in the moonlight
Halloween short
by Eternal SailorM/Angel Maxwell

Series: Weiss kreuz/Gravitation
Pairing: Ran/Shuichi
Rating: G/PG (shounen-ai)
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the pairing - and shortly Shuichi's outfit! I make no money. Please don't sue me; I have nothing to give you.
Dedications: Hmmm... I think this should go to the Tsubasa and remaining Uncontrol girls. *blows kisses* Luv you all lots!

*bounce bounce bounce*

Ran eyed the closed door and the strange noises coming from the other side of it nervously. This was so not good. This was so far beyond not good.

A hand closed down on his shoulder. He nearly jumped out of his skin to see Ken and Aya-chan behind him. "You look like you're waiting for a firing squad," the younger man commented, hastily retrieving his hand before Ran tried to glare it apart from his body.

His younger sister smiled at him. "We'll be waiting on you guys." She cast the closed door an amused look. "Whenever you get there."

"If I get there alive and in one piece."

She shook her head and started dragging Ken towards the outside door where Omi was waiting. As soon as he heard them pull away, he cautiously stepped over to the door and tapped lightly. "Are you going to be ready this year?"

The door burst open before him, and a still-bouncing pink-haired young man attached himself to Ran, who had become used to it in the past few months and easily held him up as legs and arms locked around him. "I'm ready," he purred into Ran's ear.

He glanced down at the man in his arms and shook his head slightly. Shuichi wore a floor-length black coat that met midway down his chest to button twice. Long sleeves ended in full, dangling cuffs. A pair of black hotpants and knee-high boots - and were those fishnets? - completed the outfit. "That's what you're wearing to the party?" he asked softly.

"If we have to go..."

Ran rolled his eyes, a faint, fond smile on his face. "It's for your album."

Shuichi leaned back just enough that Ran could now noticed the faint sheen of glitter on his face. He was really going all out this time. He was also grinning almost devilishly as he stared back at Ran. "So we can be fashionably late."

Ran paused and considered it a minute before slowly heading back through the door Shuichi had just come out of.

They were a bit more than fashionably late.

20 September 2002

Happy early Mabon!!! (Still two days away... ^.^;;)

The nekos and the muses and I thought we should share our new pretty with you! We thought the boys going to a Halloween party might be a fun idea for a little short, though not as short as Shuichi's shorts!!

And it's nice to have finally calmed down enough to write my favorite pairing without spazzing. *huggles Ran and Shuichi*

And that's it. G'night!