Gods and Other Creatures
Chapter Fourteen
by Eternal SailorM

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~~Chapter Fourteen~~

~The house is a lot quieter,~ Usagi though to herself. She hadn't realized how much noised she'd come to associate with Haruka, Michiru, Quatre, and Trowa (and all those servants of Quatre's), but the silence was almost eerie with only four people in the house. She grinned to herself. ~Except in here!~

"Hey! No fair!" Duo yelled. "When'd you learn to do that?"

She shrugged, grinning playfully over at him. "We do this entirely too much, you know."

"So you're saying you're getting better over time?"


"Well, I want a rematch!"

She looked skeptically at the young man laying beside her. "Another?" He nodded once. "Do you really want me to do that to you again?"

"Not a chance! It's my turn now!"

She smirked lightly, picking up the game controller again. "Well, maybe you'd better pick a different character this time."

"Duo-san! Usagi-chan!" Setsuna's voice rang through the house. "I've got Ami online! She wants to talk to you two!"

Usagi set her character to Mai again, grabbed Duo by the back of his jacket, and drug him to his feet. "Come on, Shin-kun," she teased. "Ami-chan's waiting on us."

"Hai, hai." His arm slid around her waist as they walked.

~This is the only difference from before he said... that to me; he touches me more,~ she thought to herself. ~Honestly, it's not so bad.~ She frowned. ~But Heero...~

"Hi, Ami-chan," she greeted the woman on the computer screen. "What's up?"

"Thanatos got Loki," Ami stated bluntly, completely without preamble. "Yesterday."

She could only stare at the blue-haired goddess in shock. It was Duo who asked, "You're sure?"

"Jupiter is going to confirm the body, but it's him. Mars sensed a power going out, and Loki was the only one in the L2 area at the time."

"Oh, Goddess," she finally whispered, "poor Loki. Do you think Signe knows?"

"I'm sure Jupiter will tell her if she doesn't know already," Duo assured her, drawing a faint smile.

Usagi looked back at the screen to see Ami's eyebrows go up. Only then did she notice Duo's arm around her shoulder in a more than friendly manner. "Eh, Shinigami-san?"


"Can I talk to Usagi-chan alone for a few moments please? It's about some... rather important stuff."

"Sure. Okay." He turned to Usagi, standing. "I'm going to go check on Wufei and see how his training's going if you need me, okay?"

"All right," Usagi answered.

Ami waited until he was out of the room to speak again. "There's something I need to tell you, Usagi-chan, and there's something I need to ask you." Usagi nodded. "Did you know the Preventers are getting close to discovering us?" At what must have been a look of shock on her face, Ami continued. "Hai. A few years ago, someone used Hyperion's DNA to test some little girl's paternity."

"So because of her, everyone may find out about us."

"Well, I'm sure everyone will want to know why we became gods, what made - and makes - us different and special." Mercury took a deep breath. "Now for my question."


"I thought you were with Hachiman-san, Usagi-chan, but now here you are with Shinigami-san's arm around you. Which one is it that you love?"


"You know even better than I do that if your heart is not clear, the Ginzuishou won't respond. Now I've gotten word from Hotaru-chan that she's found Hachiman-san and they're on their way back to you as we speak. You have to decide. Which do you love?"

"Ami-chan... I love them both!"

"Both of them?"

Usagi nodded, tears threatening but not spilling over, yet. "Hai. Duo has been so nice to me ever since I first met him during the war. But Heero has always protected me and made me feel stronger, and I am - I was the only one he smiled for."

"Usagi-chan..." Ami interrupted the babbling young woman for a brief second before she began again.

"I love Duo for himself, and I love Heero in spite of himself. Duo has never and will never hurt me. Heero did, and badly, but I hurt him too. And besides, we - Heero and I... we..."

A furious blush touched Ami's cheeks, but her voice was calm when she spoke. "You have to choose one of them soon. It wouldn't be fair to either of them for you to ask them to share your love."

"So you're telling me to choose and hurt one of them?"

"It's better than not choosing and losing both of them."

The monitor went black, and Usagi slowly sat back in thought. ~Heero or Duo? Duo or Heero? If I have to choose, then who should it be?~

~Who should it be?~

16 April 2001

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