Threads of Silver
by Eternal SailorM

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Author's note: In case you missed all the warnings and all, this is going to be a crossover shoujo no ai. It'll probably never get over an "R" rating, but this will be a girl-girl romance story. It would also help to read Dark Side of the Moon first.

A young girl, in her mid-teens to be exact, stretched awake. What woke me up? she wondered to herself.

The crash of thunder that came immediately after that thought reminded her again. She ducked under her sheets and prayed for the storm to end soon.

She so hated storms.

On the other side of that district of Tokyo, another young woman stood in the middle of a park, bravely daring the elements. "It doesn't look at all as I pictured," she was saying to herself.

:This is your one chance that you asked for,: a voice in her head reminded her. :Do you think you can win her again here, in this strange time?:

"I will," she answered confidently. "I have to, even if it means changing the future."

:Good, because it will.:

"So be it."

Tsukino Usagi, age sixteen and first-year high school student, trudged slowly towards Juuban High School, barely managing to put one foot in front of the other. She was exhausted; the storm had kept her up since four a.m., and she hadn't gone to bed until one waiting on Mamo-chan to call her. Which, by the way, he hadn't, and while she was hurt by his thoughtlessness, she was hardly surprised. She could count on one hand the number o times he'd called since he went off to America for spring semester of college.

He left in December, to familiarize himself with the town he'd be in, he'd said, and here it was two weeks from the gaijin holiday of Valentine's Day; he'd called her three times and written her one letter, all of which were so brief she'd felt cold afterwards.

"Isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be for sweethearts?" she muttered to herself.

"Ohayoo gozaimasu!" a chipper voice greeted, startling her from her rather depressing thoughts.

Usagi jumped like someone had electrocuted her, whirling around to face her.

So this is how she looked when she was sixteen, eh? I'd almost forgotten how she looked before she was reborn. The ponytails are cute, I suppose.

"Ohayoo," the blonde cautiously returned the greeting.

"You looked a little upset so I thought I'd try to cheer you up."

Usagi smiled faintly then looked down at the clothes she wore. "You go to Juuban High School?"

"Hai. I just transfered here."

The smile grew broader and brighter. "Well then, welcome. I'm Tsukino Usagi, year one."

"L - Inverse Lina, first year also."

"Maybe we'll even been in the same class." Usagi smiled.

That was the fakest smile I've ever seen, Lina thought to herself, trying her best to keep a grin on her own face. "I hope so." After what I went through to get here, L-sama should have at least gotten me in her class. "You're the only person I know here, after all."

This time the grin was real. (Usagi always did have a weak spot for someone who needed her help; that's what brought me here.) "We'll have to see what we can do." She glanced down and checked her watch. "Shimatta!" She grabbed Lina's wrist and took off running. "We have to hurry, or we'll miss first bell."

7 August 2001

I'm on a roll today, typing this and Chapter 2 of Want Bishonen, Will Travel. ^_~ Anyway, as always, just testing the waters for an audience for this. I know there were a lot of requests. Hope you enjoy!