Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Forty-One - Variety
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 524
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It turned out that Sylphiel-san was a bit of a mother hen: even after Usagi was awake and somewhat functional again, albeit a bit shaky still, she had refused to let them leave until all of them had eaten. For their part, she and Trunks-kun had put up small protests, but it seemed every bit of the food had been donated as well as vetted; Heero-kun had even used his brand new program on his laptop, the one that had found the poison in the first place, to check all of it, and it came up clean.

She never thought she would see the day when she would become leery of food. After all, it was one of her oldest and best friends in a way. Funny, though, the way an attempted poisoning could change that. At the very least, she didn't want to see an onigiri ever again in her life. The thought of it alone was enough to make her want to start shuddering.

Thankfully, however, Sylphiel-san was both insistent and persuasive, plus all the extra proof that the food was all right was reassuring. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too much longer before they all launched this assault on the Reapers; otherwise, they were going to have to get creative, food-wise, for the length of time they remained here.

By then, it had nearly been dark, and Sylphiel-san had tried to insist they stay the night. They had been able to persuade her otherwise, though, thank goodness, and had come back home just as what little light there was finally disappeared.

Without saying a word, all four of them headed towards the room she usually thought of hers and Trunks-kun's; slowly she was starting to think of it as theirs and Duo-kun's as well.

Beyond some mild fantasies, she hadn't really given too much thought as to just how this was going to work, the mechanics of it and such. Maybe she should have.

That didn't seem to matter in the least to Duo-kun, though: he leaned quickly forward into Heero-kun, pulling him into a searing kiss. She had been on the receiving end of some of those from the longhaired man; she could totally understand the slightly shellshocked and overwhelmed look on Heero-kun's face.

She didn't bother thinking about it, and instead, she reached over and ran a calming hand over Heero-kun's shoulder. Almost immediately, he seemed to relax, leaning into Duo-kun's kiss. That in mind, she deliberately left her hand where it was. It seemed to be helping.

That's good, she thought to herself. That's very good. That's everything Duo-kun ever wanted right there.

And personally, she had everything she ever wanted right here. She might have Duo-kun and Heero-kun, in a way at least, but she did most assuredly have Trunks-kun and she didn't plan on ever giving him up.

Not for all the worlds am I going to give him up now that I've found him, she reflected as he drew her closer for a kiss more sweet than passionate. I will fight hell itself to keep this.

I am not losing this. I will not lose this.

31 October 2012

And here is the second chapter. It's a bit shorter, but we're moving on towards the ending, so that kind of happens sometimes.

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