Land of Confusion
by Angel Maxwell

Disclaimer: I own nothing here. The Dark Hunters, Daimons, Acheron, and everyone else belong to Sherrilyn Kenyon. I'm just trying to work out my confusion.

NOTE: This is now massively out of date. It was written in 2004, just after Kiss of the Night came out and while waiting for Night Play to be released.

Let's review the facts:

Sherrilyn Kenyon possesses an unusual ability to jerk me around, at least considering my favorite character, Acheron. This latest book has completely ruined all my theories on him. Until this book, I had been certain he was Apostolos and therefore an Atlantean god, the son of Apollymi and Archon. I mean, Ms. Kenyon hinted towards that in Talon's book, especially with the final fight scene where he says he's calling the Destroyer (and the whole changing of appearance). Not to mention that it is said, over and over, that Acheron's powers make a mockery of even Artemis', and on the website, it is shown that he has the same strange eyes as Apollymi the Destroyer.

Now in this book we find out, however, that this Daimon Stryker is Apostolos. Katra, Artemis' (and somehow Apollymi's) servant, informs everyone of this. Stryker does seem to have the same eyes as well - and we commonly see Apollymi calling him m'gios, the Atlantean term for son. She calls Acheron the "Elekti", but of course there is no explanation for the term. It almost looks like Acheron's powers are designed to be a sort of balance against Stryker's, if indeed Stryker is Apostolos. Whatever "Elekti" may entail, he seems to be in charge of making sure Apollymi is not released from her prison.

The balance theory has a few spots it comes from. Perhaps the main one is the fact that Styker and Acheron are born in the same year, 9548 BCE. That would mean, should Stryker truly be the one to start Telikos, the end of the world, then Acheron would be there to stop him.

In the end of Kiss of the Night, Stryker's son Urian says something very intriguing. The gist of it is, he knows who and what Acheron is. At that moment, I don't think I've ever more wanted to step into a book and shake a character till he told me everything he knew. I am especially confused about the reference to Stryker being "so screwed, and he doesn't even know it" and how Urian can't understand why Acheron would hide. Furthermore, I was more than willing to follow Zarek's suggestion that they all hold Acheron down and beat him till he tells them everything he knows. (Although it is interesting to note that Zarek does seem to draw people's attention away from asking about Acheron's true identity, mostly by saying stuff along the lines of "You don't want to know" or "You're not ready to know", but with a lot more brusqueness. I mean, Zarek is the one living on Mount Olympus now, supposedly with access to that knowledge.)

For another fact, Ms. Kenyon states both in Talon's and Zarek's books that Acheron is an Atlantean prince. He has an identical twin brother, Styxx. Herein lies another strange twist. In the prologue to Kiss of the Night, we see the queen is a widow when her son is born, while in Night Embrace (Talon's book) the king is still alive. Acheron is said to be sent as a sign from the gods. His birth sounds like the prophecy mentioned in Kiss of the Night, where it is "his queenly mother will weep in fear of his birth" when she cried and wanted Acheron killed. The midwife even says that "he will be a destroyer" and "Not even the gods themselves will be safe from his wrath". Yet in Kiss of the Night, we see the widowed queen giving birth to only one son, who is killed at birth by the gods trying to destroy Apostolos. Furthermore, even the gods are not able to reverse the gifts they have given, while Acheron on the other hand can. This surely ties in with the fact he is more powerful than the gods. Additionally, in Talon's and Zarek's books, there is mention made of a certain kind of food that Acheron must have to live and remain human, that only Artemis has it, and that apparently it lies in Artemis' blood.

However, there is so much baby switching and all going on in the prologue to Kiss of the Night, that there is no way to be sure Stryker really is Apostolos, especially in light of the events of Talon's book. Ms. Kenyon does a beautiful job of making the gods in her universe as tricky and capricious as they are in mythology. For all we know, Stryker may be a decoy, there to draw everyone's attention away from the real Apostolos. I'm not even 100% certain about my entire theory here.

That is how well Ms. Sherrilyn Kenyon plays with my mind.

So, in conclusion, I'm really still stumped. I'm not letting go of my original theory (Acheron is Apostolos), but I'm also sticking with my new theory regarding the whole Elekti mess.

My head hurts...

02 April 2004

I can't believe I wrote an entire essay on my theories with Acheron, but it probably will happen again when the next book comes out, should Vane's book have anything from Acheron in it. For anyone who might be interested, here are some helpful links:, Sherrilyn, and Acheron's Profile. I strongly recommend everyone to read these novels - and don't let the fact they're romance scare you off as it originally did me. The humor, intrigue, and action more than makes up for the occasional sex scene. Anyway, give them a read - then come back and tell me your theories on Acheron.

NOTE: This is now massively out of date. It was written in 2004, just after Kiss of the Night came out and while waiting for Night Play to be released.

Angel Maxwell