Future Past
Chapter Three "I Could Fall in Love..."
by Eternal SailorM

Several months passed, and then things on Earth just started going from bad to worse, and it seemed to do it in a matter of days. One by one, Bulma's friends were dying: Yamucha was killed by some girl's ex-boyfriend, Gokou died of some mysterious heart disease, even Kuririn died in those few months, till it was only Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks left. And then the worse part hit after Trunks had been back on earth a little over two years: his mentor, his best friend, his trainor, Son Gohan, was even more mysteriously murdered.

Trunks was out looking for the killer and Bulma was just trying to get around her own house when there was a soft knock on the door. "Come in," she called, not even bothering going to answer it.

Whoever it was entered silently, closing the door behind them, and moving quietly into the living room. Bulma did not even look up to see who it was; it was probably Chichi coming to check on her again anyway. A dark red cloak settled on the sofa beside her, and her quiet guest went back into the kitchen. Several minutes later, a cup of hot tea held in a feminine hand appeared before her face.

"Here. Drink this," the woman stated.

Bulma couldn't help but gasp, startled out of her reverie. "Princess Serenity?"

"Hai, Bulma-kaasan. It's me."

"Why are you here?"

"You and Trunks-kun needed me, so I came."

"But you're not allowed on Earth. The King -"

"-Can kiss off." Bulma gaped openly now. "You and Trunks-kun need me, and I'll be here until you don't. If the King of Earth has a problem with that, frankly, I don't care. Now, drink your tea, Bulma-kaasan. It'll help you relax. You look like you haven't slept in months."

Really to surprised to say anything, she numbly took the tea and sipped it as ordered. Her future daughter-in-law slipped out of the room and down the hallway where the bedrooms lay; a few minutes later, she reappeared dressed in one of Trunks's tanktops, a pair of Bulma's baggy pants, and boots. "What are you doing?" Bulma asked softly.

"Well, for starters, I'm going to cook you some lunch. It's probably been at least a few days since you've eaten, right?" She nodded. "Then I'm going to make something for Trunks to eat when he gets back. Then I may even clean this place up a bit; it's messier than my room."

"I haven't exactly been thinking about cleaning, Serenity."

The blonde gently smiled. "I know, I know. It's okay. That's why I'm here. Why don't you come sit in the kitchen with me while I cook? You can tell me what you and Trunks-kun would like to eat, okay?"

"Okay." She followed the Moon Princes into the kitchen. "You look different, Serenity."

"I'm almost fifteen, Bulma-kaasan. I'm growing up."

"Right before my very eyes. You're very beautiful now, you know." Serenity glanced at her balefully over her shoulder, and Bulma almost laughed. "Not that you weren't before or anything, of course. Oh, nevermind."


Well, Bulma reflected as she watched the White Moon Princess cook, at least she can make tea. Whatever it is she's cooking doesn't look too good, though. She grimaced while Serenity's back was turned. Or smell too good for that matter either. Still I suppose it's the thought that counts, and she wants so badly to take care of us. . . Us. . .

"Trunks-chan should be back soon, Serenity."

"Soo ka?" she pleasantly stated, continuing to stir the pot. Suddenly she froze then jumped like she was struck by lightning. "Hontoo?!?" She put herself into overtime cooking.

However, Trunks didn't arrive home at his usual time, the normal time he cut off his search. The food, which was considerably better than it looked or smelled, got cold, all the tea got drunk, and Bulma got shipped off to bed. Serenity tried to stay awake, she tried very hard, but as the hours dragged on, she fell asleep on the couch waiting for him.

It was close to four a.m. when he stumbled in the doorway, nearly left the door open, and made to collapse over the back onto the couch; a small white hand tossed out off the armrest changed his mind. "Kaasan?" he whispered.

The hand jerked then withdrew, and its owner sat up, blinking at him sleepily. Definitely not Kaasan, his mind stated brieftly before it finally kicked in to her identity. "Renity?"

"Okaeri nasai, Trunks-kun," she answered, yawning.

"What are you doing here on earth? I thought you weren't allowed down here."

"The King can kiss off. I needed to be here." He started to say something else, argue that she should return home for her own sake, before anything happened to her too, when she said, "We can continue this in the morning, Trunks-kun. Maybe you can stay awake all night, but I can't."

"Why are you sleeping on the couch?"

"I was waiting up for you. It took me forever to get your mother to bed; don't make me have to make the same arguements to you."

He held his hand out to her and, when she took it, used it to pull her up. "Come on. You can have my room; I'll take the couch."

"I'm not kicking you out of your bed. You need the sleep more than I do. I'm not compromising," she promised darkly.

"And I'm not arguing. We share it."

"I won't argue. Deal. Which one is it?"

"Second door on the right. Why?"

"So I'll know for when I have to drag you there. You look like you're dead on your feet." She winced at her own word choice. "Gomen nasai, Trunks-kun." He shrugged and started down the hall - and true to her predictions, nearly collapsed before he got ten paces and she did have to drag him, more or less.

"Sorry about that," he faintly apologized as she dumped him onto his unmade bed and started to worry with taking off his boots.

"It's okay. You looked like you were running on fumes there anyway." She placed both boots on the floor, circled the bed, sat down, pulled off her own boots, and lay down, pulling the covers up over both of them and switching off the one light in the room.

In the darkness, he spoke again. Somehow his voice sounded closer than she knew he was. "Renity?"

"Yeah, Trunks-kun?"

"I'm glad you're here. We did need you."

"I'm just glad I can be of some help." She paused, biting her lip. "Do you think you're ever going to find who did it?"

"I hope to all the gods I do."

"What are you going to do when you do find him then?"

"Kill him," he answered simply and shortly.

"Oh. Trunks-kun? Is that what Gohan-san would have wanted you to do?" She paused again, this time for a split second, then rushed on. "I didn't know him as well as you did. Is that what he wanted?"

"I. . . don't know."

"He was your best friend, right?" She faintly saw the outline of his head nod. "If I was him, I wouldn't want my best friend putting himself in danger to avenge my death. I wouldn't want him to become a murderer in my name."

"What do you think I should do then, Renity, if I find him?"

"When you find him, we'll take him to Endymion-kun. He'll throw the guy to the not-so-tender mercies of the High Court. I know they're very happy about one of earth's defenders being murdered."

"Ren? What do you mean?" One of his hands ever so gently touched her arm.

She sighed. "There's two reasons I'm here. One you already know. The other -"

"The other?"

"They put the blame on the Moon Kingdom for all the recent deaths of earth's defenders. Okaasan thought it would be safest for me to hide on earth; they'd never think of looking for me here, in the lion's den, so to speak, in case the King carries out his threat of war."

"War? On the Moon Kingdom?" He rolled up on his side, reached over, and switched on the light again. "Is he stupid enough to try it, to try to go to war?" She nodded. "The idiot's gotten used to the peace of the Silver Millenium, I suppose."

"Earth has always been looking for a ready excuse to attack us. Remember, that's the reason behind the alliance our marriage would provide."

He smirked faintly. "And the Saiyajin are always ready for a good war. It was the perfect alliance."

"Was?" she repeated. "We're not engaged anymore?"

"I don't know. My grandfather hasn't made any communications with us since Tousan died. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't still be. Renity?"

"Yeah, Trunks-kun?"

"I'm still glad you came, regardless of the second reason for your visit."

She smiled at him. "Doomo, Trunks-kun." She leaned across the bed and kissed him lightly. Then rather suddenly, it wasn't as platonic as it started out; it was no longer like kissing a sister or brother.

And suddenly, the night wasn't so lonely.


Trunks awoke the next morning - late the next morning - to a pounding sound that seemed rather like the beginnings of a spectacular headache. Then the pounding faded as he realized who and what was curled up next to him, using his shoulder to sleep on. We didn't. Please tell me we didn't. She's still a kid. Almost fifteen, just a year younger than me, but still a kid. Sweet Kami. . .

The pounding returned, and this time, he realized it wasn't his head. It was someone at the front door. But no one should be visiting them, no one who knocked like that anyway. He slid out of bed, trying his best not to wake up his sleeping fiancee, got dressed, and looked outside. His heart nearly jumped up to his throat at what he saw. He hurried back to the bed and shook Serenity awake. She blinked sleepy eyes at him, and under different circumstances, he might have found it irresistible, but not now. "You have to get out here, Renity."

"Wha'? Why?" She was obvioiusly trying her best to wake up and failing splendidly.

"No time for questions. Come on." She nodded and got dressed in the clothes she'd been wearing last night. "Come on," he urged her. She took his hand and followed him downstairs, wordlessly obeying his order to remain silent. A crash interrupted their plan as the front door gave in and soldiers from the earth army poured in. "Run!"


"Run, damn it, Serenity! Run!" He pitched himself into the midst of the soldiers, desperate to buy her enough to get back to the Moon.

It might have worked better if he hadn't been so badly outnumbered and if they hadn't had guards posted at every exit, ready to catch Serenity. Which they did. Not that she didn't put up an admirable fight, but she just wasn't as good at it as he was, even though it didn't really matter. These soldiers' leader was walking into his home, and he didn't look happy to be here.

"Princess Serenity," he said resignedly, "you should never have come here."

She snarled at him, and everyone, even Trunks, fell a step back; she was impressive angry. "You know good and well I'm innocent, Kunzite. If you're going to send me before the earth court, you might as well kill me here and now, and spare the torture they no doubt have in store for me."

"I wish I could, Princess."

"Venus will never forgive you for this," she promised darkly.

"I know. I wish there was a way."

"Do you want to officially declare war against the Moon Kingdom?" Trunks called.

The white-haired General turned to stare at him. "Who are you? What do you mean?"

"Do you really think Queen Serenity will take the murder of her daughter lightly? She'll send out all her allies on all the other planets against earth, and it will be a bloody war."

"Who are you?"

"Her fiance, the Prince of the Saiyajin." The guards and the general exchanged worried looks. "If you don't let her go and drop these ridiculous charges against her now, we'll take it as a sign of war. Do you know anything about the Saiyajin, General? Do you know how stupid it would be to go up against us?"

The earth General closed his eyes in thought for a long moment; when he reopened them, there was a sly look in them. "I believe that might can be arranged, Ouji-sama. But you'd best get your fiancee off this planet and never let her return. I will not be able to be lenient again."

Serenity's face transformed radically, back to the normal sweet expression everyone knew so well. "Doomo arigatoo then, Kunzite-kun. I'll give your love to Venus. Now, if you could kindly ask your men to release me. . ."

"Let her go, and let's get out of here," he ordered. Looking all too glad to have just failed their objectives, the soldiers released the Princess of the Moon and filed out of the house, Kunzite going out last. He stopped at the splintered door and turned back to Trunks. "We'll get that fixed for you by the end of the day, Ouji-sama. Good-bye and good luck." He disappeared in much the same way that his army had.

Trunks and Serenity stared at each other from the opposite sides of the room and let out a shared sigh of relief.

::End Chapter Three::

1 December 2000

Yay!!! Done with another chapter! Wow, this one's just moving along so well. I'm on such a writing streak! I hope everyone is enjoying these as much as I am enjoying writing them.

In case you haven't noticed, the titles of the chapters are all based on either song titles or lyrics. Here's how it breaks down:
#0.) "Now I Lay Me Down. . ." ~~ "Enter Sandman", Metallica
#1.) "Childhood Dream" ~~"This Used to be My Playground", Madonna
#2.) "Two Princes" ~~ "Two Princes", The Spin Doctors
#3.) "I Could Fall in Love. . ." ~~ "I Could Fall in Love", Selena

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