Beloved Fate
Mission Four
"Gravitating to You"
by Aya-chan, the girl who woke up

Mr. K leaned against the doorframe, a note in his hand a serious look on his face. Bad Luck was recording its latest song, No Time for Tomorrow. He ran a hand over the but of his favorite pistol, a comforting reminder of who he was. As the song faded off, he clapped and forced a smile on to his face. He straightened and walked towards the dissembling band. 

"That was fantastic!" He said, and then pointing his gun at Shuichi's head, he added, "But, there was too much thought in the music and not enough heart."

Shuichi's eyes got big and teary. "But-ut.. my heart is with my Yuki." Then he started bawling. "Yuki wasn't home last night and he's not answering his phone! Why does he hate me?"

Mr. K looked up and met Hiroshi's eyes. Hiroshi's hands tightened around the long end of his guitar. "Well," slipping an arm around Shuichi's shoulders and leaning his head down to the shorter, pink-haired boy's face flirtatiously. "I'l be nice to you."

Shuichi backed away and waved his hands in front of him, fending Mr. K off. "Eh! I am completely faithful to Yuki-san. Even if he is being mean to me!" His lower lip began to tremble and his eyes began to fill with tears.

Mr. K grew serious but he said nothing. Hiroshi studied him, then walked up and whispered to him to meet him outside. Nodding, the two left, leaving Shuichi with Suguru. Out in the hall, Hiroshi looked Mr. K straight in the eye and they started talking. A minute later, he faltered back, a sickened expression on his face. Mr. K said something else and then walked back into recording room while Hiroshi stood outside in hall. His hands in fists and tears in his tightly closed eyes.


Katrina sighed, massaging her temple. "Ran-san... That was terrible. It lacks emotion."

Aya just stared at her as if she were insane. Omi just sighed and Ken looked at Katrina with a warning in his eyes. Yohji just smiled flirtatiously at Katrina and winked.

"Look, your first single needs to be released within three days if you want to continue working for NG. I don't want to lose my job, so get back to work on that song!" Katrina stood and walked out of the room. She turned when the door was closed behind her in the hallway, Yohji stood there, his velvety eyes serious. "Katrina-san.. There is something you should know. Aya wrote that song without emotion. He doesn't believe that letting all of his emotions are going to benefit anyone. I will give him motivation for future music."

Turning before she could say anything, he walked away. Katrina shook herself and reminded herself that there was no reason to get attached to any of these guys, soon they wouldn't even be there anymore.


The car pulled up into the front of NG's building and a tall guy stepped out, drawing attention to himself immediately. He had pale blue hair and an eye patch over his right eye. He walked toward the building with purpose, each step seeming to draw more attention. When he entered the building, he smiled and asked the first person he saw a question.

"Do you know where I can find the new band, Uncontrol?"


Seguchi Mika stood at the window of her husband's office waiting for him to return. When he did, Tohma said nothing when he say her face.

"It seems NG is not the only one receiving threats. Whoever is doing this, is targeting NG members family and friends." She tossed a newspaper on the table, her lower lip trembling.

Tohma read and then went still. "Yuki?"

First Draft: 18 November 2003
Revision: 23 November 2003

Okay, that's it for Mission 4. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. 

Done by Aya-chan, the girl who woke up

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