Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Nineteen - Embrace
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 702
Disclaimers: I own nothing but the idea. All series and characters are copyright to their individual creators and distributors, of which I am not one. I make no money from this fan-created work.

It felt a little odd, not waking up in her own room this morning. She hadn't given it a lot of thought late last night, when Trunks-kun had quietly asked her to stay the rest of the night in his room with him. She hadn't even asked if it was because of their... guests, but she was pretty sure that was the case. Neither of them had exactly endeared himself to Trunks-kun during last night's very late night conversation.

She almost wanted to say that she felt like the two of them could be trusted, but on what basis was she making that decision? How they had acted and what they had said last night... or that weird dream she had had right before they woke up? It was worrying that she couldn't say for certain. It certainly bore some thought.

Well, it certainly wasn't like she was going anywhere, she thought with some small amusement. Trunks-kun was not exactly awake yet, but she was still wrapped tightly in his arms. Until Trunks-kun woke up, she wasn't going anywhere. It shouldn't be too much longer, she didn't think. He usually woke up just before or just after her. Last night had been unusual, though, so who knew what today would be like?

Out of the corner of her eye, she could faintly see where the food and water for the day had shown up. She was utterly unsurprised to find that the amount of it all had doubled. Whether that was for today only or not, she didn't know, but apparently the Reaper who brought the food knew that how many people were in this place today.

That dream, though... It continued to stay in the forefront of her thoughts. It had seemed so real at the time, and it still left her with the feeling that they could trust their new companions, at least more than they could trust some of the other people they had met here so far. She would trust Duo or Heero a whole lot further than she would Tenchi-san, at least right now. It wasn't an ideal solution, but she didn't have a lot of other options.

Well, there was one other: she could just ask Duo or Heero about that word she kept picking up in the dream. She could ask them what 'Gundams' meant, if the word had any meaning to them. She almost wanted to run a control experiment first, though, and ask Trunks-kun if he had knew anything about a word she had heard in a dream she had had that first night: dragonballs.

It certainly had never come up in conversation, and she couldn't even fathom what such a thing could be. She had never asked because... Well, mostly she hadn't asked because it all seemed so insane, as Duo had said last night, and she hadn't wanted to risk seeming mad just then. Now, though? Now she was just curious.

And oww, her brooch was digging into her hip terribly today. She shifted slightly to try to ease how uncomfortable it was, and Trunks-kun stirred next to her. His embrace tightened for just a second before easing again as he started to wake up.

"Good morning," she commented softly when bright blue eyes started to open.

"Good morning," Trunks-kun returned with a yawn. "Tell me it's actually morning this time."

There were faint hints of color starting to bleed through the sky outside the window, but it was still fairly dark outside. "Almost? It's early."

Once upon a time, no more than a week ago, she would have been shocked to find herself awake at this house, much less fairly coherent. She wasn't exactly sure it was an improvement. Uninterrupted time with Trunks-kun was definitely a plus in the column of it being a good thing, though.

Trunks-kun groaned, and she didn't even bother holding back the grin she felt building. It sounded like Trunks-kun felt exactly the same about mornings that she did: avoid at all costs if possible.

She was starting to dislike them a whole lot less now, though. For the moment at least, they afforded her and Trunks-kun some time alone. She could get behind that.

24 September 2012

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