The Never-Ending Crossover
Tales of the Cleansing
by Eternal SailorM

"Disappearing into a crowd
I waved my hand to your turned back
Until yesterday, this all seemed like it wasn't true"

-Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailor Stars closing, "The Wind & Sky, Always"


Sailor Moon sighed, and her wings fluttered slightly in response. She was one of the truly greatest powers in any dimension (with the Sailor Senshi imprisoned in suspended animation, Vegita. . . and Lina-chan weakened from fighting monsters), comparable only to Gokou and Galaxia, she had two planets at her immediate disposal, she had seen innumerous battles in the past five hundred years, but one thing remained true through all her great accomplishments: she, the agent of love and justice, was bored.

Well, maybe Big Mama compared. . . she edited.

Why hadn't she had the foresight to at least bring Luna up here so she'd have someone to talk to? In the first hundred or so years, she'd read every manga she'd been able to salvage from earth and she'd watched all the anime she could stand.

She wished she'd thought to have cable installed up here. Well, maybe she could go to another dimension for a few hours. She did sort of want to see Gohan and Gokou again, but after the last time she went there... S he didn't think she could take it again.

Something cold tingled along her skin, and she bolted upright. Something powerful was coming her way - and it didn't seem to be too friendly. She set her face, formed her staff, and stepped outside.

At first, all she could see was utter darkness: no sun, no earth, no stars. Then the darkness formed into a shape, slightly humanoid but with no discernable features, as it set down near here. "Who are you?" she demanded, her voice echoing in the emptiness of the Moon.

The creature was silent as it stared at her. "You are not yet the one I seek, woman," it finally growled. Her face dropped into a sneer at the name. "Where is she?"

"Behind you," a new voice stated, coming from somewhere behind the creature.

The darkness was displaced long enough that she saw a vaguely human-like figure of white light. "Messiah," the creature growled.

"Demon of darkness. You dare show yourself here again?"

"I dare. I desire these two planets for my own."

Messiah sighed. "So again we do battle for the strongest senshi's soul. I will not lose to you this time. This one," it, she, gestured at the confused Sailor Moon, "is the one who freed the last one you took."

"Galaxia," Sailor Moon whispered.

"Choose your form, Chaos," Messiah ordered, "and let's be done with this."

Both beings turned to stare at Sailor Moon. Suddenly something with the force of a freight train (or a Saiyajin, she inanely mused) slammed into her mind, and she dropped to her hands and knees, gasping for air. Her mind felt like it was being torn apart. Not even she could live through this assault. It was like her mind was being raped, tortured, mutilated, and cut into small, painful pieces.

As quickly as the assault began, it ended, and she gratefully gulped in the pure air of the Moon. What was that?

"Yet another small form, Messiah," an all-too-familiar voice scoffed. Iie. . . Uso. . .

"I don't need size to defeat you, Chaos." The woman's voice was familiar as well.

She looked up - and immediately wished she hadn't. Before her stood Lina Inverse and Vegita. Or at least, two beings that looked like Lina-chan and Vegita; there were differences. The Lina-lookalike wore Lina's sorceress outfit that she'd worn when she arrived to and departed from this dimension, but the costume was completely white. Vegita's bodysuit, boots, gloves, and armor were all solid black. He had never looked more evil, and Lina had not looked so innocent.

"Let's get this over with, Messiah," Vegita stated, a more evil sneer than usual on his face, "so that I can claim my prize."

"We shall see who wins in the end, Chaos." Lina looked over at her and smiled. "Rest now, Sailor Moon. You can't use any of your powers until this battle's over anyway."

She couldn't say a word, so she watched the pair size each other up. Without a word, they began throwing power at each other.


Hundreds of thousands of light years away, a woman heard a terrible scream in her mind. In the middle of space, she stopped and looked around her. The billions of drops of lights trailing behind her froze as well.

She'd heard that scream before. She'd caused it. That was centuries ago, but true Sailor Senshi, like herself and Sailor Moon, were immortal.

"Stay here," she ordered the light. "I'll return as quickly as I can." The lights seemed to twinkle in agreement. "The Sailor Wars have begun again."

Sailor Galaxia turned back in the direction of earth and streaked away.


It was later said that Sailor Moon's screams as the battle was being fought for her soul could be heard across all dimension. Both combatants were powerful, but both were using her energy to fight. Each time one of them was injured, they fought on as if they did not feel the pain, which was probably true, because she was. She was being drained of her energy, and these two were too evenly matched for there to be a clear-cut winner for any length of time. This would be a test of stamina. Her stamina.

"You do, of course, know, Chaos," Lina stated, "that if we keep this up much longer, we might kill her."

"Then give up now, and give her to me," Vegita smugly answered.

"Not a chance, demon of darkness. Already, help has arrived for her."

Puzzled, Sailor Moon looked up as a regal woman with long gold and auburn hair dressed in a Sailor Senshi fuku dropped in front of her. She held a long silver sword before her as she placed herself between Sailor Moon and the fighters. Vegita smiled. "Well, if it isn't Sailor Galaxia."

"You're not getting Sailor Moon, Chaos."

"Your timing is impeccable, Sailor Galaxia," Lina stated, an amused smirk on her face.

"And you're not going to use up her power," Galaxia continued. Her sword started to glow, and when the glow was at its brightest, she swung it at the battling pair.

The two fighters' appearances changed. Their outfits were now exact copies of their originals. Vegita's sneer grew. "Let's get this over with, Messiah."

Lina smirked. "Let's. Do you know your moves yet?"

"Of course." With a short scream, a golden aura surrounded him. His hair turned blond, and his black eyes turned blue-green.

Sailor Moon gasped, climbing to her feet. "Masaka. Super Saiyajin?"

The Vegita-look-alike smirked at her. "Hai, Super Saiyajin," the smirk grew even more, and his eyes filled with dark, evil promises, "Tenshi."

Her feet fell back out from beneath her, and she collapsed, sitting on the ground hard. "You know that too?"

"I know everything you know of Vegita," the demon stated.

"Just as I know everything you know of Lina Inverse," the other continued, smiling, before returning her attention to her opponent. "Elmekia Lance!"

He stopped the attack with one hand and scoffed, "Pitiful." He released a huge blast of energy.

"Air Valm!" Lina cried out. A barrier formed around her, lasting until Vegita's attack ended. "Fire Ball! Digu Volt!"

When the smoke cleared, Vegita still stood, uninjured and smirking, though he had not escaped untouched. His armor was broken in places, and his bodysuit was ripped. "Not bad. My turn. Big Bang Attack!"

Sailor Moon struggled back to her feet. "I have to stop this," she whispered determinedly. "This is my soul."

"Your attacks won't work on pure energy," Galaxia warned.

"I have a few that will." The Moon Crystal formed before her.

"The Crystal. . ." Galaxia seemed to be in awe. "Of course!"

Sailor Moon nodded, raised the Crystal above her head, and concentrated on all things loved and good: her friends, her family, her future daughter, everyone that meant a great deal to her. "Please work," she pleaded.

Images floated through her mind of her with her friends: when she and the Inners stood against the Black Moon, the surprise discovery of Sailor Pluto, the arrival of the other Outer Senshi, the sudden appearance of the Starlights, the arrival of Lina's band and the Saiyajin.

"Whatever you're concentrating on," Galaxia's voice called as she remembered the infamous shopping incident, "keep it up! It's working!"

As she let all the events she could remember of those two years run through her mind, the world exploded in light.


"Wake up, Sailor Moon," a sweet voice whispered. "The battle is over. We have won."

Sailor Moon's eyes opened, then she gasped in shock. "You're. . ."

"No, I'm not. I'm much older than that."

"But you look like the Light of Hope."

"Sailor Moon, I have existed for millennia, existing only to fight the demon of darkness for the strongest senshi's soul. I am free now, thanks to you."

"Why were you doing this?" Galaxia asked. She knelt beside Sailor Moon, leaning on her sword.

"Long ago, a woman died in my place. I am fulfilling my promise to her. But now, I am free to be reborn. Demo. . . I'll need a family." She smiled. "I think I'll be seeing you around, Sailor Moon, though it will probably be a while. Sayoonara, Sailor Moon."

The dark pink-haired woman dissolved into a white mist, and it appeared to absorbed by the Moon's white surface. Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia watched a moment in shock, then Galaxia gently helped Sailor Moon to stand back up, an arm around her shoulders. "Come on. Let's go inside."

"You're staying?"

"Just until the Cleansing is over."

[A.N.: I was so out of it when I wrote this.]

Dedicated to the ten people who sent in requests for the next part of the Never-Ending Crossover:
James, Mirgonus, Nikki, Ti'ana, Katrina, Blazer, Dawn, NoDoubtAQT, Chibi712, Erin, and Raymond.

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