by Eternal SailorM
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Note #1:
  Based on plot bunny posted on Darkshipping ML.  Plot bunny goes: "Yami has noticed something odd about his battles with Bakura.  Each one is slightly more difficult than the last, Bakura's plans slowly become more and more complex and subtle.  His insults get louder and he cheats more often.  What will Yami do when he realizes that Bakura isn't doing this to get the puzzle?  What will he do when he learns that Bakura had a vision and is using the battles to help Yami prepare for a future threat?"  I adapted it a little bit.  ~.~  I couldn't resist writing the angst.
Note #2:  Tentatively falls in the same universe as "Superhero".  Poor bois.  I like to torment them a lot.  To any effect, this will be another song-inspired fic, this time set to Tori Amos' "Crucify".

I knew something was off when I woke up.  Gods, I knew something was wrong since that rainy night in the alley.  Bakura had always been... strange, I believe is the word... but that had been beyond the pale for even him.  And then... what happened with Kaiba... that was also so very strange.  I don't understand it.  Not that I usually understand the way Bakura operated, but maybe I am getting a faint idea now.

I was wrong about a lot of things where Bakura was concerned, it seems.  I can see that now, admit that now.  Mostly, that was because I had been forced to sit across a gaming table from a not-Bakura for what had to have been the most difficult challenge of my life.  Everything till then had been a warm-up.  

No, that wasn't quite right.  It hadn't been a warm-up.  Now that that I can really think about it, I can see a pattern:  each time I faced Bakura, the challenges had been greater and more difficult.  Bakura had been building me up for the final battle all along.  How long had he know about Zork?  How long had it tormented him?  How long had the beast been sealed within him?  Since our ancient times?  It had to have been.  It's a wonder he was as sane as he was then.  Had he known he was going to lose control to the creature one day?  Was that the reason for all our fights?  To prepare me to face Zork in the world of my memories?

And I won.  What choice did I have after all?  Let that monster rule both the Memory World and the real world?  As much as I had been able to spare the concentration, I tried to find a way to save Bakura and defeat Zork.  Maybe I am as stupid as the white-haired man had often proclaimed me to be.  I never came up with a single solution, after all, and had been forced to kill - No!  "Murder" was the word.  I murdered him. - murder Bakura.

If I could spare a half a second, I would glance over at Bakura's lighter half, or rather what was left of the boy.  There was something missing behind his eyes, and now they looked so much like Malik's.  They were both broken, doll-like.  Ryou seemed a little better, or perhaps Malik was simply tired of trying to hide it.  This is my fault as well, both due to my ignorance and my vast overconfidence.  And now I can't think of any way to set things right with them, except this...

I lost.  It was inevitable.  I played well, I had to give Aibou that much as my final gift, but I didn't play at my best or with my heart in the game.  A few small mistakes here and there and a big one at the finale, and my final duel is over.  It ended as it should. 

The Gates of the Afterlife are opening.  The Sennen Items are falling into darkness.  It's finally all over.  Well, Bakura, shall I proceed to the next stage of our game?  You are going to be waiting there for me, aren't you?  No one else is a proper challenge for me, so you'd best be here waiting.

I can hear the doors closing behind me, locking me in this white prison.  Around me, I can see faint images of my priests, my father, people I knew in my first life, before I had my Aibou.  Where are you, thief?  If you have let Ammut consume your heart and cast you into the land of Apophis, I'll truly never forgive you.  You know that, don't you?  I never said anything either of the times we were living, but... I miss you.  Duat is not...

Oh, there you are.

22 February 2005

Whew, finally done with the plot kitty too.  I can breathe a little easier now.  Now I can go enjoy my birthday instead of wanting to beat Yami Yuugi for being an angsty dork.

Sorry, it's so short, but it was torturing me and I didn't want to try to extend the torture any further.  Forgive me?