Welcome to the Future
by Eternal SailorM

"Help me," the golden-haired woman with the white wings whispered. She sighed, and her wings fluttered with the movement. Day after day, she sat in this place, the only safe place there was left in her city, and sent up her prayers to the heavens.

But no one ever answered. Apparently, not even Kami-sama could help this planet now.

Crystalline tears slid down her beautiful face and fell heedlessly onto the rubble-covered ground. It was useless. She was alone, and she was weak. With only her to defend it, Earth was doomed.

She turned her face once more to the sky and begged in a soft, silvery voice, "Please, Kami-sama, if you still love this planet, send me the help I need! Please! I need help! I need someone strong enough to defeat this...!"

She wasn't able to finish the last word as she burst into uncontrollable, silent sobs that racked her entire small body. She did not notice as the locket she wore on her chest began to glow.

Somewhere far above her, a god finally heard her pleas.

30 Jan. 2000
Well, how does it sound so far?

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