Gods and Other Creatures
Chapter Twelve
by Eternal SailorM

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"You know, if Heero saw what you're doing," Quatre commented lightly, "he'd kill you. That's sacred property, Duo."

Duo shot the small blond a dirty look and went back to what he was doing. "Well, it's his own fault for not being here."

Usagi glanced back and forth between the two young men. "Come on, Duo, Quatre, be nice. And Duo, be nice to Heero."

"He isn't here for me to bother doing that, Usagi."

"I don't care. Still be nice." Her voice was stern and clearly brooked no argument; neither did the death grip she had on his ear. "Understand?"

"H- hai, Usagi. Now let me get back to work, okay?"

She sweetly smiled and let him go. "Please hurry, Duo. I can't wait much longer. Are you almost finished?"

"Almost... There!" With an exaggerated flourish, he hit the "enter" key on Heero's laptop, and the image of a blue-haired woman in perhaps her mid-twenties popped up. "Konban wa, Mercury-san!" he greeted the Ice Goddess before him.

"Konban wa. Shi no Kami, I take it?" she pleasantly replied.

"Shinigami da! Pleased - Ack!"

Usagi dug her elbow a little further into the back of Duo's head, further driving it into the desk. "Konban wa, Ami-chan! O genki desu ka?"

"Usagi-chan! I'm fine. How are you?"

"I've been better. We can really use your help, Ami-chan. Please?"

"Awfully familiar with her, aren't you, Usagi?" Duo muttered into the wood.

"Shut up, Shin-kun," she replied, twisting her elbow a bit. "Anyway, Ami-chan, are you or any of the Inners near or on earth by any chance?"

"No, we're helping with the terra-forming project on Planet Mars. Is this about... him? Thanatos?" The blonde nodded gravely. "We'd never make it in time."

Ami was roughly shoved aside, and a blonde woman with a white cat slung across on of her shoulders took her place. "Konban wa, Usagi-chan!"

"Hi, Minako-chan!" she barely returned before Minako continued.

"The Outer Senshi are in your area. Rei already sent them a message to protect you, especially from... him. They'll be there in a few days, if not less."

The Moon Goddess looked worried. "But, Minako-chan, Ami-chan, I've only met them once! I know next to nothing about them or their style of fighting."

"They're very dedicated to their mission and they'll - What?" Usagi glanced behind her to see Duo and Quatre exchanging a loaded look and Duo muttering something about female Heeros. "Anyway," Minako continued, and Usagi turned her attention back to her old friend, "they'll find you soon."

A raven-haired woman pushed her way in front of the screen. "And, Usagi?"

"Hai, Rei-chan?"

"Are you really prepared to fight Thanatos? He's dangerous and getting stronger every day." Violet eyes landed on Quatre then shot back over to Usagi. "Are you all ready for a war?"

"We are," Duo piped up in the background.

"We will be soon," Usagi cryptically countered. "Usagi out." She hit a few keys, causing the image on the screen to disappear, and she turned to face the two young men. "I don't think we're quite ready for Thanatos yet. We're right back where we started: just me and you, Shin-kun."

"Trowa and I -" Quatre began.

"Are completely human now and a liability to us."

Duo raised a finger slightly. "Usagi, you've been around Heero too long. You're starting to act like him." She ignored him. "As soon as the seal on them breaks, they'll be gods."

The cold fury that appeared in her eyes as she stood, he'd seen it before, from the other end of Kuzanagi. Just how much of Hekate is still in her? "You and I both know there's only one way to do that right now, and I forbid it. Anyone who even thinks of killing Heero is going to have to answer to me! Got it?!?"

She didn't even give them time to answer, jumping to her feet and storming out of the room, intent upon going outside and taking out her frustration on some poor hapless tree or something. The minute she stepped outside, though, she slammed right into a hard body lined, in her eyes, by a faint blue aura. "Watch where you're going, onna."

She looked up and smiled tremulously. "Welcome back."

He snorted and leaned again the door frame. "The first 'Wu-chan' joke Maxwell cracks will be my excuse to test these new powers on him."

She smirked just enough to barely be noticed. "Hai, ryu no seigi. Just don't kill him, okay?"

"Hmn," was all his answer.

She smiled and turned away. She only got a few steps before she turned back. "And I'm sorry I turned you into a girl, Ryujin."

She vanished without another word. With a silent smirk on his face, Wufei stepped inside, only be confronted with a very emotional, very human Quatre, who was complaining to Duo about... that woman ordering him and Barton to leave? Then he caught the reason why.

"The onna's right, you know," he stated. "You're a weak human now and a liability. We'd spend as much time guarding you as fighting. You and Barton should leave."

"The three of us can handle it," finished Duo.

With a sigh, the God of Death slipped over to the window. The three of us may be able to handle Thanatos if Usagi can get over Heero some time soon.

~ * ~ * ~

Deep in the woods, the Goddess of the Moon allowed herself to slip inside her mind. She smiled fondly, both in the dream world and in real life, at the figure she saw there. "Heero..."

17 March 2001

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