The Never-Ending Crossover
Side-Story: "Insomnia"
by Eternal SailorM

She's laying on her side, and it looks like she's praying. The sheet has slipped down to her waist, and the slip of silk and lace that she calls a nightgown in visible in the light reflected off the earth. Behind her is a great golden mass. She has so much hair that she should be unable to lift her head, but it really isn't that heavy.

Her long legs are bent at the knee, and one of her small, slender hands now creeps over onto the pillow next to her. Finding only empty space, her brilliantly blue eyes open. She sits up and whispers, "Vegita?"

"Right here."

She looks behind her and winces. "Get a little carried away sparring?" Her only answer is a very noncommittal grunt and shrug, the closest she'll get to a yes, and she smiles at it. "Shower."

"Wash my..."



"Smart-ass." She kneels, free of the blue sheet, and pulls the nightgown over her head. It takes a moment for her to move it past her hair. As beautiful as she is, she is at her best with her hair down, and she only takes it down for bed.


"Nani?" Silence... "Just Tenshi?" A nod.

She stands, golden hair streaming out behind her. There are no words for her beauty. A sound that is almost a gasp of pain when she touches a particularly sore spot pulling off the armor. She looks up with painfully blue eyes. "Sore."

"Gomen, watashi no ousama." With some help, she gets the jumpsuit off and presses her lips to already forming bruises. "Want me to beat up Kakaroto?"

"Like you could, woman."

"Don't call me 'woman,' Vegita-sama," she scolds, even as she finds another injury to attend to. She moves back again and whispers a single word: "Shower."

A smirk. "Of course." A moment later, she is set on her feet in the warm spray.

The angry look she's wearing could kill a man, then she smiles and leans forward for a kiss, a custom she's quite fond of. "Onore," she mutters. It earns her another smirk, which she kisses away. "Hentai."

"Shut up. You like it."

She finds a spot (amazingly) that isn't bloodied or bruised and kisses it as well. "I must. Why else would I put up with an ungrateful onore like you?"

She's teasing, but there's something about the way she says it... Her eyes come up again. "I am grateful, Tenshi."

Her smile now could light a room. "I know. I just wanted to hear you say it. Even I need to hear the words sometimes, my love."

She's never pushed for anything more until now. It probably has something to do with her recent death and rebirth. She presses close, that perfect body molding itself to... She needs to hear the words, not a pitiful description of her beauty. Those bluest blue eyes stare up in wonder, her slender hands covering the hands now holding her cheeks. Who would have thought those words could be so difficult to say? She says them so easily and so often. "Tenshi, I love you."

"Vegita..." She knows the words have been thought, if not said, in the last hundred-plus years. She knows as well they're the hardest task she could have asked. But for her, anything and everything would be given freely: heart, soul, mind, body. Even if she does not know, she owns all of them and will always own all of them, even into death. "I love you too."

Very gently she moves into a kiss, careful of where Kakaroto got in a good punch and busted a lip. Her hands move as gently as the warm water, following the same path as the water. A shiver of anticipation as her lips follow her hands. Vaguely the thought surfaces that she is making up now for those months she was gone, but it does not last long; she is doing the most amazing things. "Tenshi, what are you doing?"

A very familiar smirk. "Something I've been waiting a very long time to do. Get down here, watashi no ousama."

No choice when she talks like that but to obey blindly, no matter what she orders. Even wet, her hair forms a barrier as she moves on top...

Hours later, on the bed, she stretches her hand out again and this time encounters flesh. The is a smile in her voice as she moves closer and whispers, "I'm glad you're still here, Vegita."

"Between you in there and Kakaroto's sparring, woman, I don't think I'll be moving for a week."

Her eyes light up as if she's considering the implications of that statement. "Hontoo?" Her voice is sly. Maybe she's considering all the things that can be done in a week. "You really think a whole week?"

"Don't get ideas, woman." A pause. "On second thought, get ideas."

She laughs. "Had fun tonight, watashi no ousama?" A shrug, meaning yes. "Good. That was the plan." She curls herself closer. "I love you, Vegita."

A relunctant smile builds. "I know, woman," I whisper as I kiss her hair.

[A.N.: For my Introduction to Literary Studies, my professor often gave optional writing assignment to improve our writing skills. The assignment this time was to do something unusual with point-of-view (though not in those words exactly), so I took out my favorite couple and set my mind to work. I've been teaching myself to write from Vegita's p.o.v., so I decided to write something from him without saying it was him until the very end. How'd I do?]

Written: 27 Sept. 1999
Typed: 3 Feb. 2000

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