Pairings Challenge

by Chibi Tenshi

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyo?! *puts fists up* Bring it on, Kamijyo-sama!

Shiina Yuya has always liked her men a little more couth and a little less ass. Part of it could be attributed to being raised by someone like Nozomu. When he? been taken away from a young age, her brother became idealized in her head, and thus became a basis of what she looked for.

Her ideal man would be thoughtful, attentive, kind, and respectful. He would bring flowers and whisper all sorts of nonsensical stuff that would make her giggle and feel like the luckiest woman in the world. He would write poetry about his bottomless love for her.

Of course, Yuya thinks all of this just as an all-too-familiar hand slides across her bottom for a grope. With a sweet smile plastered on her face, she raises her head to meet the mocking red eyes of a man who is nothing like she ever wanted but everything she could've ever dreamed of and more. At his answering smirk, the blonde huntress wonders if he would still find this amusing (his fingers had dug into her curves at this point) when she tells him that his new bedroom will be the living room until their child arrives.

It is only until much later, after a discussion with Akari, that Yuya comes to realise that he only behaves like this around her, and no one else. The smile on her face widens. It should've been appalling that she's come to associate public fondling to signs of love, but it doesn't matter, she thinks as she heads for the living room. When it comes down to it, there are other things more important than flowers and poetry.

Like really good sex.