The Never-Ending Crossover
Dragonball CT
Chapter Three "Mixed Emotions"
by Usa-chan and Eternal SailorM

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Vegita's eyes widened slightly as he saw the blonde-haired woman. She was Usagi - that much was sure - and yet she looked the same as he had last saw her, but her eyes held a sadness that hadn't been there before.

Koneko glowered at the blonde achieving an expression much like her father's. She was aware that Gohan and the weak human Usagi was married to were behind her, but her attention was solely on Vegita's face.

Serenity stared at Vegita, her eyes searching for any changes. She remembered well what he had suffered from Freezer before he was killed. Everything and everyone surrounding the couple were silent.

"What are you doing here?" Vegita demanded, intent on not letting her see how her reappearance had affected him.

"We were in a fight and ended up here," she answered, deciding to stick with Mamoru's story.

Vegita's eyes narrowed slightly at the word "we". Serenity studied Vegita's eyes hoping to find a clue to how he felt about her being there.

Serenity slowly turned her eyes on Koneko. She studied the fuming young woman and tried to ignore the hate in her eyes. "Koneko, I' m..."

Koneko's eyes blazed, "Don't you even talk to me! Just leave us alone! We've done fine without you and don't need you, so just leave here!" she demanded before flying off.

Serenity watched her go. 'Gomen ne, Koneko.'

Back in the forest five other people fell to the ground heavily. Uranus was the first to get up, and she looked around, "Where is Odango and where are we?"

Sailor Star Fighter got to her feet and scanned the area with her eyes, "I think we're in a forest of some kind, but that doesn't explain where Odango is..."

Sailor Jupiter had not quite managed to fall to the ground and was clutching onto a tree limb as she eyed the distance between the top of the tree and her fellow senshi. Fortunately for her, Saturn had landed on top of the branch. "This shouldn't hurt us to fall from this height," the youngest Senshi announced. Grudgingly Jupiter let go of the branch and fell to the ground with Saturn leaping nimbly down.

Pluto had been the only one to land on her feet and she looked around, "We're in Vegita's and Gokou's dimension." This statement brought looks of shock to each of the other Senshi's face except for the other two Outers.

Two men that had been attempting to see if Kenji was truly dead were astounded at a white light and energy surge, although according to Kenji's still-working instruments it wasn't as strong as the first one. "We should tell Lord Askan," one suggested.

The other nodded, "You contact him. I'll use the scouter to see what that power level was."

The first one winced but nodded his head. When his partner had left, he grumbled to himself. "How dare he stick me with the hard job? Kenji, why did you have to get yourself killed?" Sighing, the man entered the transmission code. "My Lord, we regret to inform you that Kenji failed. He's been killed by what we think were the Saiyajin."

The older man looked thoughtful for a moment, "Kenji mentioned a woman with wings accompanied by a human male when he last spoke to me. I ordered him to catch her, but it appears he failed. So now I order you to do it."

The man bowed his head slightly as a way of showing he had heard and would obey. He turned the communication off as the same time his partner came back with an odd look on his face. "What did you find?"

The other man shook the dazed look off his face. "Four women in sailor-like outfits with short skirts and another woman in black leather boots with a top. All had tiaras and the smallest one had a staff with the metal on top in the shape of a 'G'."

"Were they the ones who caused the flash?"

"Yes, I think so. What did Lord Askan say?"

"Kenji was supposed to capture this woman with wings who supposedly caused the first flash, so now we have to take over his job."

"What do we do about the women in the forest?"

"The only thing that matters is our orders, but perhaps they know where our target is?"

The two men looked at each other and nodded in silent agreement as they traveled to where the oddly dressed women were so they could trail them.

Sailor Mars glared at the dark green haired Senshi. "Pluto, you know where Serenity and Mamoru-san are, don't you?"

Pluto nodded her red maroon eyes flickering over her surroundings. "Yes, I know where Her Majesty is."

Mars scowled, "Well, show us the way so we can get her out of here before she sees Vegita. We don't need him anywhere around her."

Uranus glanced over at the furious raven-haired Senshi. "She'd have been better off with him rather than Endymion. Someone she doesn't even love," she retorted.

Jupiter sighed as she could practically feel the fight coming on. 'Haruka-san has never forgiven Rei for blaming Usagi about wanting Koneko more than Chibiusa.' The green-clothed Senshi let her thoughts drift to the young princess, and she smiled slightly.

Saturn had her eyes closed in thought. She knew her queen couldn't be that far away so she was determined to find and protect her as her duty called. "Are you alright, Mako-chan?"

Jupiter nodded, "I'm fine, Hotaru-chan; only got a little scratch from the fall. Do you know which way Serenity probably went?"

"This way," announced Pluto's soft voice. The other Senshi around her nodded in agreement and followed just as their trackers made it to the site.

One of the men put his scouter on and studied the group. "Either they have very low power levels or this thing is broken."

The other man scowled. "Don't you remember the traitor's trick? They can hide their power levels. Besides these guys have to be strong in order to have caused that flash. Look, one of them is telling the others which way to go. Maybe we'll find the winged woman that way."

The first man nodded doubtfully, "That is, if these guys know where to go."

"You're too pessimistic. That dark green-haired one will lead us to her."

"Whatever. You know if we fail this mission, our deaths will be much worse than what befell Kenji."

"That's for sure, so let's not let these people out of our sight."

Serenity tilted her head to the side and slowly turned. "Some of the Senshi have followed."

Vegita scowled as he caught sight of Mamoru. He gave the human a death glare but was stopped from attacking by a small hand against his chest. He turned to see Serenity silently asking for him not to attack.

"I'm going to greet them and bring them back here. Gohan-kun, Vegita, will you please help?"

Gohan nodded. "Of course."

Vegita merely grunted but nodded once to show he would help. Serenity smiled at both of them and took off into the air towards her protectors. On either side of her flew Vegita and Gohan. She would occasionally glance at Vegita from the side of her eyes, and she felt herself smile softly.

"You're too slow, woman. Can't you go any faster?"

"Of course, Vegita-sama." Serenity smirked at the challenge and increased her speed, the two beside her effortlessly meeting and matching it. All too soon it seemed to Serenity the flight was over as she saw the white and multicolored uniforms below. She came to a stop and flew downwards, landing easily in front of her Senshi. Vegita and Gohan followed and landed beside her.

Sailor Mars sent Vegita a look of pure hate and then turned her eyes to her Queen as if ignoring his presence. Sailor Saturn was just relieved her Queen was all right.

"Are you all right, Serenity?" Jupiter asked, eyeing Gohan in confusion.

Serenity nodded, "Hai, Gohan-kun and Vegita are going to help me carry you to the island."

Mars was about to vehemently decline when she noticed someone in the trees behind them. As much as she longed to attack Vegita, she knew her first priority was the Queen so she took a protective stance in front of the woman and prepared her attack. "Mars Flame Sniper!"

A man came running out of the burning bushes, his eyes narrowed. A scouter covered one eye, and he ignored the prescense of Vegita. He was on an important mission. A vital mission, and he would not fail. He launched his attack at who he had thought to be the weakest, the smallest of the bunch.

Saturn watched silently as the attack streaked towards her, and she merely raised her glaive. And as if the attack had been solid, it was halved and flew harmlessly behind her.

"Star Serious Laser!"

"World Shaking!"

"Silence Glaive Surprise!"

"Dead Scream."

The four attacks converged on the man, and the Senshi watched to see what damage it would cause. Sailor Star Fighter was the first to see that the man had easily blocked their attacks. Unfortunately, she noticed this before a fist plowed into her unguarded stomach. She felt her air leave her in a gush and decided that from now on she would be sure to back away much farther before checking to see if the threat was gone.

The man smirked and launched another powerful attack but this time on Serenity. This, however, was the wrong thing to do, as a furious Vegita batted the attack away and attacked in a rage. He was too preoccupied to notice the other man a safe distance away lifting an object to his lips and blowing.

Gohan noticed that though Vegita had turned Super Saiyajin, he still hadn't defeated the odd man. He quickly went to help, leaving Serenity in the care of merely Mars and Jupiter.

Serenity stiffened as she felt a sharp pain in her arm. Her Senshi were too preoccupied with Vegita's battle to notice their Queen's eyes roll upwards, and the second man easily pick her up and fly away.

Vegita, however, did notice and would have went after the second man then and there if he didn't have to destroy the one in front of him first. "Big Bang Attack!"


The man screamed once, but there was a tinge of insane laughter in it as if he had succeeded his mission. "He was a decoy!" Uranus growled in annoyance. Vegita didn't say anything and merely took after the way his 'Tenshi' had gone.

The others had looked at each other as if to decide what to do next. "I'm going to see if I can catch up to Vegita; you guys stay here until we return," Gohan commanded before taking off and leaving the Senshi alone.

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