It's Never Me
by Apollymi

Disclaimers:  I am just a lowly fan, therefore I do not own RENT.  The only thing I own here is the storyline, such that it is.  Please do not steal it.
Dedications:  To Katsuko for the beta read and catching my mistakes.
Word Count: 100

It's never me that makes him look back.

We're clearing the air between us like we never have before, not all of it for the better - I don't hide in my work! It's on the tip of my tongue to just say it at last, instead of hinting like always.

He can be so oblivious. Right now, he's blind to everything except leaving - and her.

It's far from the first time I've felt like a third wheel lately, but this might be the most awkward.

It's never me that makes him look back, but this time it wasn't her either.

02 March 2006

Sorry it took me so long to get this uploaded. I'm not terribly proud of it, but here it is: ready to be counted among my other stories.