Of Worlds to Fall
Chapter Fourteen - Scars
by Apollymi

Main Series: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Supernatural
Word Count: 1,010
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Before her first kiss, she had read a thousand magazine articles, seen hundreds of kisses on television and in the movies, and listened to other girls at school talk about their first kiss. Even with all that preparation, she hadn't really been prepared for the reality of it... or at least nothing more than a girl's imagination.

Kissing Trunks-kun was like that first kiss all over again, only better. It was exploration. It was pure nervousness and sensation all at the same time. On top of all of that, it was fun. She might have suspected that with Trunks-kun, since she had such a good time doing everything else with him, but somehow it still managed to surprise.

She had never really given any thought to what Mamo-chan tasted like. Trunks-kun, though, he tasted like power and strength and a hint of sweat. She liked it. It suited him well.

Slowly, she moved one hand down from his face to his chest, taking her time to get acquainted with how he felt under her hands. There was so much warm skin to explore; she couldn't decide if she wanted to take her time to explore all of it or hurry up to feel more. He felt warm, warmer than she could remember any other guy feeling. Even when she had been kissing and touching Mamo-chan as Tuxedo Kamen-sama in the middle of battle, he had never been as warm to the touch as Trunks-kun was now. She was going to go with that was just how he was. He had said he was half-alien after all.

It seemed like that thought should deter her even a little bit; half-alien and all that was a bit more than she was strictly used to dealing with; but she couldn't find it in her to be bothered. She liked Trunks-kun; Trunks-kun was half-alien; she still liked Trunks-kun. One fact did not change the other fact in the least.

What did give her pause was the feel of scars under her hands. The uneven tissue of them was just different enough from the skin around them--and there were so many of them!--to slow her down slightly. If nothing else, it let her rein herself in before this ended up getting way out of control entirely too quickly. This was supposed to be... supposed to be... Well, whatever it was 'supposed to be', it absolutely was not supposed to start skipping steps or bases or whatever, not on the first kiss.

Not that slowing down was something that all of her agreed with. A pretty huge chunk of her wanted to find out exactly how Trunks-kun's skin would taste beneath her lips, if the texture of all that scar tissue was really slick as it had felt beneath her hands when she was tasting it, or even just how far he blushed. But this was definitely moving a bit fast.

"Usagi-san?" God, his voice was so close and so much deeper than it usually was. He sounded out of breath, and a very smug part of her thought to itself that she had done that to him. "Are you all right?"

That settled it. No matter what she had to do, no matter whom in this crazy world she had to fight, she was keeping this man. He was hers. She could almost start to hope that they never found a way back to their respective homes, because she didn't want to see him go.

It probably should strike her as amusing now that, while he hadn't found a place to put one of his hands, the other was a solid warm presence at her waist, holding her close to him. Yeah, she was definitely going to do everything in her power to stay as close to him as possible because she liked this. She liked how it had felt so far, and she was willing to bet that she was going to really, really like where it eventually went from here.

"I'm good," she breathed out, and wow, her voice was seriously shaky. Maybe this was what the stories always talked about when they said 'kissed breathless'. If that was the case, sign her up for more. "It's just a little fast."

And wasn't that quite the understatement? She had only known him a few days. It seemed like longer. In fact, it seemed like a lifetime had passed already, in just these past four days. Part of that, she feared, was this weird world. A lot more of it, however, was that they had immediately acclimatized to one another, like they always been around each other. It didn't make a lot of sense, but it worked out well.

Trunks-kun nodded thankfully, easily agreeing with her assessment about how quickly they were or were not moving. This was another thing she liked about the two of them together: they already found it easy to defer to the other in speaking or when there was something one knew that the other might not.

She sat back slowly, not wanting to move too far away but needing some space to keep from jumping him again, not that either of them would mind. With carefully light fingertips, she traced one scar just hidden by his shirt. "What happened here?" she asked softly.

"Jinzouningen," he responded at the same volume, and she winced slightly; she had heard that story late the previous night. It had not been a pleasant one. "I'm sorry. They're probably ugly."

She shook her head slightly. "Not at all. You're a fighter. You earned them." She had been a fighter once, in her own way. The only reason she didn't have any scars to show for it was because of the Ginzuishou and nothing else.

You know what? she thought to herself in sudden determination. Forget slow. Forget easing into a relationship.

She pushed herself back onto her knees, sliding closer until she was straddling his legs, draping her arms around his neck. "I changed my mind. A little fast is good by me."

13 September 2012

I have ridiculous amounts of love for this chapter. It was one of the first ones I had planned out from early on, and even though it's not as long as I originally wanted it to be, it does say a lot about why I adore Trunks and Usagi.

I'm on Chapter Forty-Seven ("desolate") with more handwritten than typed (it's not been a good time for having my laptop with me lately). Today is my long day; I'll be away from home from 7:30am until at least 9:30pm; so hopefully I'll be able to get some done today. I'm going to try anyway.

I'll see everyone Saturday for the next chapter. Saturday is also the one and only vacay I'm getting this year, so I can't say for sure what time the chapter will go up, but it will go up, I promise.

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