Beloved Fate
Mission Two
"A Mysterious Heart"
by Aya-chan, the girl who woke up

Katrina stretched as she entered the studio the next morning, sighing as she thought about the wonderful night she had spent with the new band. She was stopped short when she saw Yohji being dragged out of one of the elevators, kicking and shouting. Pressing a hand over her eyes, she felt her cheeks heat up in a mortified blush. She never expected to have to rescue them so early on from scandal, but every eye in the room and some outside were on him.

"Wait! Security, please!" She laid a hand on the security officer's arm. "He's new here, part of a new band. Let him go."

"Miss Katrina, I am sorry, but Tohma-san said for me to escort this - what w ere his exact words?" The security guard thought hard.

With his furious, annoyed expression, Yohji put in, "Snotty brat."

"Yeah, that was it." The security guard tightened his grip on Yohji's arm. "So, I can't listen to you, lady."

Katrina felt anger begin to take over her worry and humiliation. "I know Seguchi Tohma, and he would never call someone a snotty brat! I am taking Kudou-san up there again, and this time I will speak personally with Tohma-san."

Before the security guard could do anything, she had snatched Yohji's arm and yanked him into the elevator. Once the doors shut on the shouting security guard, Katrina let herself relax and rub her forehead. "Do you care to tell me what that was all about?" she asked.

Yohji smiled. "Nope."

She smiled back at him. Suddenly, they both started laughing. It was uncontrollable and hysterical. 


His chest was tight, his heart being twisted by a giant fist. Gulping in deep breaths, Shuichi opened his eyes. He had awakened earlier to find himself alone, with no Yuki cuddling him and in Hiroshi's room. Sitting up, Shuichi felt tears begin to burn his throat and eyes. Everyone knew he was over emotional, but they never knew how deeply affected he really was. He stood to take a shower, his heart paining him. He climbed beneath the hot spray of water but ended up squatting, hugging himself and crying.

"Yuki?" He said, as if calling out to his lover. "Why?"nbsp;

In the doorway, Hiroshi tightened his fists and left. 


Aya sat on the couch of the lobby, his face solemn but some amusement in his eyes as he watched the green-haired rock god, Ryuichi, try to cheer up Shuichi.

"Please!" Ryuichi asked, jumping around Shuichi, who was crying and slumped in the large arm chair.

"No," Shuichi said. "How can you be so insensitive?"

Ryuichi's lower lip began to tremble and Aya was suddenly taken aback. "You're mean!"

"I'm sorry!" Shuichi sobbed, and the two fell into each others arms, bawling like hungry babies.

Sighing with a sweat drop, Aya said, "Man, what is up with those two? You'd think they were just children."

A laugh from behind him represented a handsome redhead with laughing eyes. "Yeah, but they are both musical geniuses."

Aya sighed. "I can't believe it."

Katrina walked over just then, Yohji behind her. "It's time for us to meet in the warm-up room. Come on, Ran-san."

Aya stood and followed Katrina and Yohji to the room.


Hamazaki Setsuna snuck up behind the giant amp in the warm-up room and started making notes. She never noticed the young man looming over her. "Hey! What are you doing?" Omi asked, leaning over her shoulder.

Setsuna jumped and shrieked, her pigtails falling over her shoulder and looked up, a dark flush spreading over her entire face. "Er umm?"

"Hey, Omi! What are you doing over there?" Ken called out.

Setsuna placed a finger over her lips and said, "Shh!"

Omi blinked at her in curiosity and said, "Nothing, Ken-kun."

Ken gave him a suspicious look. "Omi. What are you hiding over there?"

Setsuna cringed when she heard Ken's footsteps approach. "Maor..."

"Are you hiding a cat back there?" Ken asked.

"Er..." Omi fidgeted. He had never been put in such an awkward position before. "No! Don't come over here.. its ..ah I've got to pee!"

Ken's steps faltered. "Behind the amp? There's a bathroom down the hall."

"Oh, yeah. Well, I like this amp. I want to claim it, you know." Omi said, starting to unzip his pants.

Setsuna jumped up, startling the two boys. "Actually, I asked him not to tell anyone I was here, but obviously, he? not very good at covering for anyone. I had better go."

As she was running out of the room, Katrina was entering and was pushed back against the door as the girl hurried away, her face bright red. Looking curiously at the boys, she sighed. "It appears that you two have been busy already. Who was that?"

Omi shrugged and Ken still looked flustered. Katrina looked down and cried out, pointing at Omi's pants. "... eh... exactly what were you two doing in here?!?"

Omi quickly zipped up his pants and said in unison with Ken, "Nothing!"

Katrina sighed, eyeing the two warily. "Well, we need to record your first song. We have to release your debut album next week!"

Aya and Yohji came in behind her. "Next week?" Aya said. "Isn't that a bit too soon?"

Katrina waved her hand. "You can do anything. C'mon, it will take many sleepless nights but we can do it!"

Everyone couldn't take away her good cheer. So, they kept their doubts to themselves.


Yuki Eiri listened to Bad Luck, his mind on the events surrounding his current situation with Shuichi. He loved the childish singer but he had to protect him. Burying his face in his hands, the cigarette smoking from his fingers, Yuki thought of the letter again. A his door bell rung, drawing him from his reverie. It was probably Shuichi coming to beg him to take him back.

He stood and went to answer the door. He stood there in shock. She stood there with a gun pointed at his heart.

"What are you doing here?" Yuki asked, his voice even and emotionless, never conveying his rapidly beating heart.

"I told you to stay away from Shindou Shuichi." She pulled the trigger.

First Draft: 15 November 2003
Revision: 18 November 2003

Well, that's that. I hope you all like it.

Done by Aya-chan, the girl who woke up

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