by Daimeryan Rei

"How long has it been since you had any sleep?" He looks at her, the strongest woman he's ever met. So unlike Vasquez, with her muscles and her big mouth, so unlike every other female private he has met. All the women in his life were so much different from her, Ripley as she only told him her last name. Confronted with her worst nightmare, she doesn't run for the hills, no, she braces herself and confronts the problem, head-on. In the background, he can hear Hudson lamenting Game over man, game over! but he tunes the words out.

She turns to look at him, face set in pure determination. "You won't let us end up like those others, will you, Hicks?"

"When the time comes..." It won't come, not ever. She's too strong to be defeated by those monsters. They'll crumble under her determination, under her strong will, just like him. She doesn't need his protection. He needs hers. "I'll do us both," his voice is nothing but a whisper, but he means it.