Beloved Fate
Mission Six
"Out of Heaven"
by Aya-chan, the girl who woke up

"...And for more news, about half an hour ago, the lead singer of DRY, Tanaka Iwara, and his five-year old son were nearly killed yesterday afternoon by a car bomb. The twenty-five year old singer said, 'I was scared for my son and myself. I am glad no one else was hurt." The reporter on the television continued but Mika ignored it and turned to Tohma and sighed.

"I am worried about all this. Something isn't right at NG." Mika said. "I don't know the full story but I think there is something you aren't telling me."

"There is nothing." Tohma had been cold and withdrawn for a week now and Mika was beginning to worry.

"Don't play with me!" Mika said, her voice suddenly cold and unnaturally dangerous. "I am still mourning my brother and now you want to play hide and seek with my emotions? What the hell is going on, Tohma?"

"Yohji's here." Tohma said, burying his face in his hands. "I never expected for him to show up."

"Yohji?" Mika stood still for a moment and then her face when still. "Your brother?"

Tohma nodded. Before he could say anything else, there was shot fired that rang through out the entire building. The two stood and looked at each other..

"Stay here and call the police." Mika said, "I'll go check it out."

"No, Mika! This is my company. You stay here and I';;l go find out what's going on." He left the room and a furious Mika behind.

"Your company? Whose been there to support you? Whose put up with you lusting after my brother? I don't think so, Tohma. You are not leaving me behind." Her hands fisted at her side, Mika stalked out behind him.


Hiro grabbed his shoulder and doubled over. Sakano ran to his side, as did Shuichi but Suguru remained calm, calling security. K cocked his pistol and stood in the doorway and looked around. Omi and Ken ran in to the hallway, each adjusting his clothing. Katrina still sat on the table, her face white. A look of anger on her face.

"I'm going to investigate." K said. 

"I'll go with you," Katrina said.

"No." Omi said. Ken nodded. "We'll go with him, you stay here and help Hiro."

She glowered at the two boys but said nothing else. The three men disappeared down the hallway where the shot had originated. K entered the stairway and looked down to see a shadowy figure disappear into the depths of the staircase. Omi looked at Ken and the two nodded. Running up the stairs, Omi pointed down to Ken and K, who nodded and started down the stairs.

Running up the stairs, Omi reached the roof and ran to another door that lead to an elevator. Entering, he pushed the button for the bottom floor. The elevator swiftly took Omi down to the first floor he exited at the same time that the figure with a gun exited the stairway. He ran and kicked the gun from the guy's hand.

"Ow! Stop that, its me, K." K said, rubbing his hand.

"Where's Ken?" Omi asked, a snarl in his voice.

"I'm right here. The person who shot Hiro is gone. He just disappeared. We reached the bottom and there was no one there, not even in the shadows of the bottom stairs." Ken said, bending down and hugging his knees. He was breathing hard.

Omi looked around and ran outside but there was no one there. The street was eerily silent and empty. He reentered the building a look of fear and concern on his face.


Shuichi squirmed in his seat. He was really worried about Hiro and Yuki, too... It had been almost a week since he had heard from his lover and he was getting scared. Was it really over this time. Brought from his thoughts, Katrina walked into the waiting room, her face exhausted. 

"I'm really sorry, Shuichi. I had to make a few calls." She said, her face pale and dotted with perspiration.

"No problem. Hiro's doing fine." Shuichi looked down.. When he looked up he looked at Katrina, who was looking at the vending machines. There was something about her face, something familiar.

"Melon soda?" She said.

"Huh?" Shuichi said, dragged from his thoughts and suspicions.

"I think I'll have a melon soda, do you want anything?" she asked, smiling at him.

He nodded. "I'll have an apple-orange-carrot juice."

She nodded and walked over to the vending machines. Silently, Shuichi shook himself. Of course there wasn't anything familiar about Katrina. As he waited for the Katrina to return, he relaxed.

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Aya-chan, the girl who woke up!

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