Say Nothing
by Eternal SailorM (Angel Maxwell)

Disclaimers: This is a work of original fiction. I own everything. Steal and die a painful death. I will drive over you - then back up. Vague disclaimers are no one's friend.

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Yes, that was the name she was called in the dreams. Sunshine. Just the word conjured the image of the willowy blonde woman in the flowing robes she saw every time she went to sleep. It brought to mind the blue eyes that were the color of the cloudless sky at noon.

As near as she could tell, Sunshine was a priestess of some sort, in the service of a nameless, formless higher power. People deferred to Sunshine, treated her with respect, awe, even a sort of divine fear. Sunshine was always in her own world, though, and apparently cared little for what all people thought of her.

Well, almost all people, at least. It seemed she had a brother, an almost painfully shy and withdrawn younger version of herself called Rain. Looking at him through Sunshine's eyes and with Sunshine's memories, she could get the faintest idea why he might be that way: their parents had been dead for much of his life, so he'd been raised with his sister at the temple of her nameless god; and the young man (he could be no older than twenty, if that) was so pretty it was almost hard to look at him for very long. The hair that looked like her namesake on Sunshine looked like platinum on Rain.

Of course, those weren't their real names, but rather how her mind translated the foreign words. That in and of itself was no big surprise; languages had always come easily to her, probably a good thing in her profession. This language that Sunshine and Rain spoke, though, was unlike she'd heard spoken before, both in pronunciation and grammar, as well as cadence. At first she'd thought it some ancient lost form of Greek, but the more she thought about it the more unlikely it seemed. There were too many other influences, influences that were too widespread, for it to simply be Greek they spoke, no matter how ancient or corrupted it may be.

And sometimes she got the feeling what language they really spoke was going to be the least of her worries. Sometimes she felt that they were beginning to take her over, seize her life so they could finish the one they'd left behind. She sensed in Sunshine especially a deep desperation. There was something she had to do, someone she had to find. And the only thing stopping her, blocking her from her goal, is... her.

And in a match of Dr. Rachel Steiger versus Sunshine, somehow she didn't think Rachel would be the one victorious.

First Draft: 22 March 2004

Hmm... Another original began. Let's hope this ends up going better than Butterfly Wings and Kokoro no Tsumi.

Oh well, back to work on Gods and Other Creatures! Later!

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