by Eternal SailorM

She redeemed me, but I can never thank her for it.
She did what no one else dared to do:
She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.
She fought for me when everyone else stood against me.
She smiled and broke my heart.

I was evil incarnate, but she made me good.
I was cruel and vicious, and she made me pure.

Sometimes it hurts to think about her,
So I just try to put her out of my mind.
She has her duties, and I have my penance to serve.
Sometimes, though, I miss her so badly, the
Stars themselves weep for me.

She is perfect and beautiful; why did she care for me?
She is an angel come down to earth, and she touched this sinner.

I sometimes wonder if I should go back to her, then
I remember how badly I hurt her.
I know she would welcome me back with open arms, but
I don't trust myself around her.
I must protect her from myself.

On a blue planet she remains and I
Shouldn't go back, but I miss her so much.
My angel of light.
My savior.

21 November 1999

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