Vegeta and Usagi!?!?!?
Author: Sailor Eternity
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Rating: G

* Hey this is my very first analysis in the fan fiction network so I would appreciate it if you read the whole thing thanks! *

Have you ever wondered about the relations between animes? Well it occurred to me the other day that there are really similar relationships between them. I'm not saying that other animes steal from each other, but only stating that they're can be some really weird coincidences. The one in particular I noticed while talking to my friend Emily, are Vegeta (DBZ) and Usagi (Sailormoon). Your now thinking WHAT!!!! There's no way they can be the same, the thought of it is making me sick!!!!(No offense to either characters) Or are they!!?!??!?!??!?!

*Disclaimer* I don't own DBZ or Sailor moon, and I am making no money off this analysis so don't sue me.

1. They both have the same hair do's that their parents had

2. Their hair is also very 'original' hairstyles

3. They are both royalty; heirs to the thrones of dead kingdoms

4. They have the same names that their parents had

5. We know whose Usagi's mom is but not dad; We've all seen Vegeta's dad how about

his mom?

6. I'm sure all the SM fans have seen how Usagi eats (if you catch my drift)

Is it possible that Usagi and Vegeta could be BROTHER and SISTER!!!! *Horror Music* Your probably shaking your head in disgust BUT HEAR ME OUT!!!!

7. It works out right? Queen Serenity takes Usagi, King Vegeta takes Vegeta?

8. You may ask come on, Usagi is too ditzy to be a saiyan!!! We all know what happened to Goku right? Gets hit by a rock and he's the happiest little kid on Earth!! Is it possible Usagi was blasted a little hard by Barrel? We all wonder about the composure change between past and present Usagi any way?

9. Of course the famous one, Usagi is just maybe a tad bit older then her "dad". Well maybe a lot. Could it be possible that the Queen took her kingdom to another dimension?

10. Is Vegeta really a full saiyan (I use this VERY lightly) his dad did have brown hair? Or it could be possible that Usagi and Vegeta could only be half siblings?

Wow what a mouthful!! Is it possible, or do I have an over active imagination? Please comment about what you think. I also want to thank Emily for inspiring me for writing this. I also hope I inspired people to write crossovers, they are the most original stories.

The End!?!?!? (or is it?)