Pointless Dramas Hurt God
#1 - Not a Dry Eye
by Eternal SailorM (Angel-chan)

Scene: On top of a tall building. City skyline in the backdrop. It's the faint beginnings of light that signals early morning. As the scene progresses, the stage is progressively brightened as the day gets older. There are a few raised pieces of metal encasing various bits of machinery that are just low enough for someone to sit on. Two men stand on top of the building. One is dressed in a dark blue business "power" suit, wearing glasses and carrying a briefcase. (Brad) A few random sheets of paper are sticking out the top of the briefcase. The other wears blue jeans, a white shirt, and a long hunter green blazer. (Chris) A pack of cigarettes peeks out from the blazer's right-hand pocket.

CHRIS: *leaning over and checking Brad's watch* Do you think she's going to show up?

BRAD: *voice of long suffering* This is all your own fault anyway.

CHRIS: But...

BRAD: Live with it. *starts to walk away, stops, turns back* For what it's worth, I think she'll show up. Rana was never the type to be late to anything.

CHRIS: *sounds like he's remembering something in particular* Isn't that the truth... Hey! What's with the past tense?!

BRAD: *shakes head slightly and adjusts glasses* Just let me know how it goes, okay?

CHRIS: Will do.

BRAD: And I'll be expecting to see you at work tomorrow. The rash excuse only works just so many times.

CHRIS: *shrugs* I'll... tell them my pet monkey got sick.

BRAD: I hate to say it, but I can see why Rana dumped you.

Brad walks off-stage left, and a few seconds later, there is the faint sound of a door closing quietly. Chris sits down on one of the metal blocks, reaches in the right pocket of his blazer and fishes out a cigarette and lighter, and lights it up. It takes three tries for him to get a flame from the lighter, and even then it is barely enough to light the cigarette.

CHRIS: *looks down at it without smoking it yet* Rana would kill me if she saw me smoking again.

RANA: *from off-stage-left* It's a bad habit, and you know it, Christian.

She slowly walks on stage, dressed in a maroon and violet dress suit. She looks like she should be on her way to a some sort of a corporate office job, not standing on the roof of a building in the early morning hours. She is a confident woman, and it shows in the way she bears herself. She walks over to where Chris sits, plucks the cigarette from his fingers, drops it, and steps on it.

CHRIS: Damn it! That was my last one.

RANA: It's just as well. You told me you were going to quit a long time ago. *She leans against the block Chris is sitting on.* So what did you call me up at eleven o'clock at night and beg me to meet you up here today for?

CHRIS: I wanted to talk about us...

RANA: There is no "us" anymore.

CHRIS: You have to admit we were good together.

RANA: *laughs quietly* We were good at fighting together, Chris. That's about it. Even Kendra says a relationship can't be built on just that.

CHRIS: *muttering* And Kendra's an idiot.

RANA: *starts to get up* Now, if you're going to insult my friends, I'll -

CHRIS: *grabs her arm and holds her back* I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't say anything else about Kendra. I promise.

RANA: *stops trying to move away and Chris lets go of her arm* You promise? One more lie, and that's it. *slumps against the block* I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this, Christian. I'm so tired.

CHRIS: I thought we were back to "Chris." *slides an arm around her shoulders* You push yourself too hard, Rana.

RANA: *glances at his hand then over at his face* *dry voice* At least I go to work. How many days have you been to work this month anyway?

CHRIS: It's still early!

RANA: *deadpan* How many, Chris?

CHRIS: Eight.

RANA: *looks and sounds impressed* Eight out of eleven? Not bad... Not bad at all. Not for you anyway.

CHRIS: *shrugs* If you say so. When did you get up here anyway?

RANA: Right when your friend was leaving.

They are silent for a moment. The stage has now reached full- brightness. The backdrop is now recognizable as New York City. Skyscrapers loom in the background, none taller than the one they're on and its twin beside it.

CHRIS: So does this mean there's an "us" again?

RANA: *sigh* Yes, I suppose it does. This is your last "last chance," though! Mess this up, and that's it!

CHRIS: *pulls her into a loose hug* Of course, Rana.

RANA: *pulls away and stares at something over his shoulder, off- stage right* What's that?

Sound of a jet engine approaching. As Chris turns to look, the stage quickly goes black.


The cast:

Eternal SailorM (Angel-chan) as the Almighty and all-powerful director and narrator.

Brad Crawford (aka Crawlie) as Brad. Oooh... real original, ne?

Schuldig (the bishie redhead telepath) as Chris. Err... what can I say? I was re-re-reading Sunde and got inspired. *bows to Sidara-sempai*

Aya-kun (in drag >^______^<) as Rana. Again, real original, ne? Oooh... the redheads together... *drools*

Ken as Kendra, though s/he's never seen. Again with the originality, ne?

What can I say? I was having fun.