Gods and Other Creatures
Side-Story: "Spoils of War"
by Eternal SailorM

Warnings: Lemon! Lime! Lemon! Lime! Lemon! Lime! There is some pretty foul language. (And Hekate is still a mega-bitch)

Additional (Author's) Warnings: I am so out of practice writing lemons. . . Limes too, for that matter. So please, be nice.

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Dedications: (Don't read this, Usa-chan!)
This one goes out to Usa-imouto-chan and no one else! I couldn't have written it without her! *glomps her imouto-chan* Besides, she wrote the actual lemony goodness part. (I'm trying to outembarrass her.) Doomo arigatoo, Usa-chan!

This mission was fucked up, to be blunt but honest. If he continued following the original mission perimeters, he would be protecting Usagi-san from her current enemies, whoever they might be. However, her current enemies were his current allies. Plus, to be truthful, Usagi-san (or Hekate, as she now called herself; these gods placed too much value on names) was an enemy to herself. But he couldn't eliminate Hekate, yet, without eliminating Usagi-san as well. And as for the other former Gundam pilots. . . he knew they (well, most of them) wouldn't hurt Usagi-san, and Duo might be able to help turn Usagi-san back into her former self. But, at the same time. . . It was all getting to be too confusing for him. Was it any wonder that he was out here in the brisk air trying to sort all this out? Quatre and Trowa could handle Duo.

"Heero?" a female voice tremulously inquired. A small hand touched his arm.

Reacting without thought, he whirled, caught her hand, and slammed her against the wall, before he realized who this was. "Usagi-san?" The auburn hair was Hekate's, and since he'd never known Usagi-san to wear a mini-dress, the brief blue dress was Hekate's, but the expression on her face and the look in those big blue eyes, that was all Usagi.

"Gomen ne, Heero," she apologized, not even trying to free herself. Well, he wasn't letting her go until he knew it was safe.

"What are you doing out here, Usagi-san?"

"I came to find you, Heero. I needed to apologize for my actions today."

"Why are you apologizing to me? I'm not the one you shoved a sword through."

She winced and did not meet his eyes. "I know! But if I try to get close to Shin - eh, Duo, I might try to kill him again. Those are my orders. You know what I mean, don't you, Heero?"

"Hai. . ." Just how much had Duo told her about the war? "But if you manage to kill Shinigami, who's next? Wufei? Trowa? Quatre? Me?"

"No!" She shook her head emphatically. "I would never hurt you, Heero. I love you."

"Quit saying that. We both know you loved Duo till now. I'm just a replacement for him."

She yanked one of her arms free and put her slender hand on his cheek. "I don't know what you guys think, but I know exactly what Relena did to me. I don't remember too much from before then, but I know I've loved you as long as I've known you. Otherwise, I'd never be able to love you now."

He opened his mouth, to protest again probably, but she couldn't let such a golden opportunity pass by. She leaned closer and sealed her lips over his. There was something lean and desperate in the way he kissed her back, but it wasn't enough, not quite all she wanted, craved, needed. . .

Around the pair, a dark fog swirled. Hekate frowned into Heero's mouth and mentally told her boss, in no uncertain terms, to bug off; right now he was all hers and hers alone.

"Nande?" he broke the kiss to ask.

She shook her head and attached herself to him again, trying to pull that oh-so-familiar green tanktop out of his jeans one-handed. When he showed the slightest sign of pulling back from her again, she cast a small spell, sending tiny influencing tendrils of magick into his mind. She did such a good job with that casting that he didn't even seem to notice the dark alleyway literally melting away into a new scene until the sudden lack of a wall behind her caused them both to tumble over, landing on the soft hotel bed.

He had to release his grip on her arm as he caught himself above her; another beautiful opportunity, this time to yank his shirt free finally, now that she hand use of both her hands again. Oh gods. . . she'd known he'd be well-developed , muscle-wise, (there was no way not to know that after she'd glomped him a few hours ago and just now, making out in an alley on the worst side of Tokyo) but she was still pleasantly surprised to note that there wasn't an ounce of fat on the man.

~Oh gods, I'm feeling up Heero,~ a little voice inside her mind whispered.

'Oh shut up,' she returned, annoyed. 'It's not like he's not feeling me - Oh. . .!'

She broke off her mental argument as Heero apparently found the back zipper to the dress and made short work of it. That same annoying voice in her mind, that reminded her too much of things she didn't want to remember, made a sound that seemed amazingly like an "eep!" when she first felt his warm fingers against her skin. Resolutely, she shoved that voice down, wrapped her arms around her love, kissed him again, and whispered in English, "I love you, Heero."

She had to hold back a frown when he did not answer. Oh well, as long as she had known him, she knew Heero valued action over words.

Impatiently she shimmied out of her dress and knee-high boots, silently pleased that she'd decided to forgo anything under them. Gods, if she hadn't made that decision. . . she wouldn't currently be experiencing the sensations she was now. Whatever sex had felt like before the change, (she didn't remember that) it could never be as powerful as this. Surely even Heero, as young a god as he was, had realized how many times over all of his senses were heightened. And she wondered if he realized that just the sensation of his hands, his mouth, on her body was driving her crazy from sensory overload and insane with lust.

She pulled his tanktop over his head, and he tossed it somewhere in the general area of which she'd thrown her dress. She wrapped a finger through a belt loop on his jeans, tugged slightly, using only a fraction of her strength, and ordered, a deceptively playful look in her eyes, "Off."

Spell or no spell, it was difficult for her to believe that he did what she said quite so immediately. As he braced himself above her to worry with a more difficult zipper than the one on her dress, Hekate took the opportunity to gently run her fingertips over a perplexing set of scars across his chest and left arm.

~Where he self-destructed Wing,~ that voice supplied.

'Scars like this don't belong on someone only a year older than me.'

~He did it when he was fifteen. Besides, Heero wouldn't be Heero without the scars and the battles, ne?~

She opened her eyes, not really sure when she'd closed them, and smiled her best Usagi smile up at him. Heero froze above her, his eyes slightly widened. He started to pull away from her when Hekate grabbed him. "Heero, don't go yet," she pleaded.

He looked down at her for a long moment. Is she Usagi-san or Hekate? He shook his head. "You can't be Usagi-san."

Hekate frowned. ~Did you really think he'd fall for it?~

'Shut up! Heero will be mine!'

~What about Duo-kun?~

'I'll kill him after this.'

~I won't let you hurt him.~

Hekate scowled, and with a bit of concentrating, she cast a powerful spell on herself, successfully knocking out the nagging voice. She turned to Heero and placed one slender hand on his chest. "Heero. . ."

Heero once again tried to pull away, but Hekate (or Usagi or whoever she was) had pulled him down on top of her and was kissing him. He felt his resolve fade and mentally made his apologies to the real Usagi as he hungrily responded.

Hekate smirked against his lips as she felt him respond, and she opened her mouth, her tongue bravely darting into his mouth. Her fingers clasped around his back, holding him tight to her, and she could feel the solid rhythm of his beating heart against her chest.

He pulled away, his eyes dark but still managing to show no emotion. For a moment Hekate thought she would have to convince him to stay with her again when she felt his hands on her breasts. She moaned, and her body arched as he brought her to the heights of ecstacy by merely playing with her nipples. She groaned loudly, and her fingers clawed at his back as she begged for release.

Heero pulled away, a small smirk playing on his lips. Seeing her react like that had built a heady sense of power inside of him. His eyes locked on hers as his mouth covered one of her rosey nipples. He felt her buck, and her eyes closed as her body shuddered, and she cried his name over and over again, her fingers rifling through his hair.

Hekate slowly opened her eyes as her body cooled from Heero's touch. Somewhere during the whole thing, she had lost control, and Heero was the one now calling the shots. She felt his lips cover hers as her legs were spread. She whimpered and pushed against him as he entered her. "Heero!" she cried as her senses ran rampanat.

Heero watched her face as he slowly made love to her. At first his thrusts were slow yet deep, but as she writhed beneath him and clutched his back, her nails leaving red marks against his skin, he slowly but steadily lost control. His pace increased, and he closed his eyes, envisioning not the auburn-haired woman beneath him, but a blonde-haired one. The moans he heard sounded so similar to the woman he wanted.

"Usagi," he moaned as he climaxed.

Hekate's eyes narrowed. 'NO! Heero you're mine and you'll call my name when I'm through with you.'

Heero slowly opened his eyes to see Hekate. There was no doubt about it now. What little of Usagi he had seen was banished. "Hekate," he snarled.

She smiled up at him. "Come now, Heero-sama. You can't say you didn't enjoy yourself."

Heero started to pull away when Hekate reacted with incredible speed and strength and reversed their positions, trapping him on the bed. "Heero-sama," she whispered in a soft voice as her hand traveled over his chest.

Heero glared at her. "Get your hands off of me, Hekate."

Her eyes narrowed. "You really don't want me to do that, Heero," she replied as she held Heero down with one hand and with the other let her fingers rove downwards from his chest. Heero eyed her as he wondered what she was planning.

Hekate looked away from him and felt Heero groan as her lips touched him. She ran her tongue against the softest flesh on his body, her eyes slowly raising and staring at him. "Do you?"

Heero shook his head in an attempt to clear it. "Do I what?"

"Want me to leave," she replied before her tongue once again danced over him. She felt and heard Heero groan and arch against her lips. "Well?" she asked, teasing him once more before pulling away.

Heero panted, though he managed to not show it to Hekate. I have no defense against this. If I do agree I'll be betraying Usagi.... His thoughts faded as he felt instead of a tongue her whole warm wet mouth descend on him. He thrust against the warmth and without knowing why exactly opened his eyes to see Hekate watching him as she worked.

She pulled away slowly licking her lips. "I'll leave if you really want me to, Heero-sama."

He shook his head. "No. . . don't leave."

Hekate smirked. "Then let's continue shall we?" she purred before her mouth descended once more.

All too soon, Heero felt himself once again about to explode. His eyes closed to once again envision the blonde, and then everything stopped. His eyes snapped open, a deadly glint in them, and he saw Hekate's eyes narrowed.

"No, Heero. You have to have your eyes open the entire time and be looking at me. I won't continue if you don't."

Heero groaned as he felt his body seeking relief. He watched as Hekate met his eyes and smiled before continuing. Everytime his eyes would close, she would stop.

'You're mine, Heero. It's me giving you this pleasure not that little bitch Usagi.' She casually pulled away, letting her tongue dart out and lick him a final time. His eyes returned to hers and never left as she easily climbed on top of him and guided him into herself. "My turn," she whispered as she slowly began to rock back and forth, her hands carressing his chest.

Heero felt himself moan and watched as Hekate smiled in triumph. "Heero-sama... say my name," she whispered, her eyes locked on his as she halted her movements above him.

Heero shook his head. I may have betrayed Usagi partially with Hekate but I won't betray her by calling out to this evil woman.

Hekate frowned, "Heero-sama! Call my name!" she demanded.

Heero once again shook his head but this time with difficultly. He watched as Hekate's eyes narrowed and she went from sitting still to a furious pace. He felt his body shake in shock, but before he could get release she stopped. "Call my name."


Hekate growled. "Then I'll leave right now!"

Heero closed his eyes and fought for control. "Then leave. I won't call your name, Hekate."

Hekate cursed and again viciously rocked above him. "Call it or I'll never let you finish," she threatened.

Heero once again shook his head. The time passed quickly, and Hekate was lathered in sweat as was Heero as they passed the one-hour mark. "Call my name Heero-sama and I'll let you go for now."


"Damn you!" she cursed, though tears were in her eyes. "If you don't call my name, I'll make you regret it."


"I'll kill myself and then there would be no chance for your precious Usagi-san."

Heero's eyes narrowed. "Get off of me, Hekate."

She realized she had hit a nerve point and smiled to herself with the knowledge. "This is your final chance. Call my name or I'll carry out my threat. If you look into my eyes, you'll know I speak the truth."

Heero slowly nodded. I can't risk her killing Usagi...

Hekate was outraged at how easily he agreed. 'What can that girl have that I don't? Heero belongs to me NOT her!' Outwardly she smiled at him and once again began the tantalizing rhytm. "Heero-sama!" she called as she shook with her own release. She felt an answering tightening in him, and her eyes turned to his.

"Hekate," Heero groaned as his body was finally allowed release. The last thing he heard before he collapsed from exhaustion was Hekate's triumphant laughter.

Hekate turned as she saw her Heero out of it. "I knew you loved me, Heero-sama, but next time, don't make me prove it to you." She laid beside him, her palms once again sliding over his flesh and her head against his chest, as she planned her next moves.

~ * ~ * ~

Stepping out of the shower, she shook her short hair out. A self-satisfied grin remained on her face, and she didn't even try to wipe it off. Snagging a couple towels, she wrapped one around herself and used the other to clean the fog off the mirror. The woman staring back at her - no, glaring back at her - had blonde hair. She grabbed a lock of her own hair and glanced up at it: still auburn, so what was going on? She didn't allow her shock to show on her face though and instead smiled evilly at the girl in the reflection. 'So why are you here?'

The shadow in the mirror faded back into her own reflection, and she scowled. 'Baka Usagi.'

She slipped back on her dress, struggling briefly with the zipper, gathered her boots, and slipped back into the bedroom. Unsurprisingly, Heero-sama was still out for the count. She smiled fondly at the sight, now that she'd proven to him that he did love her after all, and climbed over to sit on top of him. She leaned down close to his face and stated, "Heero-sama?" He stirred just a little bit. "Heero-sama, ask me anything and I'll do everything in my power to grant it."

Prussian blue eyes blearily opened but failed to focus. "I want Usagi back," was all he said before he passed back out.

A puzzled frown settled on her face as she climbed off the bed and teleported back to Relena-san's base, collapsing onto her own bed. 'What does Usagi have that I don't?' she wondered to herself. 'Why does Heero like her best?'

With a deep sigh, she summoned the only talisman she had left: a large silvery jewel. It shone for her, but not as it used to for Usagi. "Even you like her better," Hekate complained. "Well, holy Ginzuishou, what can we do about granting Heero's wish?"

3 February 2001
Countdown: 19 days till my birthday

Here's a little note to leave you guys with for Chapter Eight:
Just where does Hekate's loyalty lie? With Relena and Thanatos? Or with the two men she's loved?


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