Between the Grey
Side-Story: Reflection
by Eternal SailorM (Angel-chan)

Series: Weiss kreuz (Weiss kreuz/Knight Hunters *shudders*)
Overall Rating: R to NC-17
This Chapter: PG

Disclaimer: Weiss kreuz doesn't belong to me. If it did, trust me, there would be a lot less slaying of bad guys and a lot more nekkie time and the boys' looks wouldn't have changed. Anyway, I don't own Weiss; Tsuchiya Kyoko, Koyasu Takehito, and Project Weiss own everything. All I own is this pitiful excuse of a ficlet - and a vivid imagination.
Additional disclaimer: Loosely inspired by the events of Uncontrol, prior to the dark turn, at least. Don't ask; I'm pretty sure you don't want to know. For now, place it wherever you want in the Weiss kreuz timeline; we may figure some more substantial out later.

Warnings: Lemons, angst, smut, NCS, possible character death, squick. And really, no matter how much I'm mean to these characters, they're my favorite bishies. 

Dedications: To the people who reviewed the last chapters, as well as my buddies in Reich. I was amazed at the number of people who turned out to request a pairing. Yanagi-chan, this isn't going to be your 'what happens with Nagi' chapter yet; that's coming up soon. Rui, this is your explanation for why Yohji has been acting a bit out of his usual character.

Yohji's point of view:

The person in the mirror can't be me. It can't be. Maybe if I close my eyes and pretend hard enough, then that too-thin face with the bloodshot eyes won't be mine anymore.

Why... What... How...?

One word answers them all: Schuldig.

He's driving me out of my mind. I don't know if I'm even sane anymore - or was I sane to begin with? Maybe that's how he managed to do... that to me so easily: I was already insane enough for him to worm his way into my mind and make me hurt my friends... hurt the boy I consider to be a younger brother.

I'm not expecting it, but I hope one day Omi will know it wasn't me, and maybe he will forgive me.  No. It's Omi I'm talking about. That's the way he is; he'll forgive me without thinking twice. Ken's with him though, and Ken doesn't hand out forgiveness easily. No, with Ken, I'll be lucky if I don't meet the wrong end of his claws.

Or maybe that will be the lucky way out. That way, Schuldig can't use me to hurt the rest of Weiss again. If I weren't such a coward, I'd do it myself -- I mean, hell, this wire of mine might actually be good for it -- I might could even hang myself with it -- but I can't. I just... can't.

I'm going to have to lay it in someone else's hands.

I'm sure this is one wish Ken will gladly grant me.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Ken's point of view:

When I find Yohji, he's dead. That's all there is to it. He's dead. I'm not even going to take the time to be creative or make speeches or whatever the hell kick Aya's on this week. I'm just going to walk up to him and gut him. Just... not when Omi's around.

Sokoke sprung for a couple of plane tickets to take us from the Hokkaido hospital back into Tokyo. She didn't want him to go back yet. Hell, I don't want him to go back yet.

Looking at him where he fell asleep leaning against my shoulder, even I have a hard time believing he's really a deadly assassin. He looks like a kid, like a sorely abused and exhausted kid, not much older than the ones I coach. How could Yohji do something like that to him? To our Omi?

And where the hell was Aya when all this was going on? I swear, if he was out on one of his mysterious outings again, I'm going to kill him too. For his own sake, he had best have been on a mission or something else of the same importance. Otherwise...

I have to look down again as he shifts a bit in his sleep, trying to get comfortable in the cramped plane seat. By the faint frown on his face, I guess he didn't succeed. I carefully wrap an arm around him as he squirms around a bit more before finally finding a comfortable spot.

I hope Manx found a good place for us to hide out in Tokyo. Otherwise, this plane is going right back to Hokkaido, and we'll be on it.

30 November 2003

Well, what to say? I meant for this whole thing to be only Yohji's point of view, but Ken had some stuff to say too.

Ana, you're a bad influence. I'm starting to get really attached to writing Ken-kun. ^_~ Not like it's a bad thing or anything, though.

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