The Ever Ending Crossover
Dragonball CT
Chapter One "Mysterious Saiyajin Woman"
by Morgan Le Fey and Eternal SailorM

Disclaimers: We don't own Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon. If we did, we'd be rich. However, since we're so poor that one of us is living paycheck to paycheck and the other is living off a college grant. . . Well, it speaks for itself. We do own Dragonball CT and all original characters within it. Steal and you get to meet our mysterious Saiyajin woman.

Authors' note: This entire saga is written mostly by Morgan Le Fey, and co-authored and edited by Eternal SailorM.

She was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over chest, waiting impatiently for the blue haired - or maybe it was green haired - woman to appear. Bulma was over two hours late, and she was getting tired of waiting. Normally, she would have been gone within the first five minutes. Glaring at her watch for the hundredth time that afternoon, she swore when she realized that she missed dinner, again. Now she was getting hungry. If the blue haired techno freak didn't show up within the next ten minutes, she was going to make Bulma buy her dinner.

Fifteen minutes later, Bulma appeared around the tree she was using to lean against. It had been a beautiful sunny day. Now the sun was setting and the nice warm air was turning chilly. Not that it really bothered her, but it would appear strange for a young woman to be walking around in the cold wearing a blue tank top and a short blue and black skirt. And she wasn't wearing shoes. On the other hand, Bulma was wearing awful dark pink pants with an orange long sleeved blouse and hideous cuffed boots. In the other woman's arms was a rather large white colored box. Quickly Bulma pushed the box into her arms then said, "Well, it's done. Keep it away from your father; he would have a fit."

"I doubt you would have to worry about my father," she said as she opened the box and looked at her present. "It's the disappearing-reappearing frying pan wielder you have to worry about."

"Does Chichi know you call her that?" Bulma asked, her hand on her hips.

"Of course not," she said and then smiled. "By the way, why are you so late?"

"That's none of your business."

"It is when you made me wait here for over two hours, making me miss my dinner," she replied as she glanced at her blue painted fingernails.

"I swear, all you Saiyajins think about is eating," Bulma yelled as she turned around and walked away.

She turn around and walked towards her air car, knowing that she would get a lunch or dinner out of Bulma sooner or later that week. All she wanted to do now was get to her car and get home. The armor Bulma had made her was almost a duplicate of Vegita's, only this one was made for a female. Once she got home, she would try it on and see how it fits. Getting into the driver's seat of her brand new dark blue air car, she threw the package into the passenger's seat, and started the car. Her last air car had an unfortunate accident with a tree. Sadly, Gohan had been with her when it happened, and he swore that he would never ride with her again. It wasn't her fault that the tiny house was surround by a forest.

Starting out slowly, she cut straight into traffic and sped up as quickly as her air car would allow. Next, she cut across on coming traffic and made a sharp turn to her left and then headed west. Quickly the city was disappearing behind her as she drove her car toward the mountains in the distances. Only her father knew where this place was and half the time he couldn't find the right cave that lead to her home. Parking on the outskirts of the mountain, she grabbed the box and flew the rest of the way on her own. Once she reached the door to her mountain hideaway, she forced her ki to lower as far as she could get it to. That last thing she needed was an unwelcome visitor. Unlocking the door that she found useless since no one could find this place let alone steal from it, she walk in, slamming the door shut behind her. The box was thrown aside as she took the armor from it. Touching the fabric of the dark blue bodysuit, she felt the urge to try it on.

Walking into her bedroom, she quickly stripped off all her clothes and put the bodysuit on. It was kind of tight, fitting firmly around her body, yet leaving a small hole for her tail to come out of. Next she put on the chest armor, that had looked a little too big. It was a bit surprising when it adjusted after she clamped it in place. Bulma had thought of everything, she realized when she touched the gloves and boots. Putting the boots and gloves on, she felt ready to take on the world. As she walked over to the mirror, she wondered what the humans would think of her now. Half of them were scared to death of her as it was. Stopping in front of the mirror, she immediately noticed something that had to go. Slowly she undid her wild black hair and let it flow freely around her. Until now, she really didn't realize how long it was. But it didn't matter. In fact, it made her look more dangerous, if that was possible. Smiling, she decided that she would have to show Gohan.

Kenji was the first of the assault team to arrive. His only assignment until the others arrived was to set up a command station. He had also been told not to go hunting on his own. Soon the others would arrive and they would go hunting for the traitor Vegita and any other Saiyajins they might come across. But first things first. He had to find an isolated area to turn into headquarters. While he had been traveling through the atmosphere, he had caught sight of a secluded valley. Packing the equipment he needed, he flew in the direction of the valley. Once he was there, he started to set up camp.

As he was connecting the tracers to the on-board computer, a blinding flash of white light appeared out of nowhere. Startled, Kenji touched his scouter to get a power level. There was nothing. It couldn't fix on the amount of energy and it suddenly exploded at his ear. Grabbing the now useless scouter, causing pain from his ear to vibrate down his twisted spine, he threw it to the ground. All the scouters had been reconfigured after the disaster on Namek and now they could read up to unrealizable power levels. Impossible, he thought, no one can be that strong, not even Vegita. Although the light had completely disappeared from the sky, he doubted that the energy used to create it could vanish so quickly. Dashing to the tent, he got out a new scouter and checked the area where he had saw the light. There wasn't even a trace of energy anywhere. That, in itself, was impossible. Energy needed time to gather and needed time to disperse. Sighing, he decided that the light was some sort of invention of the humans and that the scouter he had been using was faulty. Still, he felt uneasy about it. Soon he had the tracer working and reported it to his superiors.

"And you didn't go investigate?" his commander asked unbelievably.

"I was ordered not to go off alone, sir. I was doing as I was commanded to." He responded.

"Find out what made that light. For all we know it could be a trap, so be careful. I expect a full report when you return. Understood?" he commanded.

"Yes, sir," Kenji stated as the connection was cut off.

Sighing, he gathers the few belongings that he had left out of the concealed tent, stashed them away and took one last look around. Satisfied that no one would find the control station, he took off in the direction where he had seen the light. He left the little green valley and soon found himself in large open area. There he found two people. At first he thought nothing about it and was about to fly over them when he noticed what they were wearing - and that the woman had wings. Kenji knew next to nothing about humans, but he knew that they didn't wear things like that out in the middle of nowhere. Unaware of him, they were walking toward the wooded area at the edge of the clearing. Apparently, they were arguing about something. He decided to watch them a little longer and see if they were the ones that produced that light. And if they were, he had to be careful how he approached them.

She was lying in wait, hoping that Gohan would get home soon. The dark-haired woman, namely the frying pan wielder, was passed out on the kitchen floor. That was where the older woman fell and she wasn't getting too close to her. Once she had been the victim of Chichi's frying pan and all because she skipped a day of class. Moments later she was jerked out of her memories by the door opening. Gohan walked in, carrying an arm full of books, paper, and who knows what else. All of that dropped the moment he noticed his mother lying on the floor. Quickly he ran to her side.

"She's fine," she said as she walked out of hiding.

"What have you done?" he started as he glared up at her and froze. His face twisted in some unreadable expression.

"She passed out the moment she saw me," she informed him as she walked away from the kitchen and entered the tiny greeting room.

"And I can see why," he said. "Does your father know you're wearing armor?"

"Of course not. He thinks I'm a perfect angel," she hissed, anger lacing her voice.

"I think you need to get over that. He's just a little over-protective," Gohan stated, his eyes moving towards his mother. She was beginning to make moaning sounds. Now that she was waking up, there would be hell to pay.

"Come on," she said as she grabbed Gohan's arm and took off out of there. She smiled at Gohan when they stopped running, now deep within the forest that surround the Son's house. Both of them were laughing now, although Gohan was trying not to.

"Like I was saying, he's just over-protective," Gohan continued as he took a seat near a tree.

"Why? There is no reason for him to be like that. I'm a Saiyajin, quite capable of taking care of myself," she declared as she sat down next to him.

"You're half Saiyajin," Gohan corrected.

"So are you," she shot back as she slightly leaned over him.

"You are such the biggest trouble maker," he started as he shook his head.

"Am not," she hissed playfully as she leaned even closer, then without warning, she bit his nose. She laughed when he pushed her away.

"Why did you do that for?" Gohan demanded as he touched his nose slightly.

"Because. . .," she started then stopped. There was an unknown power in the air, something that didn't belong there. Gohan also noticed it, getting a feel of the ki. It was completely foreign to him as well. She turned completely serious. "It can't be them. There's only one, but it's too weak. There is no way they would send just one to try and kill off even one Saiyajin."

"I feel only one as well," he stated as they both stood up.

"Let's go see what it is," she said, turning from serious to curious.

"Curiosity killed the kitten," Gohan stated. She just glared at him before taking off in the direction of the strange ki. He quickly followed.

Kenji stared at the transmitter and wondered what his commander would say. As he turned it on, the image of Lord Askan quickly formed. The man was the most powerful person in the galaxy, and it wasn't often that he made these routine checks. Staring to the older man's dark blue eyes, he wondered why he liked to wear dark crystals, not to mention dark colored clothing with no armor. Lord Askan slightly smiled, as if he knew what Kenji was thinking, and that made Kenji very uncomfortable.

"My Lord," Kenji began, "The source of power I believed came from a woman I found in a clearing. She is unlike the earthen population. I believe she is from a different planet since she has wings. Although she doesn't show a power reading, I believe she can be very dangerous."

"I have something very important for you to do, Kenji. I need you to capture this woman and bring her to my labs. Do you understand?" Lord Askan asked.

"Of course, my Lord. I will do as you ask." With that, the communication was cut off.

Sighing, Kenji slowly gathered the transmitter and put it back into the tent. He knew that the woman had power. Why else would that man put up with her constant bickering? But he had no idea how she hid her power or how powerful she truly was. As he zipped up the tent, he wondered if he was going to get out of this alive. Then a comforting thought came to him. If he did a wonderful job, he would be in line for a promotion. With that on his mind, he took to the sky. It wasn't long until he found them. They were almost to the forest.

He rose his arm, focused his ki into his hand, forming a small ball of energy in his hand. Aiming it yards in front of the winged woman, he released it. It hit exactly where he thought it would. Immediately they stopped walking and turned to face him. Landing near them, he touched his scouter for a power reading. There was nothing, which meant that they hadn't powered up. And that meant they were not afraid of him. Angry, he aimed another bust of energy at the man since he was dispensable. Suddenly he found himself staring at a man wearing what a human would call formal wear and Kenji had this burning pain in his hand. The shot went wild, but still managed to hit the man. Unfortunately it wasn't fatal. As he pulled the rose out of his hand, the man was getting up. Before the man could throw another rose, Kenji hit him again with another energy ball. This time, Kenji was sure he wasn't going to get up. Now that the man was out of the way, Kenji turned his complete attention to the woman. She still wasn't powering up. Deciding to use another energy ball to knock the woman out, he carefully formed one. Lord Askan wouldn't be too happy if his test subject, he was sure that is what she was going to become, was harmed in any way.

"Silver Moon Flare," the woman called out.

Kenji was thrown back and temporary blinded. His attack had gone wild again and destroyed something in the distance. Quickly he checked his scouter. Again, he got nothing. Worry was beginning to worm its way into Kenji's mind. How could she do that? Who was she? What was she? The man who was with her began to get up again. This was not possible, he told himself as the man walked next to the winged woman. That man should have been dead. Maybe that both of them would be good test subjects for Lord Askan. With that in mind, he aimed his next attack at them and then froze. His scouter was giving him a power reading, but it wasn't from the two in front of him.

As he turned around, a woman with long black hair kicked him in the stomach. Quickly he recovered as he avoided the next attack but found himself bent over in pain when her knee hit his stomach. It surprised him that his attacker was a woman. Most women don't fight. That was when he noticed the tail. A Saiyajin woman? That was impossible. Only a few male Saiyajin escaped the planet before it was destroyed, and that was because they were out conquering worlds. And rumors had it that female Saiyajin were worst then their male counterparts.

Again, the woman attacked, but this time he had a plan. As the woman hit him in the stomach, again, he went for her tail, and he had a hold on it for a moment. She screamed, and another Saiyajin came into view, a man this time. Releasing the woman's tail, he turned to flee. There was no way to fight two Saiyajin and live. Slowly he glanced back and saw the ki glowing around the female Saiyajin and the male Saiyajin looked slightly amused. Then the woman was after him. Flying as fast as he could, he tried to summon his power. Suddenly he felt something above him. As he looked up, the woman smiled as she put her hands together and formed a glowing ball of energy. Before he could counterattack, he felt the energy burning his chest as it sent him crashing to the ground. On shaky feet, he tried to walk and immediately slumped forward.

"You're disgusting," the woman stated as she grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him to his feet. And with a quickly twist, she sent him flying into the air. As he flew further away from her, he thought he might actually live through this incident. But his hope disappeared when a blinding flash of light came straight at him.

"I think you overdid it," Gohan commented as he watched the unknown man fall back, at an unbelievable speed. And he was probably burnt to a crisp.

"So," she said as she turned to glare at the two remaining people. The woman looked familiar somehow. And so did the man, now that she thought of it. She studied the woman for a moment and then glared at her clothes. At that moment, she knew who the blonde haired woman was, and the pieces fell together. It was Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

"Usagi-san?" Gohan asked. Now she was glaring at Gohan.

"I was. I'm now known as. . .," she started.

"Queen Serenity." Gohan and the winged woman were now staring at her. Gohan's expression was telling her to be polite. And the winged woman had a confused look.

"That's my mother. I am Neo Queen Serenity," she stated as she studied the tailed woman.

"I should have known that," the Saiyajin woman replied. "How come you're here?"

"We were. . .," she started.

"We were in a fight and ended up here," the man, Mamoru, interrupted. The woman shot him a deadly glare.

"I'll inform my father that we have visitors." And with that, she left. They all watched her go.

"I know you, don't I?" Neo Queen Serenity asked.

"Yes. I was younger when I met you."

"Gohan-kun," she said. "You've grown. How is your father?"

"My father is the same. Still fights and loves to spar with Vegita."

"Vegita? I thought he had died," she said. She sounded as though as she didn't believe him. Mamoru eyes narrowed slightly, a deep hatred burning there.

"Why would you think Vegita was dead? Did something happen that we didn't see when we were sent back? Because he's alive and well. I'm sure you would love to see him," he said. "In fact, they are all at Master Roshi's house. Can you fly, or do I get to carry you?"

"I can fly," she said. "But Mamoru can't."

"That's fine. I'll carry him." Mamoru shot Gohan an evil glare and then sighed.

Once they were up in the air, they heading for Master Roshi's island. Mamoru was holding on to Gohan's back, since he refused to be carried.

"So, who is the girl? A girlfriend, perhaps?" Serenity pried.

"Sort of." He was blushing. As they got closer and closer to Master Roshi's island, he wondered how he would explain to Serenity who Koneko was.

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