Kokoro no Tsumi
by Eternal SailorM

Disclaimer: I own everything! Steal and die!
Series: Original
Rating: PG to R (violence, angst, possible gore, june)
Archive: Sure, but ask first.
Title: Kokoro no Tsumi (Sin of the Heart)
Thanks: Tenshi-chan and Usa-chan, for the lovely encouragement and help with the title. Bunny-chan, for reading it and not freaking over the june part.

Scrickt... Scrickt... Scrickt...

"You're going to oversharpen it."

"You can never oversharpen it."

"It's going to be too pointy and break off when you try to use it."

"Then I'll just have to force it through before it breaks. I'm bored! I need something to do! I'm sick of all this waiting! I wish they'd hurry up and do something already!"

"You want them to kill someone?"

"If that'll get them in the open so we can take care of them, then yeah!"

"You're so cold."

"You're too soft. One of these days, one of them is going to pick you up and carry you off and use you as a little shota doll."

"You're so mean. They're moving out."

"About damned time."

She pulled her feet off the dashboard, stuck away her knife, and slipped the lethally sharpened piece of wood into a hidden holster in her jacket, stepping out of the car but not locking the door behind her.

Wordlessly, he followed.

Time to go to work.

25 October 2001

Yay!!!! Something else started!! I'm trying to get back good at originals. Hope you enjoy it!

What is it with me and driving home from school? That seems to be my most inspired time. Maybe it's because I don't have bishounen to distract me. *shrugs*