Apollymi Recommends... Dragonball Z


Author: Katchan
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Goten/Trunks
Notes: None
Rating: FRAO
Status: Completed
Summary: The bachelor party gets complicated.
Chains of Affection
Author: Syldana
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Vegeta/Goku
Notes: Novel-length
Rating: FRAO
Status: Completed
Summary: A dying Bulma asks Goku to look after Vejiita when she is gone, but as he attempts to save the suicidal prince, something unexpected occurs.
Author: Pixelgoddess
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Vegeta/Goku, Piccolo/Nail, Chichi/OFC Notes: Novel-length
Status: Completed
Summary: Vegeta's life has begun to fall apart, his control slipping away. Will Goku be able to help him hold on, or will he become another victim of Vegeta's past? Romance unfolds between Goku and Vegeta.
My Family, by Briefs Trunks
Author: Sadie Dragonfire
Pairing(s): Bulma/Chichi, Vegeta/Goku/Yamucha, Gohan/Mirai Trunks
Notes: Crack, the story I go when I'm having a bad day
Rating: FRT
Status: Completed
Summary: Trunks writes an essay, Bulma drinks hot chocolate, Vegeta is afraid five-year-olds, and Yamcha has fleas.


Ratings System

The MPAA doesn't share their ratings system, so I have changed DarkMagick.net over to the Fan Rating Ratings. They are as follows:
¤ FRC - Fan Rated Suitable for Children
¤ FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens
¤ FRM - Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
¤ FRAO - Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only

I hope this helps in some small way.