Sniplet 2
by Eternal SailorM

So who am I?

Sometimes it gets so hard to tell. Am I Fujimiya Ran, called Aya, member of an assassin group ironically called Weiss, created to protect innocents? Or am I a demon given a mission on earth to corrupt and destroy those same innocents at will? The lines blur together; which am I? Both? Neither?

It seems the angel and I ended up in the wrong groups. But could I give Wei? up now? I doubt it, just as I doubt the angel could give up Schwartz. These groups have become our homes, these people - these humans - our family.

Isn't it just too ironic? I can't corrupt the purity of those three humans, such that killers can have purity. The youngest two, that boy named Taketori Mamoru but called Tsukiyono Omi, he's pure, even with his tainted past. Ken... Hikada Ken is naive innocence. Kudou Yoji is a bit more jaded, but still white. Weiss... Then there is our counterpart, Schwartz, blackness. The American, Crawford, the precog; I wonder if he saw this coming. The telekinetic, Naoe Nagi, the child with the eyes of someone who has seen hell; he has the same shadowed eyes I do when I look in the mirror; the pain, I noticed, in the teenager's eyes only seems to vanish when our little Omi is in sight; I'm not deluding myself as to what that means. Farfarello, the Irish madman who feels no pain; so aptly and wonderfully named for a demon. And the angel, who will never be able to purify the blackness...

I wonder if either of us have admitted to ourselves that these humans are winning us over faster than we are them. A demon growing whiter, an angel growing darker. I wonder what it would take to turn him completely dark, to make him Fall.

I don't want to be like this. I want to go back to being Fujimiya Ran. I want to pretend that I'd never remember what happened before I was adopted into the Fujimiya household, before my presence caused its downfall, my "parent's" deaths, and my "imouto's" coma.

I guess I want the impossible.