Gods and Other Creatures
Chapter Sixteen
by Eternal SailorM

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They froze in shock, and Heero moved in front of her, shielding her from the intruder's eyes. He found himself being confronted by garnet eyes that widened in disbelief before embarrassment sunk in. In the meantime, Usagi was muttering behind his back, "This is so humiliating", over and over again. He couldn't help the fond chuckle that escaped his lips. Quickly disguising it as a cough, he turned around to look at Setsuna again.

"I uhh just wanted to make sure you two were okay and well, I guess you don't need me anymore. Ja!!"

He wished he could have captured that moment; seeing the normally composed goddess scramble like that was too priceless. Drawn by a movement against his back, he tried to peer around to find Usagi resting her head against his back, the flush obvious even to him. She had a death grip on his shirt and was currently bemoaning her fate. What was it about her that could turn his normally emotionless state into a lie? Around her, all he ever wanted to do was feel. And right now, her touch was burning through his skin. Those gentle fingers... he wanted them to be resting against his bare skin, just as they had that night.

In the most awkward of twists, he managed to reach behind him, prying the hands free that were unwilling to relinquish their hold on his poor mangled shirt. When he finally coaxed them loose, he turned around so he could drink in the sight of her to his heart's content. He studied her intently, as he had countless of times since he first met her, though never quite so openly. Those golden tresses begged for his touch, or so it seemed to him. Of its own volition, his hand came up and felt the silken curtain, like sunshine woven into the threads. She closed her eyes, her head following the light tug of his fingers.

"It's short again," he said softly.

She gave him a smile, and it sent his pulses racing. "Mmm I'm surprised you even noticed."

"I notice everything about you."

Her eyes flew open then, dark blues shining with uncertainty. Those eyes were windows upon her wondrous soul, light personified to his darkness. "Heero?"

He was mesmerized by those lips, wondering again if they would be as soft as it looked. Full and inviting, they appeared to be pouting, begging to be kissed. He nearly groaned aloud at the thought - and suddenly, there was nothing he wanted more. His hand roamed past her cheek, and his other arm moved to encircle her, drawing her closer. Distance; it was something unneeded between them. Not now. Not ever.

Bending his head towards hers, he slowly descended upon a pair of lips he had dreamed about kissing since the last time he had done so. Tentatively, he pressed his lips against hers, the feathery touch sending shivers spiraling through both their bodies. Upon contact, the gentleness was unnecessary, for as they touched, explosions went off in their systems. With a restless murmur, she twined her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately, with all the love she had for him, conveying how much she'd missed him - and how much she needed him. He groaned deep within his throat, and with an intensity that frightened even him, he devoured her lips, drawing them in like oxygen to his lungs. He needed her so much it scared him.

Her hands gripped his neck even tighter as she pressed up on her tiptoes, pressing her body even closer to his. His arms flexed in response, never wanting to let go. Restlessly, they moved down her back, trailing up and down her spine, and he smiled against her lips as he felt the telltale shivers. How well he knew her body already, only to feel the same as her nails scratched the sensitive spot behind his ears. Dimly grabbing the last of his sanity, he maneuvered them so that her back was against the door. Hearing the click, he kissed her with all the love he had bottled up for her. Only her.

Hot open-mouthed kisses were exchanged as his hands wandered down her body and back up again. A sound of frustration came from her.

~I need you Heero?

His eyes flew open, flashing in understanding. With utmost care, he began shifting his attention towards her delicate neck, giving her soft kisses that had her sighing as she tilted her head back to allow him better access.

For you, Usagi. I will make you feel as I feel.

His wits regained, he slowly propelled them towards the beckoning bed, as his hands began wandering up her ribcage, trailing lazily over her breasts, raising his head slightly to observe her reaction. They were still as sensitive as he remembered. With an utterly male smile, he bit her shoulder lightly before soothing it with his tongue. She liked that. A lot.

They tumbled onto the bed, and he was careful not to crush her. Her eyes were open, hazy with the kindlings of desire within. ~Heero...~ whispered impatiently in his mind. He leaned closer to kiss those full lips again and -

- with an audible "snap," the illusion shattered around them, and they found themselves still backed up against the wall in the training room, their faces mere centimeters apart and his hand still buried in her short golden hair.

She fell back a step, glancing around them. "What just happened?" she whispered.

He reluctantly let his hands fall to his sides, his skin already missing the feel of hers, her words serving to put him even further on edge. Yume ka? Iie. She saw it too; it couldn't be a dream. Well, if it wasn't a dream, then what could it have been? The soldier part of his mind ran through the possibilities in a split second. "Are there any gods who can do illusions?"

She shook her head. "Only Loki, and he's dead."

"Not as dead as you may think," a deep voice across the room, that they both whirled to face, stated, an evil smile in the words and on his face, "Usako."

14 May 2001

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