Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Twenty-One - Power
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 1,202
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Slipping away from the three guys she was currently staying with wasn't as hard as she might have suspected it would be. No one had actually said a word when she got up and walked into her room. She could feel eyes tracking her every movement, and she rather suspected that they were Trunks-kun's.

He was probably going to follow her in here in a few minutes. That was all right. She just needed a few moments on her own to check this.

She fished the brooch containing the Ginzuishou out of her pocket... and then stopped, unable to make herself open it. She wasn't sure, she suddenly found, that she was ready to discover if her powers were back yet or not. If they were, then that would be wonderful; it would certainly give them a leg up on the eventual fight they would end up having against the Reapers.

If they were not back, though, then that would be a whole other thing, she supposed. It wouldn't be a good thing, that was for certain, not when they needed powers, powers like hers and Trunks-kun's.

No, she needed to make herself go ahead and do this. She wasn't going to know until she did it, and she wasn't going to have the privacy to do it for much longer.

Slowly, nervously, she opened the brooch. If she had been expecting the Ginzuishou to have changed shapes again or anything, she would have been sorely disappointed, but thankfully that had not been one of her expectations. But some of the shine she hadn't realized until now that it was missing was now back.

If that meant that the Ginzuishou's power was back on...

No, she needed to have a quick test of it first, something small, something she could control. It didn't have to be something huge like saving the planet or even stopping an asteroid from hitting the planet or clearing the evil being that had been possessing a former Sailor Senshi. She needed something small.

I want something small, she thought to herself with no small amount of personal amusement, and even now, all I can think about is food. Okay, Ginzuishou, I want onigiri. I want onigiri right here, like they serve at that place Minako-chan and I always go to.

She opened eyes that she didn't remember squeezing closed and glanced around.

Well, that was a disappointment. Maybe my powers aren't back after alllll!

Even in her thoughts, the last word came out a screech. While she had indeed acknowledged to herself that Trunks-kun would end up following her, she hadn't expected it quite so quickly. Had he actually said something before putting a hand against the small of her back and she had just missed it, or was this his first signal that he was in the room with her?

At least she managed to keep the yelp to herself, she thought to herself. It wasn't much of a balm to her admittedly limited pride, but it was something.

"Are you all right, Usagi-san?" he asked quietly. Oddly enough, his voice didn't seem to be as quiet as she would have thought it would be with the other two guys half a wall away. As if already guessing what she was thinking, Trunks-kun continued, "Duo-san and Heero-san are checking out the rest of the building. I think Duo-san is trying to use going up and down the stairs as a way to wake up without coffee." She offered a weak smile at that. "What's wrong?"

She shook her head. "I just... It felt like my powers were back for a few moments. I wanted... I tried to use some of them, but nothing happened."

One of Trunks-kun's arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against his chest, and she sagged against his warmth. "I've been getting the same--I don't know, twinges, maybe--like my powers are coming back also. So far nothing, though."

She had to ask this, and there was no time like the present. "Trunks-kun? Have you ever heard of anything called 'dragonballs'?"

She found herself abruptly turned around to face Trunks-kun, held out at arms' length, and she had no idea how it happened. "Where did you hear that?"

"In a dream, the first night after you got here. Are they real?"

"Yes." The word sounded like it had been dragged out of him, with rusty pliers maybe. "They grant wishes. They had them in the Past Time; they were long gone in my time." He was silent for a long minute before continuing. "Why did you ask, Usagi-san?"

"I had a dream last night, before they woke up, about Heero-kun and Duo-kun. If the dream where I heard about the dragonballs was correct, maybe the dream where I heard about Gundams was real too." She paused to catch her breath after saying all that so quickly. "And it's not like I've ever been able to do anything like this before."

"So you have new powers showing up," he concluded.

She nodded. "I suppose. I just know that I was able to decide to trust them because of that dream." Realizing briefly what that might sound like, she added, "You I trusted from the moment I saw you. Other people I need convincing on."

"I'm not sure I trust them yet."

"Good. I think one of us needs to stay skeptical on this." Because while she wasn't completely sure she could trust this newfound ability, she had found it too easy to jump quickly into trust, even when she really should be resisting the urge to do that. "I don't think I can be."

"Consider skepticism my new ability then."

She wanted to smile at the words, since they were almost certainly intended to draw that response from her. Instead she found herself wrapping her arms around Trunks-kun's waist and burying her head against his chest.

I wish Trunks-kun had even some of his powers back, she thought to herself miserably.

She suddenly found herself at arms' length away from Trunks-kun again. A white-blue haze, almost like a fire, surrounded him. His eyes slid closed, and slowly the light died down, seeming to be absorbed into his skin. And that was certainly going into the top ten weirdest things she had seen in her lifetime.

Wait... Was this what Trunks-kun was talking about, about using his ki?

"Trunks-kun?" she whispered.

"What did you do, Usagi-san?" Despite the words, he sounded... amazed, surprised even. It certainly didn't sound like a bad thing.

"I..." She trailed off, cleared her throat, and then tried again. "I wished for you to have your powers back..." She gestured to the Ginzuishou helplessly, completely at a loss for what she should be saying or even what she meant by what she had managed to say.

"It worked. My God... It worked, Usagi-san!"

In the split second before he claimed her lips, she thought to herself, So I can't make wishes for myself; they have to be for other people. That's my new power.

And then Trunks-kun's lips were on hers, his tongue nudging its way between them, and the Ginzuishou and powers were the last thing on her mind.

28 September 2012

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