Gods and Other Creatures
Chapter Twenty-Eight
by Eternal SailorM and Chibi Tenshi

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Author's Note (from Eternal SailorM): This will unfortunately be the last chapter with Chibi Tenshi co-authoring. Her help with this project has been beyond wonderful, and Gods would never have progressed to the level it is now at if it weren't for her brilliance. To any effect, I am resuming full writing responsibilities after this. I hope I can continue the standard alone. It won't be easy. But anyway, on with the story...

Amidst the chaos that soon ensued, the sharp gasps and yells went largely unnoticed as a force field surrounded both Himura and Morrigan. Aed pounded at it furiously, his heart all but stopping at the sight of that sword heading straight for her heart.

“Morrigan!!!!” The wealth of pain and loss in his tone left no doubt in Usagi or Heero’s mind exactly how he felt about the Elder Goddess.

A blinding white light formed where the sword had carved in the air and went straight into Morrigan’s body. Rather than cutting it up and killing her like everyone present had believed, it simply coated Morrigan’s body.

“Nani?!” Usagi and Heero exclaimed, eyebrows raising in unison.

Aed fell to the ground, not noticing the events that were unfolding, believing that the only woman he had ever loved was forever taken from him. Usagi made her way over and shook him. “Ran-niikun!!” she yelled as she grabbed his shoulders.

A soft aura appeared around Morrigan, and her body began jerking sharply in response to whatever it was that Himura was doing to her. Himura only furrowed his brow even further and frowned in concentration.

“Come on, Morrigan. Show us why we were right in selecting you to be an Elder Goddess,” he muttered. The demonic part of her was fighting hard, refusing to submit to the power of his sword.

“Ran-niikun!! Snap out of it!!! Look at what Himura-san is doing!” Usagi continued yelling as Heero just calmly walked up to the Elder God and punched him in the head.

“What the hell?!?!” Aed jumped to his feet and glared at the fledgling god. Heero only shrugged as Usagi grinned in spite of the gravity of the situation.

“Got your attention, didn’t it?” Heero muttered.

Aed turned his head around as the light grew in intensity, capturing his attention. “Fight it, Morrigan. I believe in you.” He knew how strong she was, but after all that she had been through and seen, did she have enough within her to win? All he knew was one thing. If she went... “So will I,” he uttered softly.

Beads of sweat began trickling down Himura’s forehead. ~No choice now. I have to do this, but it means a setback for me. I let them down. I let you down too. Forgive me, koishii...~ Closing his eyes, he began channeling the power that had been within his body into his sword..

In a blinding flash, Morrigan shrieked before her body fell back down against the ground. Beside her, Himura panted heavily. “Is she...?” Usagi asked upon noticing Aed rushing over to Morrigan’s side.

“The demon is sealed... for now,” he answered.

Blinking, Heero could only gape at Himura. “Nande kuso?! What’s happening to you?”

“It would seem that I’ve exhausted my energy in trying to seal the demon, and I can no longer maintain my physical form.”

Aed stared at Himura, trying desperately to control the tears that threatened to fall. Cradling Morrigan tenderly against him, he asked, “Shishou... you... what will...?”

With the barest of smiles, Himura only said, “Daijoubu de gozaru yo. And I will return by her side once again until my energy returns. In the meantime, be careful. The demon within her is strong and wants to be free. For now, she’ll be okay.” His purple eyes took in the Elder Goddess who was encased by Aed’s arms. “Protect her with your life. A love like this only comes once in a lifetime. Fumijiya Kenshin has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

At his pupil’s sudden gasp as well as Usagi’s laughter, Himura chuckled softly before his physical body completely disappeared.

“Arigatoo, shishou... arigatoo.”

Aed’s hand brushed the dark lock of hair that had fallen in front of Morrigan’s face, and the tension drained visibly from his face. She was breathing normally now, and the bond pulsed between them once again. Usagi smiled to herself and tugged at Heero’s arm.


“We should leave them alone, ne?”

Dragging him out as only energetic blond goddesses were capable of, Heero stared at Morrigan in relief before allowing himself to be led out.

Morrigan stirred a little, mumbling before tucking her head into Aed’s protective embrace. It was a good thing that no one was there, for both Elder Gods would’ve been horribly mortified if anyone else had heard Morrigan sighing Aed’s name wistfully or the smile that finally broke his stoic face.

21 November 2001

Author's (closing) notes:
How about that... A month exactly since the last chapter came out... Not bad at all... and I didn't even mean to do it. Hopefully, from now on, chapters will be coming with more frequency. I have a short side-story that will come next while I play out the ideas Tenshi-chan gave me here; it just needs some minor revisions. It'll be out Friday, I believe.

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