Dust to Dust
Sanctity Here That I Call Home
by Apollymi

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Word Count: 400
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Tracy took another look at the contents of the fridge before her and sighed heavily. "Tell me again, Nick: how did you fool everyone for so many years? Get a little actual food in here, for God's sake!"

"Clearly, no one was as interested with the contents of my refrigerator as you have proven to be."

"If anyone looks in here, they'll think you're a raging alcoholic," she predicted direly.

If anyone came by here, of course. Some nights, she couldn't decide which was worse: haunting a reclusive vampire or that it was mostly only vampires who could, apparently, see her. At least she had some range: within 10 meters of wherever Nick was. That was better than some ghosts she had made the acquaintance of since her death.

She had been a bit surprised by the number of ghosts in Toronto, again of the ones she had met since her own death. Not that she got to see many of them because right now Nick wasn't going out much -- or at all. Sometimes he barely reminded her of her partner. Too much had happened all at once: Schanke, Cohen, her, Natalie...

And aside from her, Nick only had that Lacroix guy for company most nights. The man infuriated Tracy to no end, but Nick seemed to brush off his creepy comment of the night easily. Because, seriously, if she didn't know better, she might have been inclined to think Lacroix was being creepy for fun, like he had a bet going on just how much he could annoy Nick before Nick finally boiled over.

If annoying Nick into a murder -- a patricide, if she wanted to think of it in a certain way -- was the only way to get him out of this funk, then she might willingly -- no, happily -- hand over the stake. That it would be Lacroix would only be a bonus; the man truly annoyed her.

"You need something to do," she declared, "before we both go mad of boredom."

"And what did you have in mind?"

Inwardly, she felt this was cause for a small celebration: it was the most interest in anything she had gotten out of Nick in a while. Aloud, though, she kept it calm. No sense in giving him a reason to change his mind.

"I don't know yet," she offered," but I'll think of something."

22 August 2010

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