Kkwy Heba
by Eternal SailorM and Katsuko

'Aww, fucking hell,' was all he could think for the longest time. He hurt like nothing he'd ever felt before, and he was laying face-down in hot sand. Those were the two things he noticed right away. As he slowly pushed himself up to his knees and shook his head to clear it, he realized he was in Kuru Eruna, alone. No, not quite alone, he assured himself as the spirits came to realize he was there and awake. Bodies, too fresh to have been from the fifteen-years-past massacre, littered the ground around him. What the hell had happened?

/I don't need you anymore, little thief,/ a voice boomed in his mind. He clutched his head in pain from it, though something told him to be glad this was just a memory. /The Pharaoh has spent his power, and the rest of you are less than nothing. Be gone./ Then there had been the sensation of dissolving into nothingness, then silence. What had happened?

Slowly, slowly, the memories came to him, apparently lingering in his mind from when Zork had used his body: the deaths of the priests, the crushing of Exodia, the attack and defeat of the three gods, the shining three-headed dragons attempt, the children from the other world delivering the final key to the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh beginning the attempt to destroy Zork... nothing. What had happened next?

Obviously they were still in the Memory World. How? Better still, why? And what was happening in the other world? Were Zork's claims true, that it was destroying that world as well?

It was strange, having two sets of these memories in his mind. He knew how it had originally occurred, as well as how the children from the other world had tried to make it play out - along with the three thousand years in between, his own time spent in the other world.

He couldn't remember it being so quiet in so long. No Zork, no blond psychos, no yadonushi; he was along in his own mind. No, not completely alone. There was a faint thread there: his link to yadonushi. It was too dim to follow, and he wasn't sure he wanted to. Zork had to just be weakened, not destroyed, or else they'd all be back in the other world once more. This time he was going to destroy that bastard himself.

*    ~    *    ~    *

"Well, we're fucked."

While there were other ways that Jounouchi could have expressed his opinion of their current situation, that was probably the one that summed things up the best. It was hard enough to get to mou hitori no Yuugi with the final key--the Pharaoh's name, Atem--but Yuugi had hoped that it would be over. He remember the gods being summoned...

...and that was all. Yuugi could only assumed that he blacked out during the fight. But if they'd won, why was he still in the memory world? For that matter, where was everyone else? The only people around so far as he could tell were Jounouchi, who was staring off into the sky as if it held the answers to Yuugi's questions, the Seto from the memory world and a few scattered guards. He thought that maybe mou hitori--Atem might be amongst the Egyptians but he couldn't tell.

"What happened, Jounouchi-kun?" he asked quietly; out of the corner of his eye he could see Egyptian Seto turn to stare at him but he would worry about that later. Right now he wanted to know--

"IT killed a god," Jounouchi replied quietly, gaze still locked on the sky.

Yuugi felt his blood run cold. "Wh-who? Which one?" His fear grew more with every second that his friend remained silent; Egyptian Seto had moved closer as had a few of the guards.

"Osiris." Jounouchi finally looked down, his eyes haunted. "Mou hi--Atem called the three gods, and for a minute it looked like, y'know, we were gonna win. Then ZORK"--he practically spit the name out--"made a cheap shot and attacked while Atem was still summoning Ra. IT... Osiris never stood a chance. All I remember after that is the sky exploding and a blinding light.

"And apparently the other Seto can see and hear us now," the blond summed up with a pointed look at the Egyptians standing close by.

Yuugi's eyes widened and he turned to look fully at Egyptian Seto--did the man even have a name? Sure enough he was looking directly at the two Japanese boys, and apparently had been following their conversation.

It had already been said by Jounouchi, but Yuugi definitely felt like it bore repeating: "We're fucked."

30-31 August 2005

I can't believe I've been forgetting to upload this for so long. This is the opening to the RPG Kkwy Heba.