Gods and Other Creatures
Chapter Four
by Eternal SailorM

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Dizziness assaulted her, she swayed, trying to catch herself on the bed, then warm hands grasped her bare shoulders and steadied her. "Daijoubu ka?" a very deep voice asked.

"I'm fine," she answered slowly, not entirely trusting her own voice. "Thank you, Trowa-kun." With a bit of an effort, she sat down in the chair Heero brought in there for her.

"How is he?" And speaking of Heero, it hurt to look at the Japanese young man. With his trigger released but his traumatic even unfulfilled, to her eyes and to her power, he shone like a red beacon. The other three young men did as well. She hadn't been able to make sense of Wufei's trigger; Quatre and Trowa each most feared the loss of the other; and Heero refused to discuss the three events his mind had shown her.

"Thanatos took a lot of his energy," she explained. "I gave him what I could spare of mine." That was entirely true; she'd given more than that, but since he'd gotten to her recently as well, that wasn't much. "He'll probably sleep a while."

"How long till he's back to normal?" Quatre asked. She didn't have to look at him to know he was worried; she could tell it by his voice alone.

"To be honest, Quatre-kun, it could be a while. He's only alive now because Heero-kun has such impeccable timing. But if anyone can bounce back from something like this, Duo can. Give him time, Qutare-kun, and he should be fine," she said as reassuringly as possible, hoping she was telling the truth.

"So he's almost dead because of you."

For a split second, she wondered if her subconscious had spoken aloud, but her subconscious had never sounded like. . . "Wufei!" Quatre scolded. "Don't -"

She stood up slowly and stepped face to face with the Chinese young man, despite the almost-blinding blue light surrounding him. "No, Quatre," she stated, "let him finish."

"I've said what I wanted to. Duo is lying there because of you. This is your fault, and if he dies -"

Here he broke off because she slapped him and then ran into the bathroom, slamming the door in Quatre's face as he started to follow her. Heero shot him a death glare, one of the better ones in his considerable arsenal, before taking Usagi's seat beside Duo. Even the usually impassive Trowa looked a bit less than pleased, then suddenly he blinked very sharply and stared at Wufei in shock. "Quatre," the tall young man forced out.

The blond turned to look at Wufei and choked. "Oh my."

He looked down - and passed out. So he missed Heero smirking and stating, "Serves him right."

~ * ~ * ~

When Quatre finally coaxed her back out of the bathroom about ten minutes later, Usagi's eyes bulged at the sight on the floor. "What happened to Wufei, Quatre-kun?" she whispered.

"Apparently this happened when you slapped him."

"So what are we going to do about it?"

She glanced across the room at Heero. The words alone could be taken a hundred different ways, but the way he said them and the tiny smirk still on his face seemed to mean something. "Are you proposing a bit of petty revenge, Heero Yuy?" He shrugged, but the smirk grew a bit. "Okay, tell me your idea."

~ * ~ * ~

Wufei woke up on the floor of an unfamiliar bedroom, in the buff. Not looking down at the changes that crazy woman had somehow produced, he climbed to his feet, snagged a sheet off the bed and wrapped it around himself, since his own clothes were nowhere to be seen, and stalked toward the kitchen where he could faintly here that woman talking to his teammates.

"So what is Thanatos's objective?" he heard Yuy ask, his tone very serious. Which was totally at odds with the fact he was sitting at that woman's table eating cupcakes.

"The three - Ohayoo gozaimasu, Wufei-chan!"

He growled under his breath. "Where are my clothes?"

Quatre gestured over his shoulder. "Being washed. They needed it. Don't worry; Usagi was the one who undressed you."

"One girl to another, you know?" that woman giggled.

"Sit down and help us plan," Heero ordered.

Relunctantly he took the remaining seat, nearly pushing the cupcakes off the table when Quatre offered them to him. "Isn't there any real food here?"

The little Arabian stared at him in open shock. "Don't be so rude, Wufei!"

He started when he found the barrel of a very familiar gun pointed directly in his face. "If you want something else, go get it yourself."


"You heard me." He turned to Usagi, who was all but ignoring Wufei. "Do you have any clothes Wufei can wear, Usagi-san?"

She choked on her cupcake, clearly not expecting to hear that. "I might, Heero-kun."

"I'm not going out in women's clothes!"

"Yes, you are," answered Heero very plainly.

"When are you planning on changing me back?" he snarled at Usagi.

"When you apologize to me and mean it," she answered smoothly. "Let's see if I have anything you can wear, Wufei-chan."

~ * ~ * ~

While Wufei was off having the worst experience of his life (which Heero seemed determined to make last, since he even got Usagi to make out a shopping list), Quatre persuaded Usagi to lay down before she fell down and all but forced her to take the other half of the bed Duo lay on.

She'd been asleep there ten minutes when the other person in the bed opened his eyes.

8 December 2000

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Yep, Duo's awake, but... is it really Duo?


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