Want Bishonen, Will Travel
Chapter Two "Eternal's Obsession! Beware, Hiei!"
by Eternal SailorM

"I like this world," Usa decided, snuggling even further into the large Chinese-style shirt she'd "borrowed" off Tamahome in their last world, taking another sip of hot tea.

Chibi, on the other hand, seemed to be pouting a bit. "I liked the Fushigi Yuugi world."

The two authors sat in a small ramen restaurant, waiting on the return of Eternal and Duet-chan. For the meantime, Tabby-chan had been forced to hide inside a backpack produced from what Eternal and Duet-chan fondly called "hammerspace." All Eternal had said before they vanished was "Fangboy."

And "Keiko makes a mean plate of ramen."

"So where do you think she's drug us?" Usa asked softly.

As if on cue, the braided author stumbled in alone and collapsed in the spot next to them, looking more than a little worse for the wear, covered as she was with cuts, stratches, scrapes, and other various injuries. Somehow, Amiboshi's bandana was undamaged. She snagged a cup of hot tea that miraculously (or maybe not) appeared before her.

"So what happened to you?" Chibi prompted, leaning forward in her curiosity. Eternal mumbled something unintelligble. "What?"

"I didn't know Kurama had author-eating youkai plants," the older author repeated just loud enough to be heard. "And my Fangboy Number One got away. And I didn't even get close to Kurama..." She brightened suddenly and held up a slightly dented bonbori briefly then tucked it back under the table. "Demo... I got to bash Ugly a really good one."

"Ugly?" Usa repeated, sharing a confused look with Chibi.

"Kuwabara. The definition of ugly," Eternal answered, the grin growing. "Did anyone order any ramen?"

Usa shook her head slowly. "So did you get to glomp anyone?"

Eternal leaned forward and whispered. "Just Yuusuke."

"Why the whispering?" Chibi prompted.

"Because we're in his girlfriend's restuarant." She sat back and happily sipped on her tea. "You did miss the coolest thing though." She grinned and set her tea down. "There I was, bashing the hell out of Ugly, and out of nowhere drops another author, with a mallet, yelling at the top of her lungs, 'Kuwabara! My name is Chibi Tenshi! You bugged my baby! Prepare to die!' I laughed so hard I almost dropped my bonbori."

"Tenshi-neesan's here too?" Usa yelled excitedly, leaning up and looking around.

Eternal took another sip of her tea and jerked a thumb towards the doorway. "She's outside, keeping an eye for the rest of the Reikai Tantei." She grinned again. "And trying to convince BT-chan and SchuSchu-chan not to kill each other or any bishies."

"Tenshi-neesan!!!!!" Usa screamed, dashing out of the restuarant. Chibi grabbed up the extra large bookbag containing her muse and followed her. With a sigh, Eternal finished up her tea, looked around nervously but carefully, and followed -

- without paying.

"You're so horrible, you know?" the winged chibi leaning against the wall outside the restuarant stated. She stretched her wings and flew up to sit on Eternal's shoulder.

"Nope," the author answered happily. "Just broke."

The muse rolled her eyes. "So what else is new?"

"Doesn't your... transporter thingie have anyway to freeze bishies? I didn't even get close to Hiei-chan."

"Tell you what: when we get to a world with a lot of technology, I'll upgrade the 'transporter thingie,' as you put it, to do that and we'll come back here."

An evil gleam entered the author's eyes, and she suddenly started bouncing up and down, clapping her hands happily; the muse flew off her shoulder out of a healthy sense of self-preservation. "Beware, Hiei-chan! I'll be back for my souvenir."

Up the street a bit, two younger authors looked back at the person responsible for their trip. "What's with her?" Chibi couldn't help wondering aloud.

"Didn't you know?" Tenshi stated calmly, trying to push a glomp-happy Usa off her. "She's obsessed with fangboys and redheads."

Chibi nodded slowly. "No wonder she was so crazy to get after Tasuki..." She glanced up at the winged muse hovering over them. "So where are we going next, Duet-chan?"

"As a special favour to Tenshi-san here," said author perked up, eyes growing impossibly large, "we're gonna hit the Rurouni Kenshin world next."

7 August 2001

[Maa... been a while since I updated this, ne? Anyway, I was good and hyper today, so I decided to favour the world with a new chappy. Gods save us all.]

Coming son, in "Want Bishonen, Will Travel":
Sword-toting bishies, time to be afraid. What do you mean, you're not worried? Oh well, your bad luck. I hear Tenshi is Battousai-crazy. Not to mention, Eternal is a bit trenchcoat-crazy, Aoshi-san. Ahh!!! Saitoh!!!! Kowai!!!! So anyway stick around for the next episode "Look out, Kenshin-gumi! Crazed Fangirls are on the Way!" You'd better read, or else I'll really cause some trouble.