Want Bishonen, Will Travel
Chapter One "Even Monks Aren't Safe! Eternal and Chibi Take the Stage!"
by Eternal SailorM

In a bright flash of light, two young women and two muses hit the ground with a resounding "thud" sound. Well, at least the two authors made such an awful noise. Duet-chan used her wings to stay aloft and Tabby-chan landed on her author.

"Where are we again?" Tabby answered, calmly walking down off her author.

Duet-chan smiled, settling to the ground. "Fushigi Yuugi. If my calculations are correct, then we should be near the palace in Konan and -"

"Amiboshi!" Eternal piped up, jumping to her feet.

"Chichiri!" yelled Chibi at the same time.

They turned to each other at exactly the same moment, with exactly matching grins on their faces, and chorused, "Tasuki..."

"Before you two crazy fangirls run off," Duet-chan interrupted, "I wanted to tell you: I also brought another author through. She'll be meeting you at the palace."

"Saa! Arigatoo, Duet-chan!"

"And I gave you a few tricks you can use if you get in a scrape, Eternal-san." The winged chibi made a shooing gesture. "Go. Have fun. We'll be right behind you."

"In a couple of hours," finished Tabby-chan. Delighted ecchi smiles landed on the two authors' faces and they made a mad dash for the large building they could see looming in the distance. "I hope they don't damage the Seishi beyond repair."

"I'm sure they won't. They know they'll need them later in stories. Whoops. I almost forgot something." She pressed a button on the transporter and smiled to herself.

"What did you do?"

"I gave them all clothes to make the era's, so that they don't stand out like Miaka no baka."

"Who do you suppose is here with us?" Chibi panted as the palace stairs finally came in sight. "What other author would Duet-chan bring in?"

"I don't care, as long as she doesn't beat me to -" Eternal skidded to a stop, peering at a certain braided Seishi (with a suspicious looking lump attached) curiously. "Masaka..."

"Mine!" the lump declared, moving slightly to reveal itself - herself - as a human being glomped onto Nuriko.

"I knew it! Usa-imouto-chan!" An very evil grin hit the auburn-haired author's face. "Well, hey, if you're busy with Nuriko..." She and Chibi exchanged a wicked glance and dashed past them. "I've got first dibs on Tasuki!"

"No way! I want him first!"

"Don't forget Chichiri. We're here for him too, no da!" Eternal skidded to a stop once more and appeared to talk to the ceiling. "Duet-chan? These tricks you gave me? Does that mean I can invoke my author privileges here?"

A disembodied chibi voice sighed in exasperation and answered, "Hai, Eternal-san, you can. I've even arranged for you to 'borrow' a computer, Washu-style."

"Sugoi! A transparent computer! You're the best, Duet-chan! Yatta! Here we go!" Out of nowhere, Eternal pulled out an invisible computer and chair. "What can I say? I'm lazy... And if I do this... and this... then that... There!" In a poof of smoke, two rather disoriented-looking Suzaku Seishi appeared before them. "Instant bishonen!"

Before anyone could even blink, Chibi was attached to a certain redheaded Seishi, not to name any names, of course. Pouting and smiling at once, Eternal glomped onto the next nearest available bishonen, a.k.a Chichiri.

"Switch!" Chibi happily declared a full five minutes later.

Eternal had barely gotten attached to Tasuki when she heard something that made the arm on her arms stand straight up. "Rekka -!"

She felt small hands touch her shoulders and then she felt herself vanish for a split second, only to appear on the other side of the room. "Doomo, Duet-chan." Her muse smiled back. "Hidoi, Tas-chan!"

"Umm... oneesan..." Usa-chan's voice cut in before Eternal could really start complaining. The older author turned slightly - to see her friend wearing a familiar looking Chinese-style shirt. "I think we'd better get going... Tamahome isn't too happy."

"I don't think Chichiri is either," commented Chibi.

Eternal looked back and forth - and started really pouting. "Hidoi, Chibi-chan, Usa-imouto-chan! If you guys get to take souvenirs, then so do I! Duet-chan..."

"Hai, hai." The pair vanished.

"You don't think she's crazy enough to try Tasuki again," Usa-chan paused for a long moment, "do you?"

"I hope she isn't. Duet-chan is our way out of this world and into the next."

"Well, I'm gonna go find Hotohori while we wait."

Five minutes later... Eternal and Duet-chan dropped out of the sky, Eternal holding a piece of blue cloth above her head proudly. "Yatta!"

She glanced around, finally spotting her two friends. Or rather a cripsy imitation of Chibi-chan, and Usa-chan held off of Hotohori at sword point. The rest of the room was filled with rather irate looking Suzaku Seishi, some of which were starting to glow red, notably Tamahome and (perhaps not so oddly) Nuriko.

"Okay," Eternal drawled out, "what did you guys do while we were gone?"

"Don't ask!" Chibi-chan shrieked. "Just get us out of here before I get fried again!"


"Hai, hai. I live to serve." She pulled out the dimensional transporter and punched in a few seemingly random keys. "Tell the bishonen sayoonara, Eternal-san. We're off to our next world."

Eternal sadly waved. "Bye, fangboy."

They vanished in a flash of light, only to reappear scarce seconds later on the sidewalk of a busy street. Seeing the nervous looks several pedestrians were exchanging, they stood up. Usa-chan fastened her new shirt, Chibi-chan pulled Chichiri's prayer beads around her neck, and Eternal... well, she happily tied Amiboshi's headband around her forehead, a big goofy grin on her face.

"Ne, Duet-chan?" she asked. "Where are we now?"

1 March 2001

Coming soon, in "Want Bishonen, Will Travel":
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