Light No More
by Eternal SailorM
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailor StarS

Rating: PG

Through Episode 198. After that, it goes AU.

You know, I think this has to go to some of my original fans. I was reading some of the comments and emails you sent me, and it helped inspire me to write this new "back to the beginning" story. So this is to: Chibi712, Comet Princess, Hikari Yuy, Usa-chan, and Chibi Tenshi, as well as my favorite new reviewer, LiquidICE.

"It's possible that no one is gone till you forget them."

Those were the words of wisdom imparted by Sailor Star Maker. The world was over, Galaxia had been defeated, and all that remained standing were four Sailor Senshi: Star Maker, Star Healer, Star Fighter, and Sailormoon.

The world had exploded in a brilliant light when Uranus and Neptune turned on Galaxia, turned her own weapons against her. The blasts froze her. They all held their breath waiting for her Star Seed to appear. Nothing happened.

Then, in Usagi's arm, ChibiChibi vanished. As she disappeared, so did Galaxia. When even the last sparkles of the woman's life were gone, Uranus and Neptune fell as well, unable to live now with no Star Seeds and without Galaxia's energy to support them.

And then there were only four Sailor Senshi left, the Starlights and the Princess of the White Moon.

This is their story.

*    *    *    *    *

"Believe in our Princess."

She couldn't quite get those words out of her mind, nor the face of the small Senshi who had said them to her before going off to what would be her death. "Believe in our Princess." Hadn't Saturn realized she already did? That she loved and trusted their Princess like she was Fighter's own? She couldn't speak for Healer or Maker, but...

Even now, staring down at her as she lay on her bed sniffling, even though she'd already cried herself to sleep, Fighter still believed in he, believed in her strength, believed in her compassion. Even before she would let herself collapse, she'd seen to it that she, Healer, and Maker were installed in the other beds, but she'd been too consumed by her grief to see Fighter leave hers to come watch over her. She'd lost everyone yesterday: her family, her friends, her Senshi, her world... her boyfriend.

No that Fighter was all that sad to see the man was gone. He had been unkind the woman before her, and for that alone, Fighter would not mourn his death. There were so many others dead now anyway, so many who had given their lives for this bright shining world, people who deserved to be remembered, deserved to still be alive.

This wasn't her planet, these weren't her people. It just made her sick to see another planet fall to Galaxia. And it infuriated her to see the blonde girl on the bed before her crying, her eyes rimmed in red even in her sleep.

She couldn't stand it any longer. Fighter knelt beside the bed and gently touched Sailormoon's arm. "Odango?" she whispered. "Don't cry, odango."

Big blue eyes blinked open, still more asleep than awake. "Seiya?" her silvery voice sleep-laden and confused. "Are you all right?"

Fighter managed a faint smile. Of course Usagi would worry about her first, ignoring her own pain in favor of helping someone else. "I'm all right. We're all fine." She brushed a hand across Usagi's cheek. "I was worried about you, odango." She lowered her voice to what could be considered a bedroom whisper. "I heard you crying."

"I -" she began, twisting so that she sat up in bed, her back against the wall. "I'm alone, Seiya. I'm all alone."

"No, you're not alone," she whispered, climbing on the bed and wrapping her arms around the blonde Senshi, holding her tight against her. "You have me."

Usagi's arms slowly wrapped around her as well. "Seiya..."

"You'll always have me."

18 March 2004

Okay, originally this was going to be a new series, but it seemed better suited to be a one-shot. I have to say, I love Seiya and Usagi together. Plus... Well, I still hate Mamoru. Big surprise, ne?

And this is the second bit of fanfiction that I've completed since I moved (after Gods and Other Creatures Chapter 36). Looks like the new apartment is good for my inspiration. ^__^

I may eventually add more to this, but only if there is sufficient interest.

Eternal SailorM