Want Bishonen, Will Travel
Prologue "Here Starts the Madness! Duet-chan's Invention!"
by Eternal SailorM

"Kakkoi, Duet-chan!" one slightly hyper fanfiction author squealed.

A small creature with black wings and a long auburn braid sighed in defeat and proceeded to explain - again. "Really, Eternal, you should never, ever have coffee and liter bottles of Mountain Dew in the same day."

"It's Justin Allen's fault," the woman with the slightly longer auburn braid explained, pouting just a little. "If he hadn't brought me that Ranma boxset to work tonight, I'd be fine."

The chibi sweatdropped. "You're impossible, Eternal-san." She dropped her stare from the author she supported to the little device in her hands.

"Oi, you're such a mean muse," the author complained, leaning back in her computer chair. "You won't even help me with my homework. Hidoi, Duet-chan!"

Another sigh, then she held up her newest electronical toy. "Will this make it all better, Eternal-san?"

Big brown eyes lit up. "What is it? What does it do, Duet-chan?"

"It's a multi-dimensional, interstellar, bishonen-seeking, transportation and teleportation device." Eternal SailorM sweatdropped. "Think of it as an electronical Shuken Idou, like Gokou-san uses."

"Ohhhh!!!! Sugoi!!!! And what can we do with this. . . device?"

"I was thinking you might want to go glomp some of your favorite bishonen."

"Sugoi!!!! Really, Duet-chan?" The chibi nodded. "Can I bring some people along?"

The winged muse actually smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that. I've already locked into some of your friends' locations."

"Oooo. Sugoi! Who's all's coming with us, Duet-chan?"

"Well, in about thirty seconds, your friend Chibi-chan and her muse, Tabby-chan, will be arriving, then we'll all be off to Fushigi Yuugi land."

"Yay!" a very excited fanfiction author screamed, literally jumping up and down. Suddenly she froze. "Thirty seconds?"

"Less than that now."

Eternal looked around her room. "Oh, gods, Duet-chan, why thirty seconds? This place is a mess. It looks like. . . like. . . like Hiiro self-detonated in here!"

Duet-chan was silent, punching in a few buttons on the. . . device. Sudden the room was spotless; one's face could be seen in the tile floor. "Is that better, Eternal-san?"

"Hai, very much. How much longer should -"

Suddenly, in a brief but bright flash of light, two figures appeared, one a normal human height, though certainly shorter than Eternal, and the other about the same height as Duet-chan, minus the wings of course. The light faded, and the new arrivals became apparent. The shorter one, the one with cat-like features, glanced around her briefly, picked a book up off the impeccable stack Duet-chan had created, and threw it at the taller one. "What did you do now?" she yelled.

"Chibi-chan!!!" Eternal shrieked. That was all the warning the shorter woman had before a hyper author was attached to her. "We're going on a glomp fest!!!!"

A second set of brown eyes lit up. "Really? How?"

"Duet-chan made this. . . thing, and it can take us into animes, and I thought we could go on a glomp fest!"

The other woman looked ready to cheer, but was silenced with a sharp look from her muse. "Where are we starting?"

"You're going to love this, Chibi-chan," Eternal said, an evil gleam in her eye, which quickly spread to Chibi. The two muses sweatdropped. "Fushigi Yuugi."

"They're thinking evil thoughts," Duet-chan commented, staring at the larger humans.

Tabby nodded. "This is going to be a long trip

8 October 2000

[A.N.: Hehe, I'm feeling really evil. Plus, I have been promising Chibi712 (Chibi-chan) a glomp fest for a while now. And what it says up there, about me being hyper, is all true. I've had coffee, 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew, and a borrowed box set of Ranma 1/2 in one day.]

Coming soon, in "Want Bishonen, Will Travel":
Watch out Fushigi Yuugi. Two crazy fangirls are on the way!!! And the beginning view of an obsession starts to show in the next episode "Even Monks Aren't Safe! Chibi and Eternal Take the Stage!" You'd better read, or else I'll really cause some trouble.