators and distributors, of which I am not one. I make no money from this fan-created work.

Tenchi-san at least had been willing to come out to meet them on the street to give them the directions they would need to find Sylphiel-san's place. He had mentioned before that Sylphiel-san lived close to the Thunder Emperor's territory. What a wonderful coincidence that she was also the one behind the new clothes. It worked out well for the second half of her plan.

It also gave her some vague ideas as to the size of the city. Sylphiel-san was perhaps a block or two from Tenchi-san's home and just on the outskirts of the Thunder Emperor's territory, which apparently extended to the far northern edge of the city, a distance of another few blocks. The place she shared with her boys was nearly in the center of the city, but the entire region south of where they lived was apparently the Carrions' territory.

Well, it certainly explained why she had seen one so quickly when she first set out her first day here.

It shouldn't take them more than a few minutes to walk the distance between Tenchi-san's place and Sylphiel-san's place, depending on the terrain. It might not be long enough to find out what she wanted to know from Duo-kun, but she was still going to give it her best.

They left Trunks-kun to talk with Tenchi-san and started north. About four buildings north, a building east, then another building north had been the instructions they had been given. Another two buildings past Sylphiel-san place were stepping into the Thunder Emperor's territory, and she wanted to make their clothing order first.

She waited until they had walked a moment or two and until she heard Trunks-kun and Tenchi-san head inside the older man's building before she spoke up. "Trunks-kun told me you propositioned him, Duo-kun. Is that right?"

To her surprise, she got no more of a reaction of shock than a brief stumble, quickly correctly within a step or two. "He told you then, huh?" If anything, he sounded more amused than anything else. She shrugged, since obviously there was no denying it. "Is this going to be a 'warn me off your man' moment?"

She couldn't help it: she had to snicker in amusement. "Trunks-kun is more than capable of making up his own mind. I just wanted to get your side of the story, Duo-kun."

"He's hot. I mean, have you seen him?"

She grinned. "Most definitely. You do know he and I are together, right?" He shrugged in answer. "Don't care?"

"Oh, I certainly care. I don't poach. I was just letting him know, if he was interested and you two..."

"I'm certainly hoping that doesn't happen. Still, like I told Trunks-kun, it's up to him. I don't think he does short term relationships, though, Duo-kun."

"It would be for as long as we're here."

She stopped still where she stood. "I thought we weren't planning on that being much longer." He shrugged again, which as far as she was concerned totally was not an answer. "Fine. I'll tell you this like I told Trunks-kun. The decision for 'yes' or 'no' is totally up to him, but the two of us are a package deal. If you want Trunks-kun, you're getting me too."

"Usagi... Do you..." Duo-kun trailed off, but the meaning was pretty obvious.

"Yes, I mean it exactly what it sounds like it means. So keep that in mind in this."

"How do you know if I even like women, Usagi?"

This time, it was her turn to shrug. "I don't. I guess it's no different than you knowing if Trunks-kun likes guys or not as well. But if we do this--and it's only if Trunks-kun decides to that we would--I'll warn you now that I'm like Trunks-kun: I don't do short term."

With that said, she started walking on in the direction that Tenchi-san had indicated Sylphiel-san lived in. After a moment of only hearing her own footsteps, she finally was able to pick up the sounds of Duo-kun scrambling to catch back up.

She almost regretted not saying anything about Heero-kun, but not yet. She had already given Duo-kun quite a lot to think about as it was. There was no sense overloading him at this point.

There would be time enough for that later on, she suspected, after all.

20 October 2012

And last night, I finished the story. Now, according to my promise, I will be uploading a chapter a day until it's done.

NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. I will not be working on fanfic for that, though. Camp NaNo and JulNo are for fanfic, but NaNo is for stuff I can have published. I have a ghost story (wherein the ghost is the main character) and I have a superhero series to work on. I'm thinking more the former, since it's more novel material, for NaNo. The latter will be post NaNo: it's more a series of short stories that all interconnect. It's also tricky, trying to find superhero and villain names that have never been used before.

I do still also have 2 Yu-Gi-Oh stories that need to be finished. I'm going to try to work on them until NaNo starts. In the meanwhile, enjoy the chapter a day!

See you in the next chapter!

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