Last Dance
Fire with Fire
by Angel Maxwell (Eternal SailorM)

Disclaimers: All characters are original creations of mine and Caitlin Stryker's. I will not entertain theft of any sort. Claudia, Michael, Alora, Austin, Frank, and the rest of this lot are mine. Steal, and evisceration will seem a pleasant alternative.

Dedications: To the long-lost Caitlin Stryker, my fellow RPer.

The music sends a steady beat through the air, through the floor, beneath our feet. It's a living, breathing organism, a dragon of fire and passion, dancing through the darkness, playing on the alternating beams of light, worming its way among us.

The darkness is nearly total, making it almost impossible for anyone to see the person next to them, but for us, that's okay. I know every muscle, every line of his body, as well as he knows my body. As his fingers dance up my thigh, I chuckle and bite back a new smile; he does know me so well.

I can feel eyes sliding over us, lingering for a long second then moving on. What do these people think when they look at us? What do they see? Two blonds dancing just a bit too close? Two blonds whose bodies are locked intimately in ways that speak of long-held intimate knowledge? Two blonds who look a bit too much alike to be anything other than siblings? Do these other people care? Does it matter? We come here for these people. Here, we're all freaks and it doesn't matter. Here, it doesn't matter what you take home with you, as long as it makes you happy. Happiness, something so many of us have lacked throughout our lives. Certainly, we're no exception, but we've always had each other. That's what counts, isn't it?

Frank leans down to nibble at my throat, teeth brushing slightly over the flesh, just enough to make my knees feel weak and make me glad of his arm around my waist. I lean back against him; his arousal presses back against me, and I bite down a new smile. Is that there because he wants me or because I want him? Again, does it matter?

I try to turn in his arms to pull him into one of the soul-searing kisses he's grown so good at. Three fingers on my chin still me and allow him to tip my head to the other side, exposing more of my throat to his talented lips. "Frank..." I can barely grind out.

"Shhhh," he scolds, his mouth moving to my ear, his breath a warm and tickling breeze that sends pleasurable shivers down my spine. As clearly as if he points, I can see him directing my attention just a few feet away, where our older brother Austin is in a passionate war that passes for kissing with Bryn. "Don't want the old man to see us, now do we?"

"Then you should worry about keeping yourself quiet," I remind him, a faint smirk on my face. Without looking, I can see an eyebrow go up on his face. I raise an arm around his neck, drawing him back close to me. "I'm not the screamer here, little brother."

He chuckles, a deep baritone that sounds so familiar and perfect to me. No matter what else, we can always make each other laugh, among other things. We're twins, after all; we know each other better than we know ourselves. "Shall I see what other sounds I can drag from you then?"

Once more, I lift my eyes to our oldest brother, watching Bryn's hands flex against the denim-clad flesh of his ass. He seems to be well and distracted. Maybe we can afford a few minutes' pleasure here on the dance floor. We're experts at subterfuge now anyway. Too many years sneaking behind Austin's back, too many years hiding from others, too many years pretending.

I reach behind me, fingers deftly undoing the button and zipper and wrapping around the girth of him. Behind me, I feel him release a shudder of pent-up desire that I can also feel echoing through me, dragging a nearly silent sob from my lips. It's been too long. How long has it been? A week? Two? Too long, much, much too long.

A second wave of tension crests over me, and I have to gasp for my breath, sagging against Frank's body, held up only by his arm around my waist. Okay, that was definitely all him, and I definitely did not cause that. Casting a hazy glance over our shoulders, I can see a head of dirty blond hair that tops us by a good four or five inches. I would know Michael anywhere after this long... I can feel his long tapered fingers joining mine on Frank's cock - and then I'm just riding the sensations of my twin's desire, multiplied for me. "No fair," I can only gasp, "double-teaming..."

Michael's deep bass voice rolls over us both, soft and alluring, the perfect bedroom voice, as Alora has always said. "Why don't we take this some place more private? Where Austin won't interrupt us?"

Weakly, we can both only nod, nod once, twice, shakily, then follow him.

Begun: 14 December 2002
Completed: 15 December 2002

Well, that was fun. Nice to be back to old RPG characters, old beloved characters. I had no idea how much I'd missed them till now.