Gods and Other Creatures
by Eternal SailorM

I don't own Gundam Wing or Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. I wish I did though. The ficcie is mine though; steal, and I'll eat your soul for breakfast and spit out the blackened core. Sorry; I've been around the High Queen of Purgatory too long.

And, by the way, go easy on me. This is the first time I've really tried writing Gundam Wing. It's harder than I thought it would be. Plus, my muse beating me in the head isn't helping me anything.

Warnings: Weird!!!!! Possible citrus in later parts. Weird. Character bashing (beware, Relena and Mamoru fans!). And did I mention it's weird?

Shinigami, if you're on, I need to talk to you right away.

She sat before her computer, the light from the screen illuminating her face, and chewed at her nails as she awaited a response.

Finally, after what seemed like years, a message popped up. What do you want?

I have something important to tell you.

You're finally leaving?

She all but growled at the screen. There's another god in the area.


He calls himself Thanatos, and he claims to have the power to kill even gods and take their powers.

That's impossible and you know it.

She sighed. I know it should be, but he's already gotten Hyperion.

Are you sure?

She could detect the beginnings of doubt through the typed words. I saw the body. There was no ki left in it, and the soul was gone. Thanatos was still there. He said he's collecting the powers of the gods to make himself powerful enough to control all of earth and space.

If he's collecting the powers of the gods, how are you still alive?

She frowned, rubbing the marks on her throat. I only got away because he's still vulnerable to physical pain.


I kicked him, okay?

Why did you contact me?

Simple, Shinigami. Thanatos has to be stopped.

Are you proposing a partnership, Selene?

She was quiet for a long moment then typed four characters slowly. Yes.

We'll need to meet somewhere then.

She hadn't really expected the God of Death to agree so readily. How about at the harbor?

Tonight, at eight.

Okay. How will I recognize you, Shinigami? She could almost sense his relunctance to give away too much about himself; if nothing else, he was secretive. Or how about you find me?

How am I supposed to recognize you?

She glanced over at her closet. I'll be wearing all black, and I'll be waiting at the end of the north dock, okay?

See you at eight.

See you then.

She signed off the internet and threw back on her knee-length black skirt she wore to school with a long-sleeved black dress shirt, the black leather jacket her best friend here had given her, and her usual black shoes. Rushing as quickly as she could, she just barely caught the bus heading to the harbor, arriving with less than ten minutes to spare.

Leaning alone against the wooden railing at the end of the north dock, she couldn't help wondering just who it was she was about to meet. What sort of a person was able to become the God of Death? It took enormous power to change from a mere human to a god, and there was thus always a small number. Sure, she'd managed the change when she was a young teenager, but Hyperion had told her once that it was exceedingly rare to do so.

Footsteps echoed on the dock, heavier than her own but not as heavy as a full-grown adult's would be. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, she couldn't help thinking as the footsteps drew closer. She was almost tempted to try fading from sight, but there was no guarantee that would work against another god; it hadn't against Thanatos when she was at her full power, and now even that was cut in half.

The footsteps stopped a few feet behind her. "Selene?"

She knew that voice; Goddess, no. . . it couldn't be. . . She whirled around quickly and felt her eyes nearly explode in her head. "Duo?" she all but shrieked.


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