Apollymi Recommends... Battlestar Galatica (1978)


Author: Karo (Katy Rose)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Apollo/Starbuck
Notes: Novel-length
Rating: FRM
Status: Completed
Summary: Boomer and Giles are making everyone learn a new card game, while Apollo and Starbuck are learning new tricks.
Author: Josephine Darcy
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Apollo/Starbuck
Notes: Novella-length
Rating: FRM
Status: Completed
Summary: The Fleet's in trouble; Starbuck and Apollo have to save them.


Ratings System

The MPAA doesn't share their ratings system, so I have changed DarkMagick.net over to the Fan Rating Ratings. They are as follows:
¤ FRC - Fan Rated Suitable for Children
¤ FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens
¤ FRM - Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
¤ FRAO - Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only

I hope this helps in some small way.