by Eternal SailorM

This, my friends, is what happens when you let muses play...

morning breeze Silencer Unicorn of Light

Critiqued: 1 June 2001

On ICQ. From morning breeze

"hello from Italy! May I ask you if you like to masturbate yourself?"

Chibi Inu-kun: @.@ *passes out*
Duet-chan: *eyes get really big* Someone's trying to pervert Eternal-san... and for once it isn't me.
Fluffy-chan: You'd think they'd catch the hint after she told the last dozen or so off.
SD Hii-chan: *tries to peer over Fluffy-chan's shoulder* What does it say? I wanna see!!
*both Duet-chan and Fluffy-chan push SD Hii-chan's face into table*
Duet-chan: You're too young to see stuff like that!
Sephy: Hells, I'm too young to see stuff like that. Why in the name of the Nine Hells would they send this to Eternal?
Fluffy-chan: They must not know her very well, eh?
Chibi Inu-kun: *finally waking up* Where is Eternal-sama anyway?
*all muses look around & finally spot Eternal glomped onto Aya, half-hidden inside his jacket*
Eternal: I don't wanna look! I don't wanna look! It's evil! Evil! *slides the rest of the way under Aya's coat* And I thought I was perverted!!! Make the bad man go away!!!!!

Critiqued: 1 June 2001

Via e-mail. To Usa-chan, concerning Sailormoon Crossover Archive. From Silencer.

When will the 'Fanfics by other' be up and running?
And I would like you to check Animeaddiction's fanfics.
This author has few great x-over fics involving SM&Ranma 1/2.
Don't forget to reply back.

Eternal: *walks in dragging muses* Now stay here and comment on this.
Duet-chan: *pouting* Why?
Eternal: Because I'm dragging Aya out on the town. *walks away and locks door behind her*
Fluffy-chan: Well, da- *remembers SD Hii-chan is present* Darn...
Sephy: *elbows Fluffy-chan* What were you going to say?
Chibi Inu-kun: *elbows Sephy* Something he shouldn't say around SD Hii-chan! *looks around* Let's get to work.
Fluffy-chan: *snorts* This is beneath me.
Duet-chan: *pulls out Mallet-sama* Well, I for one, don't want to spend the entire night locked up with you idiots, so let's get this over with so we can get out when she gets home.
SD Hii-chan: Ninmu...
All but SD Hii-chan: Don't say it!
SD Hii-chan: What?
Duet-chan: So this is the baka who can't read the intro page, eh? *reaches into hammerspace, pulls out Silencer* Kimi wa baka! *bashes with Mallet-sama - several times*
Sephy: *looks at Duet-chan in shock* Since when do you use "kimi"?
Duet-chan: Since I started hanging around all you guys.
SD Hii-chan: And where do you get a hammerspace like that? I wanna do that!
Duet-chan: *sweatdrops* It came with Mallet-sama. *hands Silencer over to Sephy* Use Masamune on him please.
Sephy: *grins and complies*
A few minutes later...
Sephy: *puts up Masamune* Is that good enough?
Duet-chan: *inspects* Not bad. *hands little Silencer slices over to Fluffy-chan* Need to sharpen your claws?
Fluffy-chan: *shrugs* Why not...
A few minutes later...
Chibi Inu-kun: Dam--- err.. darn it... there's hardly anything left! *pulls out chibi Tetsusaiga and pokes at remains* I think you overkilled it, aniki...
SD Hii-chan: My turn! *pulls out pop-gun, pulls trigger*
SD Hii-chan's gun: BANG!
Fluffy-chan: Now that was overkill..
Door unlocks and opens...
Aya: ...
Eternal: I said comment on this, not kill him!!! *frowns, whispers something to Aya, who leaves the room* Geez, chibi... couldn't you control 'em?
Duet-chan: Not my fault!
Aya: *returns to room with mop and bucket* Here you go, Eternal.
Eternal: *grins sillyly at Aya* Doomo! *hands mop and bucket to Fluffy-chan* You made the mess; you clean it up.
Fluffy-chan: Hey! This is not all my fault.
Eternal: *sigh* I didn't mean just you. Aya and I are going back out. I want to this room clean when I get back.
Sephy: *tries to look kawaii, mutters* Anything to get out of cleaning... Hey! Can I come with you?
Eternal: *looks at Sephy measuringly* Sure. Why not! *leaves room*
Fluffy-chan: Demo... he made the mess too...
Sephy: Too late... *shuts and locks door behind him*
Fluffy-chan: I'm going to murder him when he gets back...
Chibi Inu-kun: I'm going to help you.
Duet-chan: I'll hold him down.
SD Hii-chan: Murder is the same thing as "korosu", right?
Everyone but SD Hii-chan: *sigh* Yes...
SD Hii-chan: *all bright and perky* I'll help too then!!
Everyone but SD Hii-chan: *groans*

Critiqued: 1 June 2001

Over FanFiction.net review system. For Dark Side of the Moon. From Unicorn of Light.

Oishi oishi! Dear, not good 'tall. Yuri is something that mustn't be played with, in either fashion. Eternal-san, how can you write such a thing?

All muses: *come into room to see Eternal dragging furniture around*
Fluffy-chan: What the hells are you doing, onna?
Eternal: *throws table lamp at Fluffy-chan* Don't call me onna! We're having guests! And I wanna comment on this one too!
Usa-chan, Shugotenshi Hiiro, and Neko Omi enter room...
Eternal: *glomps Usa-chan* Usa-chan!!!!
Duet-chan: *glomps Shugotenshi Hiiro* Hii-tenshi-chan!!!!!
Chibi Inu-kun: *peers at Neko Omi* Hey... she brought the cat back...
SD Hii-chan: ???? *looks very confused*
Chibi Inu-kun: *shakes head* Never mind. Before your time...
Eternal: *releases Usa-chan from glomp* We're critiquing Lanie's little comment, Usa-chan! Glad you could join us!
Duet-chan: *does not release Shugotenshi Hiiro* All we need is BT-kun and Schul-kun and we'd have a real party!
Usa-chan: *places Neko Omi in lap* Be good, O-negai
Eternal: Where's the fun in being good? *crashes down onto couch & snuggles up to Aya*
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ...didn't this particular yuri have my Usagi in it? Is she bashing my Usagi?
Chibi Inu-kun: So you're claiming her now...?
SD Hiiro: *raises hand*
Duet-chan: *puts SD Hiiro's hand down* Don't even go there...
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ...now? She's mine... *notices Duet-chan* forever...
Duet-chan: *glomps onto Shugotenshi Hiiro* Well, dai suki anyway!
Neko Omi: *curls up on Usa's lap and purrs*
Fluffy-chan: *rolls eyes* Aren't we getting a bit off-topic?
Usa-chan: *nods* Quite
Eternal: I'm just pissed that she dissed the story just because it's yuri.
Sephy: So if she'd dissed it for any other reason, you'd be okay with it?
Usa-chan: I agree. It's an exceptional story and just because it has yuri she flamed it. Not very mature
Eternal: *throws bonbori at S and huggles up to Usa too*
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ...you look like Duo, Duet-chan...
Duet-chan: And the problem w/ that is..? *points at Et* It's HER fault!
Shugotenshi Hiiro:...
Usa-chan: *glares at Sephy* Oi, does Aya actually comment or just sit over there looking....
Sephy: Looking pretty and glomped?
SD Hiiro: *sneaks around and peers closer at Shugotenshi Hiiro* You look just like me, you know... except taller..
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ...chibi neko self... kawaii
Usa-chan: No... looking drool worthy! *eyes Aya for a moment* Demo I prefer Yohji....
Sephy: Do you expect him to get a word in when Eternal's glomped onto him like that?
Usa-chan: ... good point
Neko Omi: *looks up* Anno....I don't think it's fair what the mean wady said about Eternal's fic
Chibi Inu-kun: *nods Neko Omi* Have to agree there...
Fluffy-chan: So what are we gonna do about it?
Duet-chan: *grabs Mallet-sama and points at Masamune* I have a few ideas
Neko Omi: *brightens* arigato, *climbs off of Usa's lap and over to Chibi Inu-kun* ... you ave ears wike mine
Chibi Inu-kun: Don't touch the ears...
Usa-chan: Doesn't that seem.... dull though? There has to be another way of destroying her with a bit more creativeness in it
Neko Omi: *pouts and gets teary eyes* meanie...
Eternal: *whispering to Usa-chan* Chibi Inu-kun does like anyone messing with his ears. Never tells me why though...
Duet-chan: Creative, hmm?
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ... *pulls out flaming sword* swords are good
Sephy: Swords I can handle. *pulls Eternal off Aya* Yo, Aya, you coming with us?
Usa-chan: Hmm...or putting an ancient curse on her! ooor... putting her in the middle of a yuri and yaoi
Aya: *shrugs* Why not... Why not use all of them?
Neko Omi: *cries and climbs into ET's lap*
Usa-chan: Good idea... So when Aya does speak he has good plans and ideas, ne?
Eternal: *had been pouting, now perks up, petting Neko Omi* Are you proposing what I think you're proposing, Aya?
Fluffy-chan: *relunctantly* Hai... he does... Dam .. *looks around* Darn it...
Neko Omi: *purrs and rubs against Eternal*
Eternal: *huggles Neko Omi* Yosh! Plan is decided!!!
Usa-chan: But which torture first?
Eternal: *deflates* Forgot about order...
Duet-chan: Well, we have to save killing her till last...
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ... the yaoi yuri thing... *faint smile*
Chibi Inu-kun: Put her in a yaoi/yuri first (a graphic one at that)
Usa-chan: *eyes Shugotenshi Hiiro* What are you planning?
SD Hiiro: Then the curses...
Sephy: Then the swords...
Aya: ...to put her out of her misery..
Shugotenshi Hiiro: .... kawaii *pats SD Hiiro on head*
SD Hiiro: *tries to glomp onto Shugotenshi Hiiro*
Eternal: *looks a bit embarrassed* He's been around me and Duet-chan too long...
Usa-chan: Graphic yaoi/yuri ne? Both at once? Or a yaoi then a yuri or vice versa Leave Shugotenshi Hiiro alone, o-negai. He's my best muse
Duet-chan: I say.. yaoi... then a yuri.. *grins*
Eternal: *pulls SD Hiiro into lap too*
Neko Omi: *purrs and snuggles against SD Hiiro*
SD Hiiro: *pets Neko Omi* Kawaii...
Neko Omi: *purrs louder and nuzzles against SD Hiiro's chin*
Sephy: *looks back and forth between two authors* So which one of you is gonna writes those fics?
Usa-chan: So who's the Yaoi going to feature?
Eternal: If Sephy doesn't shut up, I'm gonna nominate him for it!
Usa-chan:....can't I just use the one I wrote for you, Neesan? *flushes* I'm not like Duet-chan
Sephy: *ducks behind Aya* I like Usa's idea!!!!
Neko Omi: ...I member that one.
Duet-chan: *grins* Thank you very much! Boku wa ecchi!!!!
Usa-chan: *nods in agreement* Hai you are Duet-chan.
Eternal and Sephy: *frown*
Sephy: When did you start using "boku"?
Duet-chan: *looks kawaii and innocent*
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ... having that.... insulter of a Usagi writer in there with Usagi and I?
Usa-chan: Forgetting someone?
Eternal: *snickers* Yeah... Forgetting someone?
Shugotenshi Hiiro :... and Duo... *glances at Duet-chan* She's too similair to him....
Duet-chan: *tries for another glomp* You're just saying that 'cause it's true!
Shugotenshi Hiiro: *glares at Duet-chan* stay away from my Usagi
Duet-chan: *snuggles closer* It ain't Usagi I'm trying to get closer to...
Eternal: *blushes, whispers to Usa-chan* ne... Do you think we should break them up now?
Usa-chan: *shrugs* perhaps... they're entertaining though... We could just put Aya and Shugotenshi Hiiro for the yaoi you know.
Shugotenshi Hiiro: ... *glares at Usa* ...hn
Eternal: *claps hands* Aya!!! You've just been nominated!!!
Aya: *eyes get really big, ducks behind Sephy*
Neko Omi: I wan me and SD Hiiro in one!
Eternal: *stares down at Neko Omi* I did not just hear that...
Usa-chan: *frowns at chibi* Iie, do you know what one is?
Fluffy-chan: *looks at Usa-chan* Just why does he remember that lemon anyway?
Neko Omi: ... anno...when two friends seep together?
Eternal: *cough, cough*
Usa-chan: *shrugs* Don't ask me. You guys borrowed him, remember? I had Shugotenshi Hiiro!! Don't let his looks fool you. He's a great lemon muse
Fluffy-chan: *turns to Eternal*
Eternal: Don't look at me!!!
All eyes turn to Duet-chan...
Neko Omi: Ten they wake up in the same bed and go pway
Duet-chan: *whistles and tries to walk away*
Fluffy-chan: Neko Omi, you're not old enough for me to comment on that one!
Usa-chan: *eyes Neko Omi in worry* What'd you do to my poor baby?
Eternal: Sephy, catch Duet-chan and find out, okay?
Neko Omi: Wat's wrong with pwaying tag?
Eternal: *slides under desk in mortification* I forgot to warn Duet-chan about taking off the blindfolds... I warned Sephy, but not Duet-chan *hits self in head with bonbori* Eternal no baka!
Usa-chan: Oi... Aya... are you ready to be with Shugotenshi Hiiro yet? I have some lovely clothes and .... toys for you that I picked off of Duet-chan
Eternal: *perks up at that one* Yeah, Aya! You ready yet?
Aya: *tries to hide under couch*
SD Hiiro: *looks helpful* Aya, if I couldn't fit under there, you can't!
Usa-chan: *puts blindfolds on Neko Omi and SD Hiiro* here's the box... *pulls out black leather* eer.... Duet-chan just what are these?
Duet-chan: *slows down a bit* If you don't know, don't ask..
Eternal: *looks in box, eyes bulge* Duet-chan! What are you doing with all these?!?!
Duet-chan: *flys up to look over Usa-chan's shoulder* You know the old saying...
Eternal: I'm afraid to ask..
Usa-chan: Now who for the yuri.... Duet-chan and.....
Duet-chan: oi... I'm the only girl here... err... besides you two... please don't do a self-insert, k?
Neko Omi: *pouts* I no wana wear dis...
Eternal: *claps hands of NO's ears*
Usa-chan: True... demo.... Chibi Inu-kun kind of looks like a girl, ne?
Chibi Inu-kun: I ain't having a sex change to embarrass some baka!!!!!!
Usa-chan: Demo you'd look so kawaii!
Fluffy-chan: I'd have to agree, otouto...
Usa-chan: We just have to dress you like a girl. We don't have to say you aren't one
Chibi Inu-kun: *shakes head* Leave the crossdressing to Sephy!!
Sephy: *grins*
Usa-chan: So we put Sephy in there with Duet-chan?
Duet-chan: *shakes head* No way!!! Don't leave me alone with the perv!!!
Fluffy-chan: I still say we dress up Chibi Inu-kun
Usa-chan: Serves you right for corrupting my Neko Omi! Or we could put both Chibi Inu-kun and Sephy in ....
SD Hiiro: *looks over at Usa-chan* Are you guys gonna put Chibi Inu-kun in a dress?
DC: *sigh of relief* Saved...
Usa-chan: I didn't mean without Duet-chan. She has to be there
Duet-chan: *screams, tries to bury self in box*
Usa-chan: *glances at SDH* Do you want to see him in a dress?
SD Hiiro: *shrugs* Never seen a guy in a dress before...
Usa-chan: Don't you think he'd look kawaii? Put bows in his hair... and a nice frilly pink dress
SD Hiiro: Hai!!!!! With ribbons!!
Usa-chan: I agree SD Hiiro
Eternal: Demo.. Usa-chan... we're gonna put Sephy in both stories... *pats Sephy* You're a popular boy..
Usa-chan: So for the yaoi we have Aya, Sephy, Chibi Inu-kun, Shugotenshi Hiiro, and Fluffy-chan
Fluffy-chan: When I get nominated! *takes deep breath* When did I get nominated?!?
Usa-chan: And for the Yuri all the above only dressed as girls! 'Cept Aya... he wouldn't pass for one We CAN'T leave you out, Fluffy-chan! You're important to the team
Eternal. *nods* Would be too much work... too much make-up *pokes SD Hiiro* Ne... go get the make-up kit, k?
SD Hiiro: *grins* Hai!!!! *runs out of room*
Usa-chan: Besides... Aya is tooooooooo drool worthy to pass as a girl...*eyes Aya* ....
Eternal: Hai hai!!! *ogles Aya and glomps him*
Usa-chan: Mind if I join you?
Eternal: Go right ahead
Usa-chan: *squeals and glomps Aya*
Neko Omi: *takes off blindfold* Wheres SD Hiiro? *gets teary eyes and walks over to Chibi Inu-kun* What'd you do, meanie?
Sephy: *grins, leans down and pets Neko Omi's head* SD Hiiro went to get some stuff to make Chibi Inu-kun look all pretty...
Usa-chan: Aya... so soft....*snuggles* and warm....and... dangerous! *squeals and glomps more*
Eternal: *grins at Usa-chan* Ninmu ryoukai?
Usa-chan: Hai... for now
Eternal: *goes about merry way, escorting everyone out of room, and locking back up*
A few moments silence... then...
Eternal: *peeps head back in* You are so gonna regret pissing me off...