The Never-Ending Crossover
Dragonball CT
Chapter Two "Mistakes of the Past"
by Morgan Le Fey and Eternal SailorM

Disclaimers: We don't own Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon. If we did, we'd be rich. However, since we're so poor that one of us is living paycheck to paycheck and the other is living off a college grant. . . Well, it speaks for itself. We do own Dragonball CT and all original characters within it. Steal and you get to meet Koneko up close and personal.

Authors' note: This entire saga is written mostly by Morgan Le Fey, and co-authored, titled, and edited by Eternal SailorM.

"How dare she show her face here?" Koneko muttered to herself as she flew as fast as she could towards her mountain home. She needed to change her clothes before she could continue. Once she arrived at the hideaway, she quickly changed into one of her normal outfits, namely a dark blue tank top with a matching shirt. Underneath her skirt, she put on tight blue shorts. As she was rushing for the door, knowing she needed to beat Gohan to the island, she stopped in front of the mirror. Quickly she put her hair up in odangos, what her father liked to call "rabbit ears." If she didn't have her hair up, her father would know something was wrong. She decided that she needed to change her hairstyle as she quickly tied blue ribbons in her hair, something that Chichi had gotten her in the habit of doing. Then she quickly went outside. Instead of flying the rest of the way, she got into her air car and drove as fast as she could towards the island. When she saw her father, along with about ten to twelve other people, she cursed softly, "Damn it, Usagi. Why did you have to pick today to drop out of the sky?"

"Koneko," her father yelled through the crowd as soon as she landed the air car, getting as many people as wet as possible, including her father. "I'm going to kill Bulma for getting that car for you!"

"Oh, really," Bulma stated, standing next to Vegita, her hands on her hips. "Well, I hope you know?

"Woman, I don't need a lecture from you," Vegita snapped, interrupting Bulma.

"Hey, I. . .," Bulma began.

"Here we go again," Koneko sighed. "Father, I need to talk to you."

"I'm sure it can wait," Vegita barked towards her and then turned his attention back to Bulma.

"Oh, you really don't want to know that my mother and the man she stood you up for are on their way here at this moment. Fine then," Koneko hissed back. That immediately got his attention, not to mention everyone else's. Quickly she turned her back and headed towards Kakarroto.

"What did you say?" he demanded. She stopped and smiled slightly to herself before turning in her father's direction.

"You heard what I said," Koneko replied, smirking.

"Stood me up for him?" he questioned, spitting out the word him with venom, then he laughed. His laugher, which sounded more like an evil chuckle than anything else, attracted everyone's attention. Koneko's dark eyes narrowed as the others quickly gathered around, trying to listen in. She knew instantly that attention was what her father wanted, but she had no idea why. "She went back to that wimp because she couldn't stand the thought of having you!"

"You bastard," she seethed as she thought about attacking him. Remembering how nasty he could get when anyone talked about his precious Usagi, she decided it would be best to just avoid him for the next two weeks. She didn't think he would take it well if she attacked him.

"In fact, I don't know why I even wasted a wish on you," he stated as he turned his back. Everyone stood there, silent.

"Damn you," she screamed and formed a ki blast in her hand, instantly forgetting what she had been thinking about before.

"She looks familiar," Serenity said thoughtfully to Gohan. He smiled at her and immediately felt arms around his throat tightened. "I feel as if I should know her. It sounds strange, doesn't it?"

"Well, to be honest," Gohan began, still not sure how to explain this, "you do know her. "When he glanced at Serenity and the puzzled look on her face, he decided he'd better spit it all out now. "Her name's Koneko. She's your--"

"My daughter," Serenity finished, her voice soft and almost nonexistent. And her voice sounded choked, as if she were crying. "But she's gone. She disappeared the moment we rescued Mamoru."

"Vegita became attached to the little girl. He always showed an outer appearance, an appearance of not needing anyone. After we came back, he acted like nothing had happened. All he wanted was one thing, and that was to destroy Freezer," he paused for a moment, making sure that Serenity was all right. She was right at his side, but he could detect faint tears in her eyes, as if she knew what happened next. Mamoru was ignoring them both, his arm hold around Gohan's neck becoming tighter as the ground disappeared beneath them and was replaced with an endless blue of the ocean. "Vegita died fighting Freezer and my father destroyed Freezer after becoming a Super Saiyajin. Everyone killed by Freezer was wished back to life, including Vegita."

"But how did Koneko come here?" There were huge watery tears streaming down her face. The account of what occurred that day clearly upset her, but it was obvious that she knew what had happened, or at least part of it. "She never existed here, did she?"

"No," Gohan said softly; the island was coming into view. "Vegita wished her here. Unfortunately, Koneko had complete memories of the Moon Kingdom, her own timeline, and the timeline we all were thrown into." He then sighed, wondering how he should say it, knowing Serenity had the right to know. Gohan decided to spit it out. "And, she sort of hates you."

At that moment, he could see everyone on the island and took in a deep breath when he realized what was about to happen. Koneko stood in a defensive position as she formed a ball of energy. Vegita had his back turned, but Gohan knew that Vegita was quite aware of what exactly what was happening. The prince of Saiyajins had probably started it. And he could probably feel it. In fact, Gohan was surprised he hadn't felt it sooner. Serenity gasped when she saw Koneko attack her father. Vegita spun around quickly and knocked his daughter's attack into the water, which caused a wave in the distance. Just as father and daughter were about to have a fight that would probably destroy the entire island, Gohan saw the door to Master Roshi's house open and his mother walked out. Serenity watched as the dark haired woman walk up to Vegita and then, out of the blue, hit him in the head with a frying pan, a frying pan that wasn't there a moment ago. For a moment it looked like Vegita was going to kill the woman when Gokou stepped in the way.

Gohan hovered in the air, just above the ground  as Serenity went to pry Vegita from the dark haired woman and Gokou. Vegita wasn't even aware of her presence, yet. The moment Serenity touched Vegita's arm, the world seemed to slow down. Gokou had taken the woman in his arms and quickly disappeared into the sky. Koneko had a very sour look on her face, and everyone around her quickly took off in many different directions. Mamoru released his death grip on Gohan's neck and fell the rest of the way to the ground. And Serenity stood there, her hand on Vegita's shoulder. The angry Saiyajin had been in the process of turning around, a ki blast ready for the unsuspecting victim, and froze.

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